Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Truth About the Alleged Zodiac Shift

by Master Atrologist Allison Rae/

The Serpent Awakens

Shrouded in mystery, the serpent awakens. As humanity encounters the great healer Ophiuchus, we plunge once more into the depths of becoming. Rebirth awaits.

The mainstream mediasphere lit up this week with tales of a new zodiac. Yes, there is potentially a 13th sign of the zodiac known in ancient times, and it's re-emerging into the astrological lexicon today. Unfortunately, the news reports are hopelessly garbled, and the table that's circulating showing "new dates" of the astrological signs is flat-out wrong.

I am celebrating today the dawn of ancient light on Earth. Sort of.

Maybe you've already seen the headline. The Serpent Holder apparently had a press conference.
I'm hearing from people all over asking about this announcement and a so-called "new zodiac." This is a complex subject and one best approached with an open mind and open heart. It's not as simple as a new zodiac versus the old one. In fact, there are more than two, depending on how you look at it. The dates of the astrological signs, with Ophiuchus considered, do not shift the way the news reports show. Still, the mystery is intriguing.

For the record:

1. There is no "new zodiac." There's a sidereal zodiac and a tropical zodiac, both very old. There are other zodiacs, as well, in various traditions.

2. Yes, there is a constellation called Ophiuchus (or Serpentarius), and the Sun transits this region of the sky each December
3. Ophiuchus may or may not be a sign of the zodiac, depending on your perspective. If he is considered a sign, he fits between Scorpio and Sagittarius.

The challenge in understanding all this lies in the difference between the sidereal and tropical zodiacs, which is an issue western astrologers may have to come to terms with sooner rather than later. The impending revolution of astrology is a topic for another day.

Over the past few years I've put a lot of energy into teaching and publishing about this subject, including several blog posts during the Sun's transit of Ophiuchus in 2010 and a special initiatory journey into the heart of Serpentarius (Ophiuchus' other name) in December. If you're interested in some informed perceptions, you can order the audio recording and extensive study guide here:
The gift of the Serpent Holder is a sacred mystery to be explored and savored. Enjoy the journey.

Friday, January 14, 2011

UNITY LOGOS-Lisa Renee-A Call to Lightworkers

posted by Quan Yin on the imzaia movement 

Happy New Year to all of our Light Families! As we leap forward into the 2011 year - we are in the beginning of an evolutionary time cycle of which several sequential intersection points merge that connect our planetary body to the Cosmic level of the Unity Source Code intelligence field.

This Unity Source Code field is the “Jacob’s Ladder” to God, made like our human DNA double helix, this gateway has been patiently built upon each vertical side however waiting for the “fusion” process that allows each DNA “step” to plug in horizontally at each of the ladder’s dimensional levels. “Unity” or Sacred Marriage with God Source (aka wearing the “Wedded Garment of Christ”) is what allows this fusion process to occur. The implication of this ongoing cosmic event ranges to such a huge impact on life on our planet that there are no words to encompass them all.

Suffice to say that life and the “afterlife” for all human beings living on this planet will never be the same! The Cosmic Sovereign Law of the Unity Logos architecture will intersect with the planetary body and its Logos, beginning this year. We will describe more about the importance of what a “Logos” means, as it is the governing body that controls the “station of identity” ( term describing an entity’s perception of self) for any creational form. In other words, it is the “Law” governing the form. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1-11-11: The Missing Piece

(from the global illumination council)
The date 1/11/11 looks pretty intense, right? What with all those Master number 11s... We know that Master numbers (11, 22 and 33) can hint at difficulty, but that certainly doesn't mean that 1/11/11 is doomed to be a difficult day. In fact, Jan. 11, 2011, is a date of opportunity -- but it doesn't come free of cost. We must be aware of the lessons available to us and take the action necessary to reap the rewards.

