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The Shift:Three Days of Darkness by Kirael


    Update from Kirael
    Kirael ‘The Great Shift” by Fred Sterling
    KIRAEL: When I put this one in on the three days of darkness, I had no idea how thrilled everybody was going to be with it. I know they are thrilled. Everybody asks me-me poor medium gets asked this a little bit more than I do because he is on Earth a lot more than I am: When is the three days of darkness going to happen?
    Well, let me put it to you as best as I can. The three days of dark darkness is something that, by the time it happens, you will all be so ready for it, you won’t be counting the days. You will be counting the love particles, because, you see, the three days of darkness is when the Earth plane enters into this huge belt of light, and the light is so intensified, there are so many particles that your sun star seems to be blotted out. You say, “Well, God help you, Master Kirael, aren’t we going to freeze to death without the sun?” I said, “Seems to be blotted out.”
    Your Creator makes no mistakes. It knows how to bring enough particles through. Oh, but I am pretty sure you will be wanting to sleep a lot. In fact, some of you are going to sleep straight through it and not know it happened until it is over.
    But here’s the good news: As I’ve already said in the first book, and I will repeat it again, when it is over and you awaken, you are in the throes of the full force of the fourth light and the first thing you will want to do is jump for joy. The second thing you will want to do is get down, because you are going to float up there for quite some time. You see, as you come through that belt, your physical body is readjusted to the light centers. The light centers are the particles that you’ve carried with you all your life and wanted to ignite in the new state of consciousness.
    Now, for all of you out there that we call “We the People” that just went “WOW,” I say this to you as well: Why don’t you start now? Why don’t you start right now searching through your whole system in every meditation you have? Search through and say: “I wonder if that is one of those little particles that Master Kirael talked about in his book, “Kirael, The Great Shift?” And just jostle it a little bit and if it sparks at you, say “I got one.” You might as well, because they are all going to come up one day. But imagine, just imagine, having some right now.
    That is what the three days of darkness is truly all about, so stop being a ‘fraidy cat. Let yourself know the love of your Creator will not let anything happen to you.
    KIRAEL: Let me open this chapter with a deep concern: Whenever any fear slips in, my apologies will be loud and clear, for that is not the purpose of this work. I want to avoid it at all costs. The three days of darkness are not about fear and panic but about ascension into the Fourth Dimension. I extend my apologies over and over again for any fear that might arise, and please understand that I am not trying to scare you. I am trying to prepare you for ascension. The Shift is about Love, and any fear you feel is what you have chosen. Choose wisely, my friends, for the Shift will be the start of an awakening to behold.
    The three days of darkness actually pertains to Mother Earth’s entry into the Photon Belt. This will produce the three days of darkness, and this event heralds the beginning of the Shift, or ascension, into the Fourth Dimension. Let me give you a brief explanation of what will happen during this period. The whole event will take place over a period of seven to ten days or so, but please don’t hold me to these numbers because it may fluctuate a day or so either way.
    There will be a sense of complete and utter turmoil at this point. It is not to create fear. Yes, the fear is allowed by the Creator, but you do not have to enter into this fear. Those of you who read this work will be aware of the events that will transpire during this period. You will say to yourself, “This is exactly what Kirael said would happen.” You will still have to fight off the fear though, because it will permeate the Earth plane. It is an awakening of a very deep cellular memory that must come to the surface. This is contrived by the light beings to make sure that everybody gets through the Shift by healing their fears. And, again, because you live so much in fear, you actually do so many good things from fear. Healing your fears is all part of the Creator’s design.
    This is another reason why you should be attempting to deal with your current fears. As you become practiced in dealing with and dissipating your fears, you will be better able to cope with the Shift. Some fears that you face today are such things as: Are my bills paid? Will I remain married, and if not, what shall I do? Will I lose all my money on some silly investment? These are, of course, very real, but when looked at in reality, all you need to do is confront the issue and be willing to handle it to the point where the issue comes to total clarity. Then guess what? It always turns out to be not that great big monster you saw. In fact, it becomes extremely manageable for the most part. That is why I emphasize that you complete all your self-learning projects on a timely basis. When you have learned as best as possible to deal with your fears, it will make the Shift an adventure as opposed to a nightmare. Practice makes perfect.
