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.....On Japan- Nukes, Plutonium, Channelings & LOVE

"As with all things that make a mess, nuclear energetics contains a golden kernel of truth hard learned."

Greetings dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic service. There is much fear in the air at this time, and I wish to give you this message of hope. In January I told you that the numerology of this year was a four (4). This is the GAIA number… all things dealing with the earth. I also reminded you that the weight of the water is being redistributed from the ice on the polar caps to the oceans as the ice continues to melt. This would result in more earthquakes and volcanoes. Here is also a quotation from that channeling:

“Now we say it again. This is not punishment to humanity. The things that are happening on the planet today are not meant as the final step of Gaia in order to kill the civilization of humanity. I say this, for right now this message is on the lips of those who want to startle and scare you and give you fear, that is not what's happening. What is happening on this planet is a shift that will create a planet that's going to last a long time, allowing you what you need …”

Now, suddenly the month of the three (March) it is upon you. The three represents the catalyst. A catalyst is something that occurs, which can changes something else. Anyone dealing in numerology would have expected Gaia to move in this month, as well as the month of the 5 (May) coming later.

Those in the sweet country [Japan] who received this disaster are not the target of God. They simply sit in a place that has always been ripe with GAIA change and are volcanic and earthquake sensitive. Just like their counterparts in South America, this is where they chose to live. The compassion generated by this event is considerable, and I have also channeled recently that it is compassion that creates significant change on the planet, and you are starting to see it.

1.      Let us take a moment to also remind you that Spirit does not know when these events are coming any more than you do. All we have is the potentials based on Human consciousness and the energetic signs around them. We knew that the South American earthquake was coming soon, and told those in Chile one year before the event. The Japan earthquake was similar, in that the potentials were there, and also the numerology. But details are absolutely not known by Spirit in these things, and it could have been years before it happened in this way, or not at all. This is because we have given Humanity the tool of consciousness over matter. Your shift determines everything.

Dear ones, send energy of compassion to those on this island nation, and give them the strength and resolve to bring forward a greater nation due to this. Help unite them in love and family as they cope with the loss and the separation. “BE” their family in this time.

Be aware that each one who passed over in these last few days absolutely knew at the Akashic level that there was a potential they would not last past 2011. We have spoken of this many times before. At the wind of birth, potentials are known about what the Humans might do on the earth. This is not fortune telling, but rather potential measuring. Since this was the strongest potential, these beautiful aspects of God [Humans] came into this planet anyway as spiritual family, ready to participate in one of the largest disaster events of your decade. They knew it would change much, and it will.

Celebrate their lives and know that they are ALL home. Now, send energy to those left behind that they might find peace in the fact that those who were lost did something amazing for the planet. They increased the compassion level of the crystalline grid. They have done their part, and left you to do yours.

2.      Are you now aware of what I have been telling you for more than ten years about the alternate ways of creating electricity? This single event will shut down your nuclear programs for years. So now is the time to review what we have said:

Spirit does not judge humanity. Humans are free to do whatever they choose based on the consciousness that is developed by their own vibrations. For years, however, we have told you of very viable alternative ways to create power for all your cities. We have done it over and over, and you can find these channellings all through my work. Now perhaps you know why we have concentrated on this issue, for this one earthquake shows you the danger you face world-wide by continuing on the nuclear path. Listen: You do NOT need this technology any longer. It will not serve you well.

Nuclear power is a very expensive and dangerous way to create a steam engine. That’s all a nuclear plant is… a way to create steam. Again we tell you that you can use the funds that would create one nuclear power plant to research far better ways to make electricity that are not dangerous and have almost no environmental impact.

A.  Geo thermal energy: Heat is underneath your feet in abundance. You can create as much steam as you want forever. Remember, there are some new exotic fluids that will boil far faster than water, so the heat does not have to be what you think. If this disaster had occurred at a geo thermal plant, the worst it would have done would have ruined it. Then you build another.

B.  Thousands of tons of push pull energy per hour, on a constant fixed time line [the tides] are available on your coast lines. This island nation is perfect for tide and wave generated power. Again, the worst thing that would have happened to these plants would have been the necessity to rebuild them. No danger to those living around them.

