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Lightworkers Guide to the New Moon Solar Eclipse Jan.4, 2011

Remember: Eclipses Are Energy Generators:

January 4 brings us another eclipse, the first of four solar eclipses to occur in 2011.  I have compiled here a collection of astrological and energetic reports concerning the planetary configuration of this coming

 don't think that because this Solar Eclipse is partial, only visible in specific regions, only covering a portion of the Sun, that its energy is not.extrremely powerful. It is a 'Mega-Event', teeming, buzzing with energy!
Pathway of Peace

January 4th is a Triple Star Eclipse :
(1) New Moon - New Beginnings, Planting 'Seeds'
(2) Quadranti Meteor Shower : Bringing Akash-Consciousness Units for Enhanced Manifestation via Sky-Fire Mini Comets
(3) Solar Eclipse- Mega Blast of Energy for Transition, Vision & Inner Search

All eclipses, especially the ones over the next 24 months are omnipotent in reach & effect. They are light-coded and are shifting the rapidly transitioning 144-Crystalline Grid and the Earth & Humanity in kind. Eclipses, you see, whether partial or total effect the planetary grid system in its entirety, and the resulting energy pulses are evenly distributed over the entire planet.

You recently experienced an enormous energy surge on the Solstice-Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse of December 21st, with Mercury in retrograde. Mercury completes the current retro- backspin on December 30th, and begins forward movement just in time for the Solar Eclipse New Moon Comets on January 4th.

In a very real , very purposeful construct, the coded, embellished Eclipse of January 4th completes the energetic labyrinth that began on December 21st
. It is the virtual Light at the End of the Tunnel. This energy is offered to Humanity and is a wonderful time to refresh, to vision, to manifest intent.

You made it through the rollercoaster of the Grand Cardinal Cross and Mega Solstice of 2010. Not to say that 2011 will be less potent than 2010, in fact it will amp up a notch. The energies of 2011 have another 5 eclipses, 2 more lunar and 3 more solar, potent eclipses and equinoxes and perhaps the most magnanimous, the TDP ( Triple Date Portal) of the 11-11-11. But because of the obstacle course of 2010, you grew stronger, and you will mange the upshifts of 2011 a bit easier. In 2011 you start clean ! And all the wiser. Perfect start. Use this energy...Seize the Day!

the above was excerpted from  Pathway of Peace,  click to read entire article

UPDATED:  New Moon Solar Eclipse Meditation

from the Pleiadean Light Network

I call upon Mother/Father God, and all the Beings of Light from On High that I personally acknowledge, as I now merge with my I Am Presence, and ground myself into the crystal heart of Mother Earth.

I now find myself traveling in an external Merkaba Vehicle of Light to the Ascension Seat of the Ray of Solar Service, into this beautiful copper-gold flame of Light, Overlighted by Helios and Vesta.

I now find myself in this Healing Chamber of Light within the Solar Core, letting go of any issues I may still be working with, and releasing old karmic patterns, false beliefs and judgments within this sacred healing space amplified through the vibration of all twelve rays with a focus on Love-Wisdom.

I now bring a focus to my Highest Potential as a co-creator and Master Being; allowing myself to step into a deeper level of my service work, and bringing with it greater joy, abundance, spiritual leadership, passion, creativity, responsibility, and Love.

And now, I experience the primary quality of Manifestation through this copper-gold flame of Light, merging through these timelines into this Now, with all the gifts and skills I need to magnetize, co-create and manifest a reality of One Unity Consciousness.

And now, as part of this core group of I Am Avatar Souls in human embodiment, I find myself within the Eleventh Ray of Illumined Truth, within this Ascension Seat, wrapped in a beautiful pink-orange flame of Love.

I now experience a merging with my I Am Presence, as my heart and third eye chakras are now activated through the keycodes of Light of the Divine Feminine in scrolls of Light.

And now, all the chakras are activated, as the atoms and molecules and sub-atomic particles in the body spin faster in these increased frequencies of Light.

Through these keycodes of Light, I experience the qualities of compassion, understanding, strength, stability, loving kindness, wisdom, generosity, abundance, equilibrium and balance, organization, and discernment.

And now, I am given additional keycodes of Light which will assist in the anchoring and activating of the Crystalline Cities of Light within and around Mother Earth.

I now find myself on the Unity Grid of Light, connected to the Light workers and Beings of Light from On High assisting in the templates of Light through the Divine Feminine and in the creation of the Crystalline Cities of Light.

