Friday, May 6, 2011


      -inspired by the teachings of QuanYin & Ekara 

I choose
magnetic unfoldment
142 strands deoxyrebonucleic 
holographic and unbound

I chose
incarnation on this plane
inhabitant of Earth
Gaian Awakening

the choice
I came to make
my right
this quickening to take

to ascend, unfold, awaken
particle being
tachyon rising
tonal beings to become

angelic beings
lightworkers awaken
accelerating time
too precious to waste

beloved masters
beautiful teachings
side by side
we will walk the earth

we are free
the matrix all around us
labyrinth walkers, ascend as humans
Pleiadian, Lemurian 

fall of Atlantis
this mortal birth
the greatest test
veil to truth in one lifetime

return of wisdom schools 
precious pearl of knowledge, Universal
the crystalline grid
awakens the earth

I invoke the right
to choose the choice
in time-space chosen
timelines infinite to wander



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