Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Message from the Arcturian Group - October 2, 2011

                              OCTOBER 2, 2011
Greetings dear ones.  We come again to wish you a happy ascension process.  Even though it does not always seem an occasion for rejoicing, it actually is.  You are beginning to differentiate between the dark and the light.  Mankind is starting discern that which is old and finished and  this discernment is manifesting in the world as a dissatisfaction with the status quo.  Many are taking  a stand on issues that before now they would not of even thought of as needing change.  It is because those who  always believed everything they were told, are now experiencing the higher frequency energies which are allowing them to feel the difference between that which is true and that which is false.  You are becoming more sensitive to energy and Light.  The veil is thinning, and  is causing  dissatisfaction with so much that you previously took for granted.  You see dear ones,  the old (duality and separation)  is not based in Divine law and truth, it simply reflects your venture into the experience of separation in order to remember who you were while within this energy of separation.  This is why the school of earth is so difficult and why graduation from the earth school is such an achievement.  You are doing it!  You are awakening in spite of appearances which means that you are hearing and following your inner guidance.  By this we do not mean the many wonderful channels giving you information at this time.  We mean your inner guidance, that part of you that is the spark of the Divine, that part of you that is the manifestation of Source Consciousness and embodies all that is.  You are starting to trust  and allow this completeness to  manifest in your life as what you need--information, money, food, whatever.  Source is within you  and it is your awareness of this truth (your attained state of consciousness) that determines how much of this truth you manifest in the outer.

We say to you all that you are doing a fine job of this ascension but it is vital for you to stay  centered and focused.  That is, not to believe yourselves to be  three dimensional beings occasionally coming into the higher, but to see yourselves always as  Higher dimensional beings having to occasionally be in the lower.  You see, most are still doing it in the old and beginner way; that is, reserving  truth for special occasions and those times of meditation and quiet.  Try now to live, move, and have your being in  truth at all times for you are ready. Many continue to work from the belief that they are still  beginners, but you are no longer beginners. It is not meant that you stay forever in books, classes, and groups that tell you how to be and what you must do.  Many still feel that if they read a book, go to a class, or discuss truth with the like minded, that they are very evolved.  Truth must  be lived, you are able now to get your guidance from within; the Within that is Divine Consciousness-- omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent.  You!   Once you know the Kingdom is within, you must not continue to look outside of yourselves or you create a bigger gap.

Over lifetimes you  have played the third dimensional game of hide and seek and have learned who and what you are-- the game is over should you choose.   If you choose ascension, you must live ascension.  This does not mean living out from a state of consciousness  not yet attained, for that in itself is very "human", however, it does mean knowing the truth at all times in spite of appearances, and then taking whatever human footsteps may be necessary at the time.  It means  sitting in the midst of chaos knowing; "God alone is power".  Then proceeding to do what needs to be done.

Through experience, mankind has become comfortable with third dimensional  games and finds them hard to give it up.  Much that you have come to accept as life and much that you enjoy, is dissolving before your very eyes, but know that anything real cannot dissolve.  It is only the concept of it that dissolves, whereas the reality behind it will again appear on higher and better levels.  We give you the  example of relationships.  Many relationships are breaking apart as the result of energy changes.  In order for a relationship to work, there must be a resonating of the energy between those involved.  This is true for all relationships and not just romantic ones.   When an individual evolves and thus moves to a new level of light resonance but the other in the relationship has not moved, you see they no longer resonate with the same frequency.   This is happening within many marriages right now because one partner is still in the old energy of; "I am half of a couple, I need  you to give me the masculine or feminine aspect that I don't have, and together we are whole."  At the same time, the other partner is realizing that he or she is a whole and complete and embodies both aspects already.  You see what this will do to a marriage or partner relationship--each are viewing the situation from different states of consciousness.
The new and higher sense of relationship is based in an awareness of self-completeness.  That is; "I choose to share my completeness with you but I do not need  you in order to be complete.

All things are going to change, but everything real and imbued with truth, will simply manifest on a higher level.

Those protesting all over the world, are experiencing  urges flowing from a deeper sense of truth and connection with their reality even though most do not understand this yet.  Divine Freedom-(a law)- is coming alive within them and they are expressing this in a way that makes sense to them, by protesting.

Stop looking so much to others for your answers.  Let them help you; the books, the channels, the informational sources, but always allow  the final word rest in how it resonates within you.  You have all that is real within your Divine self, it is only the dream that has made you believe that you were separate from it. Practice going within for everything , and as you do, you will gain spiritual strength.  You are awakening from the dream. You are finished with the games of  living behind a veil of forgetfulness in order to see if you can find God in the darkness.

You have done it, now accept,  embrace, and live out from  that which you are, always have been and always will be.

We are the Arcturian Group