Saturday, March 5, 2011

CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS- A Channeled Message from the Akashic Records

Channeled Message from the Akashic Records of Christ Consciousness

Can you speak to the nature of Christ energy or Christ consciousness?  Who is Christ and how does this Being relate to the evolution of humankind and the earth

Christ is a distinct energetic entity. It is a consciousness. You can envision Christ energy or Christ consciousness as a collection of many Divine Beings whose primary purpose is the Light of Compassion. The group is immense. In fact, it includes many human beings who are alive on the planet now! The Keepers have discussed the journey of humankind -- the journey that you have taken to separate or create an illusion of separation between the different parts of yourselves, including your bodies, your minds, your hearts and your spirits. You imagine yourselves to be composed of these components rather than knowing yourselves as whole.

The journey toward that illusion of separation has been long and different civilizations and different beings have helped you create that illusion. They helped build the separations between your mind and you body (that is what helped make human beings physical in the first place), between your minds and your hearts, between your hearts and your bodies, and so on. All of these different components of you have been separated through the efforts of different civilizations and individual beings, including Divine Beings and humans.

The Beings you know today to be spiritual masters or teachers are those who have lived to serve as reminders that you are whole. Each of these different leaders or teachers has given particular messages or brought a particular residence to help reweave or remind you that it is possible to reweave you back to wholeness. In a simple way, we could say that all of those teachers and leaders have existed to remind you of who you truly are: Your higher selves, your Divine Selves. Ultimately what that means is that all of you are made of Love.

Christ consciousness has a particular resonance in regard to all of this. Christ consciousness resides in the connection between your heart and your spirit. Christ consciousness resonates in the imagined space between your heart and your spirit. When Christ consciousness resonates there, your heart and your spirit become realigned and they become one. Christ consciousness is something that all of you have available and many of you are actually expressions of Christ consciousness. You are part of the group energy that is Christ consciousness or that holds it in this world. Many of you feel drawn to Christ consciousness because it is like home to you. Many others of you feel drawn to it because you know you need it. It does not have to come through Christianity. That is just the social structure that human beings put around it. Of course, like any social structure, it has warped the true energy of Christ consciousness; it has created all kinds of drama or power differentials or all of kinds of oppression. Any social institution has those components so in order to connect with Christ consciousness, there is no need to associate with any particular religion but you can find Christ consciousness through any particular religion. Christ consciousness is a birthright of every human being. It is simply the connection between your heart and your spirit.

Who is Christ in relation to the person, Jesus?  Has Christ energy been incarnated on earth before?