Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Good Morning Imzaia! - episode 16 - 9 August 2011 from imTV on Vimeo.

Beloved Consciousness Pioneers,

This newsflash is sent to you with a sense of urgency, so as to inform you that you have the power within you to transform current-day events such as wars, riots, hunger and so much more, into well-being, balance and love.

Today is the third day in a row that less-than-fortunate events have been unfolding in the United Kingdom, specifically in London, Liverpool and Manchester but spreading, and of course similar riots have been going on across Europe and the entire Earth. Buildings are set on fire for no reason, without any agenda, and looting is rampant across London right now.

This is exactly the Problem-Reaction-Solution scenario that is at current playing out and that is often discussed in the prolific work of David Icke and also in the Imzaia material.

Quan Yin has already been able to confirm that these riots and activities are not naturally occurring, but are the result of artificial influences that are interfering with people’s minds – and of course the consequence of a long build-up of struggle, survivalist mentality, keeping people intentionally stressed and so much more.