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Lightworkers Guide to the New Moon Solar Eclipse Jan.4, 2011

Remember: Eclipses Are Energy Generators:

January 4 brings us another eclipse, the first of four solar eclipses to occur in 2011.  I have compiled here a collection of astrological and energetic reports concerning the planetary configuration of this coming

 don't think that because this Solar Eclipse is partial, only visible in specific regions, only covering a portion of the Sun, that its energy is not.extrremely powerful. It is a 'Mega-Event', teeming, buzzing with energy!
Pathway of Peace

January 4th is a Triple Star Eclipse :
(1) New Moon - New Beginnings, Planting 'Seeds'
(2) Quadranti Meteor Shower : Bringing Akash-Consciousness Units for Enhanced Manifestation via Sky-Fire Mini Comets
(3) Solar Eclipse- Mega Blast of Energy for Transition, Vision & Inner Search

All eclipses, especially the ones over the next 24 months are omnipotent in reach & effect. They are light-coded and are shifting the rapidly transitioning 144-Crystalline Grid and the Earth & Humanity in kind. Eclipses, you see, whether partial or total effect the planetary grid system in its entirety, and the resulting energy pulses are evenly distributed over the entire planet.

You recently experienced an enormous energy surge on the Solstice-Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse of December 21st, with Mercury in retrograde. Mercury completes the current retro- backspin on December 30th, and begins forward movement just in time for the Solar Eclipse New Moon Comets on January 4th.

In a very real , very purposeful construct, the coded, embellished Eclipse of January 4th completes the energetic labyrinth that began on December 21st
. It is the virtual Light at the End of the Tunnel. This energy is offered to Humanity and is a wonderful time to refresh, to vision, to manifest intent.

You made it through the rollercoaster of the Grand Cardinal Cross and Mega Solstice of 2010. Not to say that 2011 will be less potent than 2010, in fact it will amp up a notch. The energies of 2011 have another 5 eclipses, 2 more lunar and 3 more solar, potent eclipses and equinoxes and perhaps the most magnanimous, the TDP ( Triple Date Portal) of the 11-11-11. But because of the obstacle course of 2010, you grew stronger, and you will mange the upshifts of 2011 a bit easier. In 2011 you start clean ! And all the wiser. Perfect start. Use this energy...Seize the Day!

the above was excerpted from  Pathway of Peace,  click to read entire article

UPDATED:  New Moon Solar Eclipse Meditation

from the Pleiadean Light Network

I call upon Mother/Father God, and all the Beings of Light from On High that I personally acknowledge, as I now merge with my I Am Presence, and ground myself into the crystal heart of Mother Earth.

I now find myself traveling in an external Merkaba Vehicle of Light to the Ascension Seat of the Ray of Solar Service, into this beautiful copper-gold flame of Light, Overlighted by Helios and Vesta.

I now find myself in this Healing Chamber of Light within the Solar Core, letting go of any issues I may still be working with, and releasing old karmic patterns, false beliefs and judgments within this sacred healing space amplified through the vibration of all twelve rays with a focus on Love-Wisdom.

I now bring a focus to my Highest Potential as a co-creator and Master Being; allowing myself to step into a deeper level of my service work, and bringing with it greater joy, abundance, spiritual leadership, passion, creativity, responsibility, and Love.

And now, I experience the primary quality of Manifestation through this copper-gold flame of Light, merging through these timelines into this Now, with all the gifts and skills I need to magnetize, co-create and manifest a reality of One Unity Consciousness.

And now, as part of this core group of I Am Avatar Souls in human embodiment, I find myself within the Eleventh Ray of Illumined Truth, within this Ascension Seat, wrapped in a beautiful pink-orange flame of Love.

I now experience a merging with my I Am Presence, as my heart and third eye chakras are now activated through the keycodes of Light of the Divine Feminine in scrolls of Light.

And now, all the chakras are activated, as the atoms and molecules and sub-atomic particles in the body spin faster in these increased frequencies of Light.

Through these keycodes of Light, I experience the qualities of compassion, understanding, strength, stability, loving kindness, wisdom, generosity, abundance, equilibrium and balance, organization, and discernment.

And now, I am given additional keycodes of Light which will assist in the anchoring and activating of the Crystalline Cities of Light within and around Mother Earth.

I now find myself on the Unity Grid of Light, connected to the Light workers and Beings of Light from On High assisting in the templates of Light through the Divine Feminine and in the creation of the Crystalline Cities of Light.

I now take these Divine Feminine key codes frequencies of Light, surrounding Mother Earth and all her Life in this beautiful pink-orange flame of Light Overlighted by the Company of Heaven.

I now assist in anchoring the templates for the Crystalline Cities of Light through the Divine Feminine keycodes of Light and appropriate vortices and sacred sites, knowing that they will be activated on 11:11:11.