I now take these Divine Feminine key codes frequencies of Light, surrounding Mother Earth and all her Life in this beautiful pink-orange flame of Light Overlighted by the Company of Heaven.

I now assist in anchoring the templates for the Crystalline Cities of Light through the Divine Feminine keycodes of Light and appropriate vortices and sacred sites, knowing that they will be activated on 11:11:11.

I Am a Keeper of Light.

I Am a Child of the Sun.

I Am a Master Being of Love and Light.

I Am All That I Am.

Invocation by Anrita Melchizedek:

My next selection is excerpted from Dark Star Astrology-I might add that all the readings I reviewed were remarkably similar-I chose to quote this particular site because of the "bullshit free eclipse" approach!

Solar Eclipse January 2011 – Seeking Eros

By Marina

The Solar Eclipse on 4 January 2011 is at 13°39′ Capricorn. It is conjunct the fixed star Ascella “Of the nature ofAscella is in the constellation Sagittarius, the Kabalists associate it with the tarot card “The Lovers”. Presumably because of the Cupid above them drawing his bow and arrow like the archer. The word Sag means ‘To seek out’. To seek out a mate perhaps?

The only planetary aspect the Moon makes is a square to Saturn. Despite the square, the stars influence is a fortunate, optimistic one and just makes the Saturn influence more about seeking to settle down and work hard. Maybe aiming to strike a deal in a working partnership. People pulling together, opening the doors of communication and trusting each other.

No Bull!

So the feeling of this Eclipse is one of relief. We are looking forward to 2011 with a much clearer idea of where things are heading. No frills or drama with the square from Saturn. Just getting on with things, being practical. Organizing for the year ahead. Planting realistic seeds. Ones that will flower in the way you want them too. No nasty shocks. This is quite a bullshit free Eclipse. No smoke & mirrors, promises of second comings or Armageddon. We got through 2010 and the Cardinal Crisis. We are wiser and less naive.
One of the bullshit-busting aspects is Venus squaring the Guru conjunction Neptune & Chiron. Venus with Neptune is one of those overly-romanticized aspects that are usually bitterly disappointing. It’s a so called “Soulmate” aspect in Synastry. Well it is too, but often not the “Happy every after” we expect. This square will help keep our goals and dreams realistic. On the other hand Venus is trining Uranus/Jupiter conjunction. These two are now direct and this is their last “Quickening” conjunction also. Venus trine Jupiter should work out as super-benefic, with maybe some pleasant surprises with Uranus.
Dare I say this set-up could yeald something quite miraculous? No I dare not. This is the no BS Eclipse remember. Keeping it real… At the very least the “new and influential” friends should be made under this Eclipse where it falls in your natal chart. The other “No BS” aspect is Mercury square Black Moon Lilith. This is no fear of shouting out that the Emperor has no clothes on. People will be more inclined to speak their truth and act authentically. So you can trust those new friends you make are genuine.


The Moon is conjunct is Asteroid Eros (38’) Which is a great compliment to Sagittarius’s Archer and Cupid’s bow I mentioned at the start. This Moon then has a theme of seeking and taking aim. Going for it without hesitation. Eros is the symbol of erotic love. He is a primal, phallic god who embodies the masculine sexual force.
Eros is like a higher octave of Mars, refining the raw sexual drive and channeling it into a path of spiritual enlightenment. He does this through his union with Psyche. This is why partnership is so important with this New Moon. Of course this being an eclipse it’s also about the Moons marriage with the Sun. Unifying opposites. Ying and yang. Like Psyche with Eros, the Moon tempers the ego somewhat.
Eros is about being “turned on”. So its square to Saturn would be about getting turned on by real life and hard work. A great time to form business partnerships, though the square will mean they are challenging. The challenge is a good thing however, ridding us of fluff by creating healthy competition. Squares are dynamic and get things done.
This 1st Eclipse of 2011 all about cutting the bullshit, pulling together and making hard-graft sexy. Eros is about motivation, and passion to make things work. A no-nonsense creative impulse. With Ascella this is seeking out your partners and planting realistic seeds for the future. With Venus trine Jupiter blessing it, these seeds are pretty much guaranteed success, if you put some welly into it!
(incidentally-here is a link to an article posted on word-haven describing a keynote address given by Marc Gafni in which he addresses the sad loss of the erotic in our lives, and methods to recapture eros in 2011)


Sunday, December 26, 2010


The KEY, the very SEED of AWAKENING that eventually blossoms into REMEMBERING why we have come here, to this heavy chemical climate, blinded by the Law of Confusion, Master Cycle near it's end;  is a mathematical equation - the binary triplet configuration - that an ancient spark provides, to a confused and weary traveler, through this illusion of the mind.....