Are you going to take this world-changing event to finally see these options as real, and viable? The nuclear disaster was created for you to stop and change direction. Only time will tell if it was worth it. But quite often disaster must occur before Humanity sees what has always been before them… the promise of something better.

The largest cities on earth sit on the ocean, perfect for this power generated option. But it has not been seen this way, nor are the potentials being realized. Think large! Take the finest minds and create new scenarios to harness what GAIA has given you… the power of the tides and oceans forever, right where you need it the most.

The time is upon you to create the next step…

Given in love… always,


Plutonium Moves in Mysterious Ways: Codes of Divinity

How does plutonium make the kind of energies that can tear apart worlds? What is its relationship to love as the body of matter, time, and space? The following excerpt from my book in progress is offered in response to the need for a deeper understanding of the light side of dark and how plutonium, and radioactivity in general, affects the energies of a matrix we fondly call "reality".

Radiation as consciousness rambling is a concept we not only enjoy but are driven to discuss with the certain planet upon which you reside, brother. Radioactivity fascinates your people. Nature controls radioactivity. When all is in balance, there’s absolutely no danger to the physical form you are encased within. Only the removal of very heavy material from the Earth brings danger close. The manipulation of agents of radioactive nature invites a certain lack of a certain element in the balance of the planet. Radioactive elements, where they occur naturally, serve a very important service by sorting out particles of a certain character and broadcasting them to the area in which they are placed. You might actually be surprised to know that in places of high natural radioactivity, natives who follow traditional ways of living are apt to live to be quite old and robust. Natural radiation is a source of vitality when left alone. The same can be said for Nemesis.

Soul renegades, it seems, are really not bad. Again, when undisturbed, this is true. Anyone who knows the nasty side of someone knows to cordon off all routes to awakening it. Woe to the one who does! Knowledge of charity these ones do not possess. No afterglow of kindness warms their countenance. Such is the nature of Nemesis. Crazy as it seems, certain parts of love at first do not seem very loving, or lovable. Charity one does receive, however, in this little lesson about radiation.

From the beginning of your universe, all of creation balances itself. All things are of a nature which seeks balance, harmony and simplicity. All things are of a fractal nature, too. The anchor to the boat of seeming balance is a page of nonsensical mathematical formulas cascading over the edge of reason and sanity. Rising from the depths of the ocean it powers across is a leviathan against which no vessel can maintain balance: Chaos, satisfied only with distance, power and ramming itself as deeply as it can into a love-doubting area of consciousness. Humans do not understand the outside influence Chaos remains long after your attention has become fixed on marauding distractions. If you did, you would remain a staunch, cozy ally to raggedy old Chaos and have a nothing-but-random attitude yourself. It is the only way to maintain sanity in the multi-dimensional universe you are about to discover.

Lack of information on the nature of multidimensionality, quite rampant in your world, is about to spin you around. Dark and light are about to get a whole lot more interesting. And you are about to be seeing things in a whole new way. Multidimensionality goes further into the void of darkness than you might want to — dreams take on new characteristics, and magic abounds. You will be safe on our little tour, however, so have no fear. Let a reality assemble in which all things are possible. Truly, that is reality’s nature. You are limited only by your belief and your fear. We are ready to gently take you by the hand and lead you to greater understanding of how darkness serves light, how all things are of Source of Love / OM / God, etc. and how salvation from your fear is as easy as surrendering to love and accepting what comes as an answer from paths leading from where you are back home to love. As Asterath, an angel of the dark light, says, “No one can resist the pull of home — it is inescapable. Our job as angels of dark light is to push while angels of light pull.” We quote Asterath because his words bear much weight as a being whose service to OM could easily be doubted, and we like to let things speak for themselves. If we told you that, raising a deeply buried fear at the name “Asterath” might not have occurred, and our job of explaining the nature of radioactivity would have been all the more difficult. Now, however, you are prepared to delve into the density of darkness. So we continue unabated.

