Monday, October 31, 2011

11-11-11 Energy Wave by Archangel Metatron

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 31-10-11
  I am Archangel Metatron, I send upon the wings of many angels unconditional love to surround, to protect, to energise and inspire your being. Let my love shower over you like thousands of pure white feathers cascading around you. Please know in your heart that I am here to support and guide you forward, you are secure in my energy and I will assist you in moving through processes of transition with ease.
The Earth has been entering and moving through major transitions but these transitions are stepping up in speed and intensity as we draw closer to the energetic landmark of 11-11-11. You may feel the energies powerfully even from the beginning of November right through to 2012 and beyond. You may notice two major shifts in energy that will gradually and smoothly come to a climax. From November the energies anchoring into the Earth will become finer and lighter, it will seem like a breath of fresh air, this may be recognised by everything flowing with a greater ease, as if joints have been oiled. This change in energy will build and enhance climaxing around the date of 11-11-11. You may then notice a new shift in energy which will activate on the 12thDecember 2011, will be increase on the 24th December 2011 and then will climax as the new year of 2012 begins. There will be many other activations and energy waves which will be ignited throughout the year of 2012 and beyond, these will be anchoring of a new foundation for the Era of Love and so will predominantly consist of different vibrations of love merged with other appropriate qualities. It is important to remember that when energies are anchored they are to activate energies and consciousness within your being. Activations allow you to understand more about the Creator's energy and to aid your unity with the Creator. The recognition of certain qualities is simply a process of exploration of the Creator's light to aid a further embodiment.
You may notice that the energy anchoring in November is very different to the sensations experienced when connecting with the energy shift beginning on or around the 12th December 2011. This is something to be aware of to ensure that you link into both energy shifts to accept the appropriate wisdom and consciousness from each. The first energy shift will be focused on empowerment while the second energy shift and activation will be focused upon love. It is through empowerment of the soul and truth within your being that you will awaken to experience and embody greater love.
11-11-11 will mark the climax of the new energy wave; this is an energy anchoring from the very source and soul of the Creator into the Earth but more importantly into each person upon the Earth. There is a larger percentage than ever before of energy programmed to anchor into people rather than the energy and consciousness of the Earth. This is a great achievement in itself as it signifies that humanity is ready to take responsibility for their own spiritual development, that change can and will come from within each person projected into the Earth's reality rather than influencing the Earth to jolt humanity into awakening.
As with all energy waves the 11-11-11 energy wave holds qualities from the Creator's soul to be embodied and enacted by humanity. These qualities are
·         Love from truth
·         Openness
·         Unity
·         Happiness
·         Empowerment
·          Embodiment
·         Sensitivity
·          Liberation
Each quality is held within the energy wave whenever you invoke its energies to flow over and through your being. By experiencing the energy wave you also activate the same qualities from within your being, meaning that if you have not yet mastered the lessons of each quality they will manifest into your reality to assist in your embodiment of the quality. Wisdom and insights will be shared with you from the energy wave concerning each quality so that you may hold, use and express the qualities more fully within your reality.
Lord Merlin stated in his communication that to him the 11-11-11 activation encourages a greater sensitivity to the soul or spiritual self. This understanding is true and is extremely valuable, as when all qualities are integrated as one, they will create a greater sensitivity to the soul. The quality of sensitivity encourages you to be more aware of energy, energetic patterns as well as the presence of your guides and soul. Sensitivity will also assist you in focusing upon your own energies, understanding what is needed and what needs to be release. The quality of liberation also speaks of the freedom that will be offered to your soul in its personal expression when you become more sensitive to your soul. Freedom also symbolises a clearing of energy. In the past a powerful cleansing energy has always been present within the energy waves but now only the energy of liberation is present to inspire a shift from limitations and illusions to freedom or peace within the mind and expansive energies. The freedom energy isn't present to cleanse but to inspire a shift to clarity and an acknowledgement of your limitless energy.