I Am a Keeper of Light.

I Am a Child of the Sun.

I Am a Master Being of Love and Light.

I Am All That I Am.

Invocation by Anrita Melchizedek:

My next selection is excerpted from Dark Star Astrology-I might add that all the readings I reviewed were remarkably similar-I chose to quote this particular site because of the "bullshit free eclipse" approach!

Solar Eclipse January 2011 – Seeking Eros

By Marina

The Solar Eclipse on 4 January 2011 is at 13°39′ Capricorn. It is conjunct the fixed star Ascella “Of the nature ofAscella is in the constellation Sagittarius, the Kabalists associate it with the tarot card “The Lovers”. Presumably because of the Cupid above them drawing his bow and arrow like the archer. The word Sag means ‘To seek out’. To seek out a mate perhaps?

The only planetary aspect the Moon makes is a square to Saturn. Despite the square, the stars influence is a fortunate, optimistic one and just makes the Saturn influence more about seeking to settle down and work hard. Maybe aiming to strike a deal in a working partnership. People pulling together, opening the doors of communication and trusting each other.

No Bull!

So the feeling of this Eclipse is one of relief. We are looking forward to 2011 with a much clearer idea of where things are heading. No frills or drama with the square from Saturn. Just getting on with things, being practical. Organizing for the year ahead. Planting realistic seeds. Ones that will flower in the way you want them too. No nasty shocks. This is quite a bullshit free Eclipse. No smoke & mirrors, promises of second comings or Armageddon. We got through 2010 and the Cardinal Crisis. We are wiser and less naive.
One of the bullshit-busting aspects is Venus squaring the Guru conjunction Neptune & Chiron. Venus with Neptune is one of those overly-romanticized aspects that are usually bitterly disappointing. It’s a so called “Soulmate” aspect in Synastry. Well it is too, but often not the “Happy every after” we expect. This square will help keep our goals and dreams realistic. On the other hand Venus is trining Uranus/Jupiter conjunction. These two are now direct and this is their last “Quickening” conjunction also. Venus trine Jupiter should work out as super-benefic, with maybe some pleasant surprises with Uranus.
Dare I say this set-up could yeald something quite miraculous? No I dare not. This is the no BS Eclipse remember. Keeping it real… At the very least the “new and influential” friends should be made under this Eclipse where it falls in your natal chart. The other “No BS” aspect is Mercury square Black Moon Lilith. This is no fear of shouting out that the Emperor has no clothes on. People will be more inclined to speak their truth and act authentically. So you can trust those new friends you make are genuine.


The Moon is conjunct is Asteroid Eros (38’) Which is a great compliment to Sagittarius’s Archer and Cupid’s bow I mentioned at the start. This Moon then has a theme of seeking and taking aim. Going for it without hesitation. Eros is the symbol of erotic love. He is a primal, phallic god who embodies the masculine sexual force.
Eros is like a higher octave of Mars, refining the raw sexual drive and channeling it into a path of spiritual enlightenment. He does this through his union with Psyche. This is why partnership is so important with this New Moon. Of course this being an eclipse it’s also about the Moons marriage with the Sun. Unifying opposites. Ying and yang. Like Psyche with Eros, the Moon tempers the ego somewhat.
Eros is about being “turned on”. So its square to Saturn would be about getting turned on by real life and hard work. A great time to form business partnerships, though the square will mean they are challenging. The challenge is a good thing however, ridding us of fluff by creating healthy competition. Squares are dynamic and get things done.
This 1st Eclipse of 2011 all about cutting the bullshit, pulling together and making hard-graft sexy. Eros is about motivation, and passion to make things work. A no-nonsense creative impulse. With Ascella this is seeking out your partners and planting realistic seeds for the future. With Venus trine Jupiter blessing it, these seeds are pretty much guaranteed success, if you put some welly into it!
(incidentally-here is a link to an article posted on word-haven describing a keynote address given by Marc Gafni in which he addresses the sad loss of the erotic in our lives, and methods to recapture eros in 2011)


Affirmations for the energy of the New Moon in Capricorn

  • I am industrious. I take on tasks that require considerable planning and work.
  • I am patient. I work steadily to produce rewards that are long in coming -- but worth the wait.
  • I am responsible. I meet my routine commitments, even when progress is hard to see.
  • I am organized. I keep track of my obligations ... and fulfill them reliably and well.
  • I am ambitious. I want "a piece of me and my talents" to remain ... a testament to my presence.                                                                    

click here to read the entire article and Creative Visualizations for Capricorn New Moon
and here for the full article on the New Moon Capricorn Solar Eclipse posted on Crystal Wind quoted below.  I found much practical advice regarding Saturn, Mercury, Pluto, Mars, Neptune & Chiron here I think is important to share:

 “Do what you gotta do.”