Powerful is the source from whence comes the sacredness of love. Sacred is love, and by “sacred” we mean that which has only loving creation as its expression. That which is sacred is all about love as its activity. Sacredness is so empty in density that it is pure possibility, which only begins to describe the dark. As empty of dark matter as is sacredness, as full of dark matter is darkness. So densely packed is the slowed-down energetic mass of particles that no light exists — at least, no light you can see. For encased within every molecule of dark matter gaps a body of love. Your own body is constructed so. It is in this intramolecular web of absence of dark matter that the soul resides. Matrices provide the dimensional framework Nature keeps spinning her portion of the weave upon. And within the void of heaven keeps spinning OM. From the pathways of vibrations emanating from within OM are spun frequency overtones which mingle and vortexes of turbulence in the void of consciousness. Framing the structure of dark matter: Heaven. Reflecting the purity of Heaven: surprise, it’s… plutonium! You might not have been expecting that answer, but we assure you it is true. Another story may help clarify why.

Say you had a lot of material you want to pack in a box. Crush and squish branches of stuff into a manageable pile, then along comes a handy hydraulic press to smash it more. Good enough? No, it still doesn’t fit, so you get a mountain to sit on it for a few patches of time and then check. Small enough now? Not yet, so you call on the forces of electromagnetics to rearrange things at a subatomic level and very tightly pack the particles so that all the space between them is essentially eliminated from the dimensional matrix you’re in. All that’s left is plutonium, the most densely arranged mass of atomic material in the planetary band of reality you know. Crazy as it sounds, the light of the intramolecular gap in the plutonium isn’t really in the plutonium, but leaks into another band of reality alongside yours. This parallel reality is a creation of OM, too, and it too has light in intramolecular gaps and material so dense the light has leaked into your band of reality. It is interesting to see what happens when plutonium is cracked open. The veil between the two realities is ripped apart and a massive amount of energy drafts across and into the other, bringing along with it all the particles and light, and creating a crack which cannot be repaired without some astral intervention by star-making beings.

Every time rapacious astral meddling goes on in the form of nuclear bombs going off, another crack appears. Every time, a sort of crack appears that allows life energy to leak over from your world into another. Your life energy and the life energy of the other side, however, are polar opposites, and the damage done to one world affects both. Both worlds suffer and both worlds die a little with each blast to the integrity of the veil.

Brace yourselves for the appearance of astral beings who arrive to repair the veil and restore order to the worlds on both sides. Left unrepaired, the veil would eventually disintegrate and your world and the other would be no more. What good would that do? None to OM, so repaired it shall be. You are given warning to leave plutonium alone in the fact that it makes you sick to be around it much. However, as only humans know too well, curiosity killed the cat and curiosity is a tricky thing to deny. So along come the star-makers to clean up the mess.

As with all things that make a mess, nuclear energetics contains a golden kernel of truth hard learned. Those people who are burned by radiation are part of the truth. As they died in human form, their soul matrix exploded, and the particles of soul-anchoring light was rearranged on a matrix of dark. Granting such a switch of polarity is OM, which responds to each soul’s darkest yearnings as well as to that which is of the lightest light. For remember, the light within the dark is only a slight dimensional shift away. The souls who are now on the dark-matrix side are doing much to repair the loss of life-force there and are brought there by a soul agreement with OM. None who died in any nuclear blast, who died as a result of disintegration of their bodily integrity, died without the arrangement in place for this transition and soul experience from the deepest source of love. Plutonium in all its forms arranges reality in such a way.

excerpted from the chapter "Creation of Soul" from Opalescence: A Renegade Guide to Divinity

Copyright 2011 Maryann Rada



Greetings dear ones, we come again to talk with you about the many things you are experiencing and are about to experience.  We are see you moving quickly into the higher energies and because of this, you are going to be seeing many more changes upon your dear planet earth.  You are now witnessing  energies of change within your financial systems; a system  which is riddled with inequalities and false promises made by those who would keep you struggling in the dark.  We see you beginning to understand that there is more to life than what you have been led to believe.  We see you beginning to realize that you are all One-one Life manifesting as individual life; an awareness that is bringing the changes needed upon your earth to shift you and her into the new energy.  We see you awakening to ideas of truth; ideas that  allow you  to honor yourselves as well as others in a way that has not been present on earth before.  What you are witnessing as much chaos is the releasing of old and negative energies.  Please try not to go into and energy of fear, all that are a part of this have chosen to do so.