So what is the significance of all those 11s? It's not actually the fact that the 11 is a Master number -- in fact, when working with dates, Master numbers are reduced to their single-digit counterparts. However, it is therepetition of the number 11 in the date 1/11/11 that we must take note of. The 11 is tied to our intuition, instinct and faith in ourselves and our inner processes. Therefore, its repetition alerts us that we may be missing something -- be it right in front of our noses, or something we need to dig much deeper to find. Repeating 11s show us that we are not putting our power of intuition to good use, and that we must tap in to this inner part of ourselves to learn the information we need to make well-informed decisions in whatever situation we're facing in life.

So if the repeating 11s are telling us that we need to heighten our sense of awareness in order to better ourselves, it should come as no surprise -- or be considered any random coincidence -- that this happens to coincide with, you guessed it: a 7 Universal Day.

The 7 is the seeker of truth. It takes nothing at face value, and is always in search of the hidden, underlying reality. 7 is a number of contemplation, awareness and problem-solving. Noticing the connection between the 7 and those repeating 11s yet? On a day when we are shown that we may be looking past some necessary information, the 7 steps in to help us to find that missing truth.

Whether it's an issue with relationship dynamics, politics in the workplace, the search for spiritual answers or any other situation you're facing, the key to harnessing the power of 1/11/11 is to know that that this is your time; your time to find the missing piece of your puzzle, to interlock it into your life and to start moving forward with the complete puzzle intact. When you actively seek all the information available to you, you allow yourself to make new progress through better decisions, heightened awareness and a well-rounded approach to life and its lessons.

What are some of the things you will be working on this day?

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1.11.11 - The Gateway of Power

Messages From Archangel Gabriel
1.11.11 - The Gateway of Power

Posted: 10 Jan 2011 11:36 AM PST

Dear Ones,

Gateways of Power are moments of clear invitation when Divine energies
are aligned to support you. The Archangels hold the pillars of this
gateway, so you can walk through into the new life you have carefully
envisioned and intended for the Earth as well as yourself.

More and more in this Year of Alignment - 2011, the openings into new
realms will occur, empowered by the frequency of Oneness. 1.11.11 is
the first Gateway. The choice is there for you to be receptive, while
you focus on this incredible opportunity to create a new world of
Love. No matter what it looks like in your physical vision, this
empowered frequency is more available than ever before.

When you have the preparation established within you, it is
exhilarating to step through the portal provided by the Archangels
during this time. The Gateways of Power are clear openings established
on inter-dimensional levels, to create alignment within your energy
systems. You are being offered an empowerment so you can feel the
operation of higher frequencies in a condensed moment of time. Once
you sense the alignment within yourself, you are forever changed.

You have all been asked to prepare yourselves for a new Earth that
harmoniously supports the gifts of Nature, Peace within each heart,
and those who honor the sanctity of the planetary shifts occurring.
Within each being is the sacred spark of the Divine. It is this aspect
of your spirit that is enhanced as you encounter the Gateways of
Power. Focus on your most authentic, Divine Self will be paramount and
allows a gateway to be clearly delineated and imprinted upon your
path. Hold your most sacred idea of life within your mind and heart as
you take the ritual steps forward through the gates. Energy portals
will continue to be revealed as this year unfolds, but none serve the
profound ability to connect you to your Source as this gateway of

As you walk through the gateway, symbolically or literally, you will
leave behind outmoded forms and patterns of existence that do not fit
the energy stream of unity consciousness occurring on the planet at
this sacred time. Create the model of your new life through your
intentional setting forth of exalted ideas even if their form is still
unclear. Lift your vibration through prayer, inviting the guiding
wisdom of your soul and the Archangels to lead you. Embrace as a new
level of your inner being, your Divine Self, the one that beholds new
Harmony, Joy, Peace and Love for your own life and for the Earth.

Take sacred time during the 24 hours of 1.11.11, most especially at
11:11, to hold these intentions and visualize the Gateway of Power.
The Archangels who guard the way are holding this expansive Portal of
Light open for you. See them standing there, massive wings of Light
expanded in dedication to your own evolution and that of the Earth,
bringing to you a blessing from God. When you walk through this
gateway, holding the vision of new life on Earth, you align with the
forces of all Creation, and a high level of Unity fills your world.
That which does not align with these new frequencies of energy drops
away. The old frequencies and energy systems cannot exist in the same
place, when your Soul becomes aligned with its purpose in an empowered
integrated way.

