Thursday, January 5, 2012

The New Dignity - Stuart Wilde

In a world that is degrading in its moral standards and the treatment of others, we seek to discover a new dignity -not a pomposity or a grand, vainglorious stance, but a silent composure that speaks of one who is strong and well versed in his or her understanding of the eternal Tao and the way energy delicately ebbs and flows. I’ve discussed the absence of malice and how if we seek to achieve real composure, we have to detach from the insidious nature of the mind that protests every little setback and takes up the cudgel of indignation for every situation we’re in.

I was taught by the higher beings that the torment of the innocent isn’t our individual responsibility. All must grow and learn through their karma and work their way out of the difficulties they get into. People must be allowed to process their pain. It sounds brutal, but that’s the only way they grow spiritually. And yes, this apples to you. You have to become mature, sort your situations out, and suffer your karma without grumbling. This is the new dignity you can acquire.

To arrive in the transdimensional world of the misty Lake of Avalon, you have to be finished with the affairs of man and their struggles of light and dark, blame and recrimination. It stands to reason that to transcend, you have to go past human things, human concerns, and you must process your pain and resolve it and fall to silence – as a settled human whose mission has been completed. Then you’ll step out of the ghoul evolution of humans into the magical world of the Aluna animals that can talk and think and act in magical ways, that react to love and soft emotions – animals that work tirelessly to bring about the Renewal that lies up ahead.

It is a fairy-tale dimension of mythical Tao-beings – ones that await you. Grace awaits…the celestial goodness is there for you to accept and embrace if you wish, as is the miracle healing…it is all there. This is not a myth – it is all real and here right now in our solid reality for you to stumble upon.

The world of the Tao-beings is a real one, just as our world is real; the Avalon lake is at a real location, only a mile or so up and over the little green hill that stands in the lands behind the pub; and the Camelot arches that are placed in the forests and in other locations (some are in cities) are also real to see. I’ve been to 30 or far.

The multidimensional celestial world has gradually threaded its way into ours like the fingers of God interlocking with those of our frail human hand, weaving the speckled ambience of the Aluna through our soul. This interlocking of the dimensions will save us and allow us to evolve to become beings of pure light. Essentially, you can enter into your next incarnation as a Light Being without having first died in this one.

To “arrive” implies a journey that anyone can take, like a taxi ride from the railway station, but to understand it properly, you have to substitute the words be the same as instead of the verbarrive. So to arrive at the Camelot arches, you have to “be the same as” the arches. To see a hundred stags from the Aluna shoulder to shoulder on the shores of a moonlit lake, which we have seen, you have to “be the same as” a hundred stags, with the same silent majesty – the same power, profundity, dignity, and serenity. To see the Lion of Judah face-to-face inches from your nose so that you can even feel its breath on your skin, you have to have the same courage and bravery, the same agility, the same breathtaking dignity as the lion.

With a new dignity, you shift your mind from travelling toward where you might want to go, and striving endlessly to get there, to becoming instead “the same as” the place you’d like to find yourself in. It is an ambient resonance in your heart, not a residency that’s established by arriving someplace. It’s very subtle.

The bearing of decorum and serenity we hope for takes a while to achieve, but we have time; and the grace I speak of is an outcropping of a silent, spiritual nobility that seeks little for itself, one that is settled and neutral toward all things toward all things, toward all matters as they arise. It is the settled heart that so few possess – humans who don’t rush about hither and thither, raise their voices, or act coarsely….those who don’t need to exert themselves in the company of others, who can listen without speaking, who are happy to take the last place, happy to wait through all eternity if need be. It’s the heart that beats in time with the collective hearts of multidimensional hyperspace, both human and nonhuman, rather than the solitary human one that beats only to its ego’s desires.

The new dignity is incorporated in a delicate aestheticism, which is sometimes described as a “critical appreciation and reflection upon art, culture, and the natural world.” It is the world of refined judgments, sentiments, and taste. We say it is the soft eye of men and women of distinction who see beauty in the philosophy of art and the subtlety and refreshment of nature – the aesthetics of the polymath: a person who has an intrinsic eye for beauty and can command skills in many a field, be it painting, architecture, sculpture, music, or design.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Archangel Metatron: The Law of Attraction" When & How it Works & Why it Sometimes Doesn' t"

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

 A Mind-Multi D
Parts I,II & III

Greetings Masters ! I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and I greet you in a field of unconditional love. 

