Tuesday, January 11, 2011

LET GO - A New Message from the Arcturians 1/9/2011

Arcturian Group
Marilyn Raffaele

JANUARY 9, 2011

Dear ones, we welcome you into the new year of 2011.

It is a time for rejoicing because in spite of what you are hearing
and seeing, the light is getting brighter. This then in turn,
exposes those corners that here-to-fore have been dark and unseen.
This is important to understand because although it seems as if things
are getting worse they are not, dear ones; not worse, just exposed.

We wish you to stay centered in Truth at all times. Do not allow
yourselves to get caught up in the energy of the negative. Do not
allow yourselves to stray off center and into those dark corners being
exposed, for this simply adds your energy to them. When you become
enamored by the illusions, giving them your attention and concern,
this gives more energy to these things. Save your energy for truth.
See through the appearances and into the truth behind them. You say;
"What truth behind these terrible things we see and hear about?" This
is a spiritual universe dear ones, all that you see, hear, taste,
touch, and smell is a concept of the spiritual reality. Evolution is
the journey of moving beyond the concepts.

Look at it this way, mind is the translator of your state of
consciousness. The omnipresent spiritual ideas of Source
Consciousness are interpreted by mind in order for you to understand
them. If your consciousness is filled with concepts and beliefs of
duality and separation, these interpretations (your outer experience)
come out that way; that is filled with duality and separation. All
there is, is Sourceand all that is within Source ( all the Divine
Ideas embodied within Divine Consciousness) are therefore also within
every living thing for there is nothing else but Source. Nothing else
that anything could be made out of.

It is not the world that is the illusion, it is your concepts of the
world that are illusion.

Dear ones, examine your belief system. Don't be afraid to let go once
and for all, of everything that no longer serves you. Sit quietly,
perhaps with pen and paper, and examine all those issues that still
give you pain, anger or suffering. Examine all persons and
experiences from your whole life. Take each one and say to yourself;
"What am I believing about this?" Then ask yourself; "In the light of
Truth, is my belief about this true?" This process enables you to get
to the root of your belief system and to to discover deeply buried
concepts and ideas that hold you in bondage to the third dimensional
energy; theories and beliefs that you accepted without question when
given by teachers, parents, the media, churches, or government.
You are then able to ask yourself; "Why did I accept this? Do I want
this to remain a part of my consciousness?"

The time is NOW, not tomorrow when things "get better", to let go of
all that does not resonate with truth, for as the western mystic Joel
S Goldsmith used to say; "Any old belief can gum up the works."

There is no unexpressed consciousness. Think on that dear ones. Think
very deeply and strongly about this truth, and then take your power
back from all the untruths you have accepted and held as truth. This
is not a condemnation, this is awakening. Never hold yourself in
guilt over beliefs of your past for awakening to deeper truth is the
evolutionary journey.

Wake up dear ones, you are in charge of you, and no one else can do
this for you. Let go of the belief that someone is going to save you,
be it the government, the church, or even some concept of God. Let
go. Let go. Let go, and you will find that indeed the sky does not
fall down, nor will it ever.

In love we say we are the Arcturian
Group. 1/9/2011


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