Be prepared to welcome your brothers and sisters from inner earth and other planets for they are awaiting your welcome and cannot be of much assistance until you accept them as real, and ask.  You must understand that because you are free will beings, no one, not even those highly evolved beings trying to assist earth, can simply step in and change your world (this is your job) even though they can easily see what is needed.  Those of you who cry out for help, must first begin to take a stand within yourselves.  This is a movement that is awakening you to your own power dear ones, an awakening into the  realization that since you are also of the Divine, you also can  access  guidance from within your own consciousness. It is a time to take a stand for that which you now know to be the truth, and to speak up for yourselves as needed.

We see much change coming within this year, and yet understand that all change is the effect of the energy in place at the time.  Therefore predictions may often seem to be erroneous simply because the energy has changed since the prediction was made.  You see, you are creating your world moment by moment.  You are making the changes happen and it is you the people of earth, who are moving Gaia closer to her and your ascension.  All is proceeding according to plan, in fact even more quickly than previously believed, for many have now awakened and many are now filling the world with the light of awareness.

Events of the past month, will continue to unfold, for it is only through the dissolving of old energy structures, that the new can be built.  We see more experiences of earth chaos for awhile  because these events bring forth much needed change in individuals, groups, cultures, rigid belief structures, and Gaia.  Gaia is trying to align herself with in a way that enables her to  manifest the energy of the new dimension. She is trying make these adjustments in the easiest way possible, but at times there simply is no other way to do it.  That which seems to be chaos is change.

We see your world shining with the light of transformation, a light reflecting energy change, and a light reflecting truth.  This has upset those who keep the status quo-that is you staying in the dark so to speak, because they are now losing their hold on you.  Once you have awakened to your own power, you no longer need organized religions, churches,  governments, and  so called experts to tell you what to do.  This suggestion  often offends those who wave their flags and shout, "rah rah, my country right or wrong", however the world cannot play this game much longer for it is now the time for taking back your power.  Government yes, but a government for the people and by the people, not one of "for us through your hard work".  Churches yes, but churches that teach you to go within yourselves and do not preach that only their leaders  have  answers so therefor you must go to them, and preferably bringing along a large donation.

Many secret meetings are taking place at this time reflecting an element of your world that struggles to hold the old "houses of cards" in place either through their ignorance or selfish intentions.  However, what  they do not realize is that the energy that holds all  "houses of cards" in place, is rapidly leaving- shifting and changing to a new and higher energy which in turn will manifest in new and higher ways, and which support the Divine individuality of all creation.

Hold on to your hats, dear ones, for the ride is only beginning but always know that all is proceeding according to a Divine plan of enlightenment.  Do not fear the leaving behind of all your old concepts and beliefs, for that which is real can never be lost, it is only  that which  is old and untrue that is finished.  Your founders in the USA wrote the constitution from a deep level of  consciousness. These were awakened beings and were guided by the Light.  This Divinely inspired constitution has often been perverted to serve the desires of those who although intelligent, were not as enlightened as the founders, resulting in their choosing to manipulate words and meanings to serve their own interests.  However, not all your leaders  are of this energy; there are some statesmen among the politicians, and these are the ones to support and listen to.  They too are struggling to find answers within all that is happening at this time.

Your president is an evolved being, but he is not being allowed to bring through many of his enlightened ideas at this time, but he will.  Send him Light dear ones, for he  is now  facing  so many obstacles to his way of seeing and doing.

It is actually a time for rejoicing, for you are beginning to see change unfolding.  Hold tightly to truth in spite of world events and the reports of your news media. Be open to new realizations, and tell your Higher Self that you are ready to ascend, and then hold on dear ones, for all you have held dear that is in and of the old energy is going to change.  Without resistance, allow the release of all that  is finished in your world, letting go of any and all concepts based in duality and separation in order to  ride on a beam of Light and awareness, filled with joy and abundance of every sort.

You are whole, complete, unconditioned  love, now and forever- always have been and always will be regardless of what present circumstances or appearances may be.

We are the Arcturian Group     

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan's Astrology and Rays

Japanese painter Katsushita Hokusai painted the Tsunami wave off Kanagawa in 1829-1833.