A little effort will go a long way, too. Mercury is direct and moving steadily forward, and all other planets are direct. It’s like driving down the main drag and hitting every green light. To do that, though, you have to get the timing right – not too fast, not too slow. This won’t be a time for blowing through a mountain of work in record speed. Rather, you’ll get everything done by pacing yourself and staying focused.
With Mercury in Sagittarius, we may find it more useful to focus on the big picture and not get caught up in details. Still, if you’re doing detailed work, you’ll need to take care not to miss small mistakes – yet another reason to work at a steady pace. This applies to driving, too. If you’re going to be late for an appointment, don’t speed up and take risks. Simply accept that you’re going to be late. It happens.
In any case, Saturn clearly is in charge of this eclipse, with the Sun, Moon, Pluto and Mars in Capricorn, the sign Saturn rules. Saturn himself is exalted in Libra, which is why I think the square is going to manifest more as tension that pushes us to move mountains rather than the kind of stress that puts us on overload and takes a few years off our lives, with nothing to show for it.
There’s another configuration in the eclipse chart that has nothing to do with Saturn and is quite interesting. Venus, who is now past her post-retrograde shadow phase and in new territory, makes a perfect square with Neptune and Chiron inAquarius, and she also makes a very tight trine with Uranus and Jupiter, which are exactly conjoined in Pisces. Neptuneand Uranus have remained in a close semi-sextile over the winter, and they’re in their last few months of mutual reception, until Uranus re-enters Aries in March.
There’s been so much going on this year with the cardinal T-square that we haven’t given a lot of attention to the mutual reception. But it has been an undercurrent, running through the T-square and everything we do. Neptune and Chironrepresent healing on the collective level. But you can’t heal society unless and until you heal the individuals within it, and that’s where Uranus in Pisces comes in.
I’ve written a lot about the conjunction of Uranus and Jupiter as indicators of major breakthroughs, but what is the source of these successes? As individuals, we’re awakening to higher consciousness. Uranus is sometimes called the “Awakener,” and Jupiter is associated with expanding the mind and, thus, spiritual advancement.
With Venus in close contact with these four bodies, we’d have to conclude that relationships are a big part of our awakening. Many clients over the past several months have come to me with questions about soul mates, or people they suspect they have a karmic connection with. I believe this to be absolutely the case. More and more of us are encountering souls we have known or will know in other lives. Whether we’re meeting them because we’re awakening, or we’re awakening as a result of meeting them, who can say? And does it really even matter?
Eclipses are windows on time, and with six eclipses in 2011, there will be lots of opportunities to sense what’s beyond the “reality” we see with our eyes.
The Sabian Symbol** for the Sun and Moon at 13°39′ Capricorn is an ancient bas-relief carved in granite, with the keyword FOUNDATION. This symbol is about the limitless potential in every moment. Put another way, you attract what you focus on and give energy to. If you intentionally place your thoughts and actions in a given direction, this is where you’ll go, by hook or by crook.
When our perception of the world changes, our external reality shifts to match it. Saturn, the lord of time, represents the process by which that reality comes into being.

