Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hold On

poetry inspired by The Law of One

A plan was devised
in bodies of light

roadsigns of vibration
hints of resonance that might

touch our heart or
shock our body

still our mind
steer a course

to the people that we live with
in a past and future course

Our family of light eternal
but we have so much to do

we must first find each other
and by chance if we know what to do

We will learn and grow together
nourish ourselves in love and in light

plant a seed where we are able
be a friend or lend a hand

raise a child make a movie
do what you do its in your heart

yet don't ever stop remembering
never forget that you are part

of a planetary transition in progress
collision course with a crowded wave

galaxies away originated
into the perpetual cyclic dance

of intelligent infinity self creating
endless octaves filled with light

potential of paradoxical conundrum
where none is wrong and none is right

the only goal creation
and the intensity of the light

the measure of many lifetimes
who will go and who will stay

to heal with a bleeding planet
live in synthesis mother earth

to realize that though upon it
we were as one before its birth

in a cosmic supernova
the light reflected to this day

since 1987
when harmonic convergence marked the start

of a progression long awaited
but forgotten by it parts

love and truth by force distorted
psychic chasms sharp and wide

most who traverse there are blinded
through karmic entanglements lives defined

not this cycle to remember
not to seek nothing to find

in love they live eternal
burdened with body and with mind

until a resonant frequency finds them
and the soul at last they find

wish them well
they live forever

as do you and as do I
the ones we must beware of

are those with lofty goals in mind
to control and serve creation

determined of a way in which to find
the light through imposition

of their will upon mankind
it is those that rule our country

read our mail
wash our minds

kill our crops and feed us plastic
vaccinations are required

to attend school and be force fed
to build a prison for the mind

we must find the elusive balance
between the cradle and the grave

learn our lessons
pick our fights

if we can cling collectively
to our sanity calm within

square our transmissions
confirm our next mission

we will render polarization positive
the struggle nears its end

soon we will have full vision
disconnect...and hold on tight


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