Japan's Astrology and Raysby Phillip Lindsay
Tsunami is a Japanese word meaning 'harbour wave', no doubt coined from this nation's extensive experience with them. The latest earthquake and tsunami has caused Japan's biggest crisis since World War II.
The devastation has taken many lives, created several nuclear plant crises and not only plunges the already ailing Japanese economy into further jeopardy, but impacts upon the whole world.

Obtaining an esoteric perspective of events allows us to move past the outer maya that enshrouds these kind of tragedies.
Japan's Astrology and Rays
Japan is a Scorpio soul and a Capricorn personality.[12] Capricorn is shared by several other nations at a personality level, including Australia, Spain, India, Greece, Austria Ireland and the Jewish Race. All these entities are, or will undergo profound changes in the next several years as the relentless passage of Pluto in Capricorn persists. Bear in mind that most national personalities are not that well integrated in their spiritual evolution, nor have they reached a very high level of soul expression.

Hence part of the cause of the ongoing disaster in Japan is Pluto's transit through Capricorn. Pluto has jurisdiction over plutonium, just as Uranus, that was about to enter Aries within hours of the quake, has rulership over uranium.

Pluto in Capricorn has been discussed in another essay at this link.

 Suffice to say, Pluto as a planet of power, in Capricorn, a sign of power, will have profound ramifications for the nuclear power industry and its reform, and/or the development of nuclear fusion power. Pluto is also the co-ruler of the first ray of will or power, the soul ray of Japan.[13] 
Hence this incident underlines the challenge to Japan around the right use of power, physically, economically, politically and globally. Of course, as an Axis power in World War II, the memories of Japan's misuse of power linger in the racial memory, and equally, the utter devastation by nuclear bombs dropped upon Nagasaki and Hiroshima.
The uncanny resemblance of the tsunami devastation to the carnage wrought at Hiroshima and Nagasaki must be stirring to the Japanese soul. Recollection of those events and the irony of its own nuclear fallout must weigh upon them today. The invocation of these memories around the world during this period of Pisces, may provide a further opportunity to release the past and tread that two-way street of forgiveness.
Capricorn is also closely related to financial affairs, especially whilst its ruler Saturn is transiting through the sign of its exaltation, Libra - intimately connected to the theme of money, its right use and distribution. Japan has been an economic powerhouse for many decades and this current crisis will have an enormous impact on the world economy, let alone itself.
Zen Master Dogen
The disaster underscores the current global competition in resources, trade and military that must urgently be supplanted by a far greater degree of co-operation and sharing. If nations do not cease their 'infinite resources' expansionism whilst Pluto transits through Capricorn, then the universal law of cause and effect will kick in - Nature will inflict catastrophes that will bring those nations to their knees (Capricorn), instilling some humility. Perhaps this has already happened to Capricorn personality, Japan; maybe it is already happening to Ireland and Greece economically.

Capricorn and Saturn are also related to karma, individual and collective. Whether these recent events are a karmic retribution of some kind, is open to speculation. What are the other lessons here?
- A re-assessing of values for a very materialistic society?
   (Shared by most Western nations.)
- A stern lesson in the ephemeral nature of things, their impermanence and    transient nature? (A subject that Japanese Zen masters have commented upon    no doubt.)
- Putting short term energy solutions ahead of public safety, driven by economic    factors, i.e. greed?
In Japan's exoteric chart for 1952 (Taurus Sun, Capricorn rising), it is notable that the Moon is in the last degrees of Gemini, a sensitive degree with regard to the study of earthquake data, by this author. Hence transiting Uranus in the last degree of Pisces, just before its entry into Aries, seemed to deliver a last 'flick of its tail', jolting the square to Japan's Gemini Moon. Uranus is also a recognized factor in the astrological study of earthquakes. It is significant that natal Uranus in the exoteric Japanese horoscope was squared by transiting Jupiter at the time of the quake.
Also in the 'event chart' for the time of the quake near Sendai, transiting Moon had just entered the first degree of unstable Gemini, making a close square to Neptune, itself about to enter the sign of its rulership, Pisces. One could almost name this a 'tsunami signature' - the God of the Waters moving into his own sign, creating walls of water charging toward land. Likewise, Uranus was also moving from Pisces to Aries by a matter of hours.
Neptune and his horses