Terrence Mckenna's Timewave, the WebBot, earthly DNA;
 the iChing;  Metatron's Cube, Fibbonacci's Fractal, the Anu particle;
 the Torus Knot; the human hand,  the double helix, Tzolkin Cycles,
13 Moon Calendar, the Mayan Code.

Written on Pyramid walls, gaurded by Masons, knowledge of the Templar, Melchezedek's charge;                                       
hidden deep within the bible, spoken in Draco, Sir Laurence Gardner and all the Queens men;
The Ark of the Covenant, Egyptian Pharoas, white powder gold and little green friends;

Madame Blavatsky wrote Hitler's bible, a stargate exists in Iraq;
Rothschild put the Jews in Israel, hostile gaurdians of the precious Suez;
on ancient scrolls it is written, the real reason for war in the middle east;

the gulf of aden rumbles, earthquake swarms bringing to life;
bp oil spill a coverup, for what really happened to the gulf stream;
the magnetic anamoly growing stronger, warm waters cease to flow
on the path that regulated temperature, for our wounded and bleeding globe;

The vanity of man so tiny, that his hand could truly influence earth,
or change the planetary cycles, established millions of years before his birth;

The Russians know its happening, the ice will reach them first, 
the yemenese pirates another decoy, as the powerful lose control;
and face the eventuality, that over this they have zero control.

Like clockwork threats of terrorism, emerged from the nearest shore.
nothing shipped in or out of yemen, the supposed terrorist hotbed;
when in reality the earths great rumbling, a portal threatens to expose;

What lies beyond this portal or who it may welcome-illuminati's reocurring nightmare
the house of cards they dwell on, is falling one by one; 
Rogue and greedy they ruled this planet, hiding truth deep underneath the ground,
as long as the masses remained ignorant, to mathematical truths that could set them free;

That the complexity of the matrix, reduces down to simple code,
That the probability vortexes, are now subject to human control

What will happen they can not tell us, precious free will must be observed,
with clues and admonitions in unison they bombard us, lightworkers you are wasting precious time;
The door is standing open, human stories pale in the light,
of universal love and intelligent infinity, starseed lineage and cosmic birthright;

Yes it was hard we understand you, 
your suffering we do not refute, 
but your arrival here is all that matters,
 can you not understand in love we come,
ascended masters, archaengels and demons, 
shifting shapes and changing tunes;

the lightworker forever diligent, through the din must find the words,
that resonate and serve as summons, from light families the galaxy wide,
gather the children and sell the station wagon, embark on a new and lighter life;

In the meantime walk the tightrope, dig deep and curl your toes up tight,
cling fast to that thread of sanity, stretched high above against a deep blue sky;
perhaps the greatest challenge, comes at the end of many lives, 
when truth revealed and brazen, consumes our thoughts as we drive to work

To toil for a paper green dollar, a remnant of a system in repose,
no value, no worth, nothing backs it, but still necessary as of yet,
to feed, house and clothe the children, pay the mortgage, fuel the car

the american dream of home ownership, 
virtual creations of elecrical theory manifest and diverse,
people reduced to numbers on a page, their actions long ago predicted, 
circa 1954;

transistor radios and linear computing, 
sheeple not people, and binary code;
strawmen and hidden stipulations,
master files useless to decode;

Indignant and disrespected, revolution a spoken word,
no longer fat and happy, American's dying in the streets, 
In Greece and Eastern Europe, the Ukraine and under the Haitian sky,
infrastucture crumbles, mass exodus planet wide;

Experiments in longevity, infant fatality and cloning of pets, 
Where do we reconcile compassion, and the true worth of a human life,
is not to die the best option, for every fragile life, 
for every psyche tortured, in tunnels devoid of light

Questions deep and emotions strangling, moments of glory and depths of despair;
the lightworker navigates the landscape, of energetic frequencies, 
weight and gravity, holographic skin and hair

Colors and textures, streets and words, blood spilled in dark of night,
it all seems gravely serious, traumatic and self absorbed,
in pain, abuse and tragedy, cradle to grave a time so short

If we have been spared or blessed to emerge from,
incarnations filled with strife, our hands outstretched we offer,
love and light with all our might.  

Yet in grace we must remember, the darkness never goes away,
it is just polarity, colored by morals,
programmed by society, no good or bad;

Yin and Yang, male and female, 
androgynous and neutral, we cross the threshold,
potention, intention, absolution, manifestation
creation, eternal life