   Much has been written about the 'Law of Attraction'. We will address this topic herewith, but our sharing separates the Law of Attraction from the Law of Conscious Creation. Indeed there is a great need to understand the difference.

  An essential truth of the Law of Attraction applies to thought. Accordingly it is imperative that you realize each thought you have has a magnetic frequency.  That resonant  'thought-frequency'  will attract  similar thoughts of like Vibration.   The more energy, attention & focus you give that thought, the more powerful  it becomes.  If you have a fear or worry and dwell on it, a snowball effect can occur, in which one fear, one worry draws in another. Likewise if you think on the positive, those thoughts attract more benevolent vibrations to you. Thoughts evoke feelings of a similar nature. Your auric field will vibrate according to your thoughts.

You attract to yourself that you fear, and that you love.  You must then become the dutiful gatekeeper of thought.  Each of you must discern & govern where you place your focus.

This is the Law of Attraction. But it is not the end product that allows conscious creation.  You are here to learn how to consciously create, but there is much more to the process.

And so we discuss herewith the Law of Attraction, how it works, and why it sometimes does not . For it is imperative to understand that there is a difference between unconscious attraction and conscious attraction. There are exceptions, in a manner of speaking, to 'ask and it shall be given'. First there must be belief followed by action. Then a harmony of multidimensional 'You'.

  Each of you are  Multidimensional Beings. In truth you operate Cosmically & Terrestrially  in many different formats of reality within the eternal 'Now'. Time is a purposed illusion. All of your 'lifetimes' not only occur simultaneously, there is also a constant subconscious communication between your multi-selves. Each lifetime is cocooned in a hologram of the Omni-Earth. Each succinct hologram is a dynamic of chosen realities among infinite probabilities. And accordingly each 'lifetime' effects the other, and this is an aspect of the Law of Attraction that will be reviewed in this discussion.

We begin this assay.

 The Law of Attraction & Conscious Creation

   Dear Ones, you create your reality, and there is no other rule. You are here in the University of Duality, to learn how to responsibly create. Now, there are many texts that speak about the concept of how human beings create their perspective realities.

We offer this caveat: it is not thought that on its own is optimally creative, rather it is BELIEF .... belief expressed in thought through conscious 'clear' mind, followed by action. 

So to clarify syntax, let us say that in the Law of Attraction, it is wise to substitute the word Believe "for "Think", because while positive thought can encourage new belief, until you believe what you think you are not generating new reality. Belief generates reality. This is logical.

So understand, beyond the syntax, that thinking positive thoughts can only manifest if they are in sync with your beliefs. For example, if at your core, you BELIEVE you are unworthy of abundance, or in your core mind, believe that the accumulation of abundance is materialistic and therefore wrong, you will not manifest abundance by merely thinking about it. If you believe money is the root of all evil, the LAW of Attraction will not work for you until you change that core belief.

If you believe that you are poor and will always be scraping to make ends meet, then your very belief will create that experience. No matter if you work 2 or 3 jobs, your core belief is generated, projected into dimensionality and indeed will be manifested. You will struggle economically.

If you believe you are not 'very smart' , your brain will take on that belief and you will be limited. If you believe you are not attractive, you will project that image to all around you telepathically.

You constantly project your beliefs, and their manifestations constantly "meet you in the face" when you view the world around you. They form the reflective mirrored- image of your realized beliefs. You cannot escape your beliefs. They are, however, the method by which you create your experience.

In kind, if you believe, in very simple terms, that people mean you well, and will treat you kindly, they will. And, if you believe that the world is against you, then so it will be in your experience. And, if you believe that your body will age and begin to weaken at age 40 , then it will. Do you catch our 'drift' ?

You are in physical existence to learn and understand that your beliefs, energetically translated into feelings, thoughts and emotions, cause all experience. Period. Now your experience can change your beliefs, and at any time you are in control of what you choose to believe. The key is to form BELIEF through 'over-soul' Mer-Ka-Na aspectual conscious choice and not by unconscious programming.

Now, let's take this concept into multi dimensionality.