sunstar astrology charts

New Moon Solar Eclipse Apothecary Suggestions

Capricorn is associated with the skeletal system, joints, and skin. Pay attention to these parts of the body and areas of health around the time of this New Moon.
Moisturize: This Capricorn New Moon Solar Eclipse provides a great opportunity to pay special attention to the skin. As Capricorn has a relatively drying energetic, taking the time to do a moisturizing treatment is a worthwhile wellness activity. If you rarely moisturize your skin, consider even just making an intention to apply body lotion or oil two times today (given that it’s a New Moon, doing so may help to plant the seeds for incorporating body moisturizing as a daily routine). If you already have a good moisturizing ritual, consider applying a nourishing mask; you can either find them in apothecaries or beauty stores, or consider making your own from ingredients such as avocados, honey, aloe vera, yogurt, and other nurturing food-based ingredients.
Turmeric: Capricorn is associated with the joints, body parts that often express inflammation, which can lead to pain and reduced mobility. One of the best anti-inflammatory compounds, and therefore a great item to promote rheumatic health, is the spice turmeric. While turmeric supplements are available, you can readily include this healing spice into your lifestyle by adding it to your recipes. Traditionally used as a foundation ingredient in curries and other Indian dishes, its earthy flavor can complement many dishes. You can purchase powdered turmeric in the spice section of the grocery store; fresh turmeric rhizome is available in Asian food markets.
In addition to the suggestions above, here is another perspective to the planetary configuration found on planetary
 January 4, 2011: Capricorn New Moon Solar Eclipse (exact at 1:03 am PST)
New Moons are auspicious monthly celestial events that usher in fresh cycles of creation and becoming. When they are also a Solar Eclipse–as today’s is–they hold additional power for manifestation.
This Capricorn New Moon Solar Eclipse provides a great opportunity to inventory how we spend our resources. It’s a great time to balance a checkbook, survey investments, or consider an aspect of financial planning we’ve yet to fully explore. Remember, though, our personal economy of resources is not just limited to our money but also includes our time, energy, and skills/talents, all of which comprise the capital that we can use to create a richer life. Whether we are allocating these efficiently–and whether they are generating additional assets or incurring liabilities for us–can be very prudent topics to survey during this eclipse. The answers can help us to create a stronger foundation upon which we can build our future.
Loyalty and commitment may also be important themes during this eclipse. What we may find ourselves looking at isn’t so much the concept of being dutiful but rather whether the people and institutions to which we have granted our allegiance are those that are worthy of it. Readjustments in relationships—involving how much we give and how much we allow ourselves to expect in return—may occur.
A New Moon Solar Eclipse signifies a time for beginnings. While something may inherently be coming to a close, there is great focus on the initiation of the new that it brings. Given that Capricorn is connected to the creation of structures of lasting value, we can use this auspicious time to consider what it is that we may want to build or accomplish in the coming year, especially in the next six months.
When there is heightened Capricorn energy circulating—as there is these days—it’s important to watch the tendency to become too rigid in our thinking or expectations. Maintaining a sense of flexibility while focusing on achieving practical outcomes can be a great path to follow during this time.
And we have some celestial assistance in this area today. That’s because in addition to it being a Solar Eclipse there are many other powerful alignments that can inspire fluidity and expansion.
Venus—the planet of beauty and grace—is very active today. She connects in with Neptune, Uranus, and Jupiter. These alignments offer us the ability to feel into a deep sense of love, expressing it boldly and in ways that we may not usually do.
Also today is the third and final conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus. This planetary pair greatly encourages the expansion of courage and innovative approaches to finding the wisdom center that resides within us. For more on the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction, see thisarticle.
Remember that eclipses are often accompanied by identifiable life-changing events that manifest around the time of these celestial happenings. Even if we can’t see an eclipse in the sky where we live, these events are renowned for being very powerful in the way in which they can impact our lives.
This month’s New Moon Solar Eclipse falls at 14 degrees of Capricorn (Sun and Moon). While everyone experiences the energies of a New Moon, if you have planets or pivotal points (i.e., Ascendant/Descendant or Nadir/Midheaven) around this degree in Capricorn or the other cardinal signs—Aries, Cancer, Libra—it may impact you more intensely.

January Experiential Meditations (wheel of the year)

New MoonAlone in a completely dark room or cave, mindfully sit still and silent. Experience Deity with all your senses: all that you see, smell, hear, taste, and touch; recognize the oneness of all. Meditation: personal transformation.

Waxing MoonAlone in a completely dark room or cave, chant names or attributes of Deity (or play gentle wordless music), while swaying gently to the music. Meditation: peace and healing for all. 

Full MoonAlone in a completely dark room or cave, sing sacred songs of love and praise (or play fast wordless music), while swaying exuberantly. Meditation: respect and compassion for all. 

Waning MoonAlone in a completely dark room or cave, pray in thanksgiving to Deity. Meditation: sustenance and justice for all.

last but definitely not least-a message from the Children of the Sun Foundation

2 0 1 1
Hope, Rejuvenation and Rebirth for Humanity

WoooWeeeBabeee... our E-ticket ride continues strong! Just as soon as we make grand passage into 2011, we are immediately met with a New Moon Solar Eclipse to ignite our deepest intentions and resolutions.

The ecliptic lunar energy is a most extraordinary gift in which to intensely seed the grand garden of affirmative opportunity for this next, most pivotal year of quantum change and preparation.

Our Planetary Grid Transmissions amp to a whole new level in 2011! Join the Children of the Sun family this New Moon Tuesday, January 4.


The End to Suffering, War and Barbaric Acts

Great Radiation of Cosmic Light

Mass Consciousness Rebirths

A Strengthened Human Race

Group Avatar brings Humanity Closer

Service is the Law of Life

New Moon Solar Eclipse, January 4
The Planetary Grid Transmissions

We gather in the New Earth Crystalline Matrix this Tuesday during the New Moon Planetary Grid Transmissions. We are seeding the grand garden of affirmative opportunity for this next, most pivotal year... a year of great Hope, Rejuvenation and Rebirth for the mass of Humanity.

From the Field of One, these regular transmissions shower amplified infusions of light to assist in our personal transformation while building the Rainbow Bridge for all Humanity. This amplified field comprises the higher consciousness of 1000's of light servers worldwide...well over the mark scientifically proven to create serious change!one fam purple

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