The path on the other side of the 1.11.11 Gateway of Power may not
unfold for you all at once, although you may be shown a glimpse of the
new vision to give your heart a boost of hope. Do know that as you
walk through the gate, you are aligning with the Beings of Light who
guide you, and you are never alone. Your demonstration of this
intention to live in Oneness with a new planetary grid, allows you to
receive greater guidance and sets the patterns of Unity and Harmony
within your being. This allows you to experience greater faith to take
the next steps along your path into an unknown future, knowing that
you have aligned with your Soul's Purpose and are being guided every
step of the way.

Join with others for a profound opening though the Gateway of Power
initiated during this day of 1.11.11 - the Alignment that opens your
way into Oneness. It offers Unity within you, and connects you with
the Source of All That Is Divine. Give thanks for the Grace that
descends during this precious period of time. Receive it deep within
your being, and acknowledge the Archangels who hold the Earth in
Sacred Unity.

You are blessed, and so it is.

LET GO - A New Message from the Arcturians 1/9/2011

Arcturian Group
Marilyn Raffaele

JANUARY 9, 2011

Dear ones, we welcome you into the new year of 2011.

It is a time for rejoicing because in spite of what you are hearing
and seeing, the light is getting brighter. This then in turn,
exposes those corners that here-to-fore have been dark and unseen.
This is important to understand because although it seems as if things
are getting worse they are not, dear ones; not worse, just exposed.

We wish you to stay centered in Truth at all times. Do not allow
yourselves to get caught up in the energy of the negative. Do not
allow yourselves to stray off center and into those dark corners being
exposed, for this simply adds your energy to them. When you become
enamored by the illusions, giving them your attention and concern,
this gives more energy to these things. Save your energy for truth.
See through the appearances and into the truth behind them. You say;
"What truth behind these terrible things we see and hear about?" This
is a spiritual universe dear ones, all that you see, hear, taste,
touch, and smell is a concept of the spiritual reality. Evolution is
the journey of moving beyond the concepts.

Look at it this way, mind is the translator of your state of
consciousness. The omnipresent spiritual ideas of Source
Consciousness are interpreted by mind in order for you to understand
them. If your consciousness is filled with concepts and beliefs of
duality and separation, these interpretations (your outer experience)
come out that way; that is filled with duality and separation. All
there is, is Sourceand all that is within Source ( all the Divine
Ideas embodied within Divine Consciousness) are therefore also within
every living thing for there is nothing else but Source. Nothing else
that anything could be made out of.

It is not the world that is the illusion, it is your concepts of the
world that are illusion.

Dear ones, examine your belief system. Don't be afraid to let go once
and for all, of everything that no longer serves you. Sit quietly,
perhaps with pen and paper, and examine all those issues that still
give you pain, anger or suffering. Examine all persons and
experiences from your whole life. Take each one and say to yourself;
"What am I believing about this?" Then ask yourself; "In the light of
Truth, is my belief about this true?" This process enables you to get
to the root of your belief system and to to discover deeply buried
concepts and ideas that hold you in bondage to the third dimensional
energy; theories and beliefs that you accepted without question when
given by teachers, parents, the media, churches, or government.
You are then able to ask yourself; "Why did I accept this? Do I want
this to remain a part of my consciousness?"

The time is NOW, not tomorrow when things "get better", to let go of
all that does not resonate with truth, for as the western mystic Joel
S Goldsmith used to say; "Any old belief can gum up the works."

There is no unexpressed consciousness. Think on that dear ones. Think
very deeply and strongly about this truth, and then take your power
back from all the untruths you have accepted and held as truth. This
is not a condemnation, this is awakening. Never hold yourself in
guilt over beliefs of your past for awakening to deeper truth is the
evolutionary journey.

Wake up dear ones, you are in charge of you, and no one else can do
this for you. Let go of the belief that someone is going to save you,
be it the government, the church, or even some concept of God. Let
go. Let go. Let go, and you will find that indeed the sky does not
fall down, nor will it ever.

In love we say we are the Arcturian
Group. 1/9/2011