The quality of unity encourages the merging of humanity's consciousness and its transition from negativity to love. When beings of like mind begin to unite their energy and consciousness then consciousness and understandings that have been missing from your awareness or which have yet to be recognised will be acknowledged and will manifest once more for you to grasp and process. The quality of unity will not only help you to discover new consciousness, wisdom and insights which you have been searching for but it will assist in a greater respect and honour building for each and every person, active energy and soul upon the Earth. Respect and honour will build for the different understanding and beliefs that individual holds and an acknowledgement of how sacred each soul upon the Earth truly is. This will be a wonderful transition which may take time but will truly be ignited from the 11-11-11 energy wave.
With greater sensitivity to your soul it will be easier for you to embody your soul and even soul group as well as numerous aspects of the Creator's soul. This will empoweryour being and allow your soul to be the leader and guide in your reality. Focus upon the ego and personality as the main leader of your reality will be altered so that the soul can command predominant leadership of your being and reality. This may sound very forceful and may bring up fears of accepting power but your soul is now ready to come forward as a loving presence to lead you through your ascension. With the presence of your soul you will feel empowered, filled with enthusiasm, energy and active love, knowing that you can achieve anything that you project from your mind but it will be your soul that will inspire the minds projections. Some people may feel a fight within them as the desires of the personality may be very different to the desires of the soul. It is evident in this case that the quality of freedom is needed to allow you to detach from the desires of your personality, while the quality of unity is needed to aid you merge with your soul, respecting and honouring the wishes of your soul. After all your soul is connected with the will of the Creator; understanding the divine plan for your reality and journey on the Earth. You may notice as I am progressing with my explanation that it is difficult to describe the qualities individually as they are so integrated and are working to manifest sensitivity to and an empowerment of the soul. The fact that the qualities are so integrated indicates the tremendous growth that humanity has achieved, a belief in separation is vanishing and a desire for oneness and integration is manifesting. This is bringing forth the truth of the Creator with tremendous power.
The presence love is strongly evident within the 11-11-11 energy wave but this time it is brought forward as a love which extends from truth. This means that the love that you express must be born from truth and be expressed with truth. We see love as always being truthful and honest but in this new vibration of love, nothing can be hidden, be falsely expressed or misinterpreted. Love is required to be born from the truth within your soul, but truth must also manifest from love. Many people have learnt to love unconditionally, but now you are being asked to love from your truth. In order to achieve this there is a need to connect with the truth of your being exploring the energy and consciousness of your truth, allowing love to pour from this source within you. The quality and teaching of love from truth also symbolise the dissolving of illusions and false energy but could be interpreted to mean that your love will become wise. As you love expansively and unconditionally not only will you be sharing truth but you will be expression wisdom, your love will become your guiding light, even your inspiring mind. Out of all the qualities this quality requires much contemplation to discover its true meaning, this may be different for each individual.
The quality of openness refers to the heart chakra, there is a need for your heart chakra to continue to expand and remain open at all times in order for the love, wisdom and power of your being to be expressed with greater ease. When the heart chakra is able to remain open at all times, in positive and negative situations this manifests a tremendous strength and security within your being, it symbolises that you are aware of your power, how you can alter your reality through intention and alignment, allowing for greater self exploration and expansion.
Happiness could be considered an unusual energy to be anchored at this time of transition, but it is a gentle reminder from the Creator that the ascension process is a happy time; it is a time of fun, joy, contentment, delight and pleasure. We can adopt these qualities in our spiritual practices as they will allow our growth to accelerate tremendously. When we are happy, our mood is high, our energies light and we hold a positive outlook, and it is far easier for us to connect with the Creator on a deeper level from this vibration. The Creator wishes to remind us not to take our realities and growth too seriously as this only creates limitations and attachments hindering our awakening. Happiness is also considered an expression of connection with and an embodiment of the soul. It is a reminder that our greatest goal as spiritual beings is happiness, a happiness that flows from the soul, the truth and essence of our beings.
More information will be bought forward about the energy wave, its qualities and teachings, for now I extend my love and blessings to you, simply allow yourself to process the information that I have shared with you, contemplating how you may embody these qualities and how they will influence your reality.
With love always,
I am Archangel Metatron

Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Message from the Arcturian Group October 30,2011

           OCTOBER 30, 2011

We are here dear ones, to again welcome you to a new day of change and transformation. Things on your beloved planet are heating up with regard to the old energy being transformed into new and better ways of serving the people;  by the people and for the people. This concept has been lost to many and is now returning as your growing light illumines its journey back into the human consciousness.  You have played the game long enough, it is time now to remember.  The journey of awakening while within the dark was a fine game--although often very traumatic and painful, but through its harsh lessons of separation you have journeyed to remembrance and to the recognition of what and who you are. The game was not meant to last forever. It is time now to let all that is old and finished release.

Many of you are experiencing pain and frustration within your physical and emotional bodies.  This is a part of the process; the clearing of all that is of a lower resonance, for you cannot take it with you into the new and higher energies.  Comfort your bodies as you may, but do not be overly concerned for it is a part of the journey dear ones, to let go, release, and finally clear all that is finished and of the old. Traumatic events of many lifetimes stay locked within  cellular memory.  Perhaps that pain in your leg has to do with a cellular memory from the 1500's when you were run over by a cart.  You see, the cells remember; you bring into each lifetime the state of consciousness attained from  previous lifetimes.  Send the cells of your physical body light and tell them that they will never need to experience the events of the past again, for it is finished.

Clearings will frequently access the weakest point within the physical body to release energy, as it is a conduit so to speak, and you may wonder why there is this ongoing pain in a leg or a hand etc. etc. You say;  "Nothing that I do seems to ease it".  Well dear ones your body is  simply using this area for its release point for whatever you are clearing.  If you do not wish this, simply state that you choose to release in a different, more gentle and easy way. You are the "boss" of you.  Over lifetimes in separation energy, humans have come to believe that they are powerless; realize now that you are God beings having a human experience and through that awareness take back your power.

Your words and thoughts are very powerful and have become even more powerful as your resonance has evolved.  Be careful what you wish for, say, or think, for as light beings you are creators. Not understanding this,  you wonder why certain events manifest into your lives.  Begin to think and live in truth at all times. When you do, karma is no longer valid.  At this point you begin to  meet your lessons with truth instead of karma.  Do not judge by appearances, but simply understand that appearances are the manifestation of the human belief system.  You will always see pairs of opposites in the third dimension, for it is an energy of duality and separation.  As you grow more into a consciousness of One, the outer will reflect this and  manifestations will be of a higher level.

There are more earth clearings to come.  Be not afraid, for this is a part of Gaia's cleansing  in her journey to ascension.  Gaia is aware of the pain some of these events cause but is unable to do her own ascension without some changes and clearings.  Be not afraid dear ones for all that experience these things were aware of it before incarnation and gave permission. Often these events are  massive clearings of personal or group karma which is then forever finished.

Those of the "occupy" movements are  expressing the energy of the new consciousness.   Not all understand that this is what it is, but they are experiencing and expressing the need for a return of their power, of mankind's inherent right as spiritual beings to experience abundance and peace.  This is a sign that the earth is being permeated with the higher frequencies of light.  All are experiencing  this, and moving to  take back their power in ways they understand according to their attained state of consciousness.   You have seen much change in the Middle East, and you will see much more.  This is to be a powerful year of change for many.

There are events coming which we cannot share with you at this time, but we say stay centered in truth at all times.  Do not go into fear for you are being guided and watched over lovingly by millions of light beings as well as your brothers and sisters from evolved planets of light.  Be not afraid when you see us make an appearance. Do not go into fear when the falsehoods given to you as truth by those in power began to tumble down for there is much to be revealed  about your past as well as your present.  Those who have taken by force your rights will have much to answer for and their games cannot continue in the new light.

Trust your intuition always, and because you are aware of what is happening, you can be of great help to those who as of yet do not understand.  You will become the teachers when  the revelations come to be.  That is why at this time you must work on your own journey, strengthening your inner awareness and growth through meditation and practice.  You will then have a full tool box  with which you can help those who come behind, ready for the shifting energies, but having no idea of what is taking place.  Those who have given their power to the government,  churches, and others, will find themselves floundering in confusion and that is when you will step in and say; "Be not afraid..."

Do not try to give your pearls to those who do not want them.  This is very important, for all have free will choice as to when and how they wish to evolve.  There are many who still require third dimensional experiences before they are ready to move  higher.  All have choice and all are being guided.  It is the human ego that tries to "save" everyone, believing that there is only one way and it is their way.  Do not fall into this trap as many already have.  That freedom you wish for yourself, must be extended to all others, regardless of how plainly you can see where they stumble.  Your job is simply to "be there" when and if they indicate a desire for more. You can offer suggestions, but do not get into their energy and let it go if they choose to stay where they are.  This is the practice of compassion versus sympathy.  Give the best you have, which may simply be recognizing their light and saying nothing. You will be busy.

We finish with telling you that you are doing a fine job of it.  Do not think you have to perform this or that, recite this mantra or that, stand this way, chant this chant, or do anything.  Stand in the light of truth, and rest in the realization that you are now, always have been, and always will be One with the Divine, and any teaching contrary to this is simply false.  This is Divine Law.

In love, we are the Arcturian Group.