Imagine that you have a number of lifetimes as a monk or priest where you have taken strict poverty vows. You have shunned the 'material' and adhere strongly to the BELIEF that money is 'the root of all evil'.

All lifetimes are simultaneous in the eternal now. In the present lifetime there is the focus on creating your reality. You have need for abundance. You realize money is not evil, it is simply energy, and that it can be used for many positive things.

You have read all the books, read all the articles on how positive thinking triggers the 'Law of Attraction', yet you are still not bringing in abundance.

Could it be that you are multi dimensionally 'outnumbered'.

If you have a dozen ongoing lifetimes in their NOW moment simultaneously shunning, rejecting what they BELIEVE to be 'material things' and one lifetime trying to create abundance, which effort contains the most energy projection ?

You have the ability in NOW mind in Mer-Ka-Na to change the seeming past and create a unified harmonic of that which you desire and believe. And Dear Ones, money is not evil ! It is energy and in the new paradigm you are required to learn to create in responsible loving manner. You CAN have what you want, what you need, but the Belief must be harmonic in multi dimensionality.

It is not as simple as "Ask and it shall be given". It must be projected in clear harmonic mind. And mind is above brain. Mind is multi dimensional.

Part 2

The Law of Attraction - Part Two

Multi-Dimension Influx

Now, the multi-dimensional aspect of human experience is quintessential to your understanding of the mechanics of the 'Law of Attraction'.

A key part of understanding your multi-dimensionality is that your higher self , the part of you above physicality, scripted certain of your 'life growth challenges'. ...and that these cannot be avoided or wished away. Rather they are 'required' courses in the curriculum of the 'University of Earth' that you yourself have chosen to complete for higher good. And you can't skip the classes.

They will come to you because you enrolled, they are a part of the 'Law of Attraction' from higher mind, and cannot be repelled.

This then is an area in which duality thinking, of trying to wish away a seeming obstacle, seems to defy the 'Law of Attraction'. You may find yourself in an uncomfortable scenario at work, find that all the 'positive thinking' applications seem to fall flat. That is because there is a lesson here that must be faced, and until it is faced it will repeat over and over again, until it is completed...because you have attracted it to you from higher mind, and duality -aspect brain is unable to avoid it. It is only completed when you master it.

Accepting the Challenge

While it is true that your thoughts and beliefs create the reality you experience in duality, you in higher aspect thoughtfully and carefully compose and create the challenges that you face. These have great purpose. Whether you truly believe it or not, you write your own tests. So while 'positive thinking' is a key frequency, positive thinking is meant to help you approach your life lessons and does not circumvent the learning process itself. You cannot just ignore or wish away the growth lessons you script for yourself in order to expand. That is because your chosen set ups are in most cases outside, beyond the ability of the duality aspect of ego-brain to remove or will away. You will face them, because you have in divine self, willed it from higher perspective. In higher mind you have scripted your challenges.

We assure you that there is nothing more stimulating, more worthy of actualization, than your manifested desire to evolve, to change for the better. That is indeed each of your lifetime missions. It is not enough to meditate, or to visualize the desired goal being accomplished if you do not act upon the inner voice , the drive from which your meditations and visualizations arise.

Intent, focus and meditation must absolutely be teamed with action. Becoming impeccable, and eventually achieving your enlightenment does not mean, as some religions indirectly imply, that you are suddenly in a blissful state of oblivion, or in some distant state of nirvana. Masters, we tell you that you are as much a part of a nirvana now as you ever will be, you simply need to discover it within you.

There will indeed be cycles within your emotional state; that is part of being human. There will be times in which you feel apathetic and depressed. Not only the problems you face, but even certain astronomical gravities can be the source of such despair, on their own. All of these must be faced, and can be surmounted.

So be aware that 'Nirvana', in your vernacular, is achieved attitudinally, and not through avoidance, ignorance or escape, but through impeccable confrontation of the reality projection that surrounds you.

Earth experience, duality mastery is difficult. This is a great truth, one of the greatest truths of duality, and one commonly misunderstood. The study and mastery of life requires work. You can't simply put the text book under your pillow and sleep on it, it must be read and understood a page at a time. Moment by moment.

So then your full understanding and accepting that your life is a construction of 'set ups' that you planned in order to enable your spiritual growth is an even greater truth. You see when you accept this noble truth, you have the opportunity to transcend it.