    So, in the very first day, you will vibrate with the illusion of mass illness and seemingly devastating disruption. You will literally be leaving the Third Dimension and caught up in the Fourth Dimension, with the Photon Energy mixing in. You will sense the Earth’s shifting, major shifting, more so than you may have ever felt up to that point. You will quite literally not want to be walking around in the first 12 hours or so of this first day. You will literally be forced to remain stationary.
    This is Mother Earth’s way of coming to a screeching halt. In this period, She shakes Herself out and realigns many of Her aspects. All of this is already mapped out, and She knows just how far to go without knocking Herself completely off course. So that will be one of your very first indications: the appearance of massive turmoil followed by Mother Earth really rumbling.
    You will have had a number of earthquakes prior to this. Earthquakes will have become almost commonplace by this time. I am not talking about your big 8′s or 9′s on the Richter scale, but 5′s, 6′s and below, because that’s where Mother Earth will show that She is just getting ready. However, when She gets into Her final Shift position-where the energy of the Dimension is going from the Third Dimension to the Fourth Dimension and the Photon Energy has already begun to engulf the Earth, She will set the stage for Her last spins through the Third Dimension. Therefore, for about 12 to 16 hours on that first day, you will literally have a difficult time staying upright. Don’t panic! Do you know how many times you need to be reminded of this? Please don’t panic! If you do not panic in these first few hours, things will begin to settle themselves because the rocking and rolling will begin to taper off.
    Next some of the other features will begin to manifest are the decrease in temperature and sunlight. It will actually begin to look like late evening for the next couple of days. You won’t get to see much sun from here on, until you get out of this part of the Shift.
    In that time, an awesome awakening will begin to manifest. Depending on your extrasensory abilities, those friends and relatives who have passed onto the other side will be able to communicate with you. This will enable you to work in a way that most have not experienced in this current embodiment. This is just one more reason why, for the past few years, the Guides who know of the Shift have been recommending MEDITATION. My Truth tells me that the word should be upper case, for that is the importance I place on it.
    Increasing darkness will have begun to permeate the Earth plane, along with a cold never before experienced. It will be a deep cold, for it will penetrate inside of you. At this time, you will make a connection with other entities that are not carbon-based. Here is another reason why you cannot live your life based in fear. You will be faced with what will appear to be some of your greatest tests. All you will need to understand is that IT IS A TEST. You need only hold onto the Light, for in using the white light, your awareness peaks and the test will disappear.
    On the third day, Mother Earth will fully enter the Photon Belt and the actual Shift to the Fourth Dimension will occur. This will be where the Photon Energy envelopes the Earth plane and the three days of darkness begin. The outer band of the Photon Energy is very dense in order to sweep out the third-dimensional essence and to ignite the fourth-dimensional energy. It will be dark because the light particles are so dense that they take on the appearance of no light. It will take approximately three days to get through this outer band and it will appear as if you are in total darkness. Now, do not wake up 72 hours later, walk outside and say, “That’s it! I’m out of here.” You will have to pay attention and not be hung up on time, for that will become the trickster and cause the energy to take even longer to calm.
    As you move into the Photon Energy, it will literally block out the sunlight. This will be the real darkness, my friends. The essence of the Photon Energy literally has the ability to block out the sunlight, so when I talk about darkness, I’m talking about the real purity of darkness. However, some of the sun’s thermal energy will get through so you won’t have to experience an “Ice Age.” It won’t undergo a vibrational shift to compensate for the lack of mobility that most will experience.
    It won’t make sense to try to go out and fix anything. It won’t make sense to try to go down to the corner store and see if it’s open. You will not starve to death; nobody will starve to death in three days. In the first place, your metabolism will change so that you won’t need food. You will ingest only the lightest of substances. In the beginning, there will be only that which the Creator has brought light to in the form of the plant world. This is what the Creator always supplied you. For whatever reason, you haven’t used it wisely up until this point. Now, you will not only utilize plants wisely but you will have a bit of time resonating with this but most will actually begin to enjoy this new food source.
    How can people in warm climates prepare for this period? Not by buying ten blankets or building some sort of cold-proof room. The medium reminded me of when he was a young lad and al the people were building shelters in the Earth and stocking them with canned foods. This was in response to someone possibly dropping some sort of giant bomb and the only safe place was some sort of shelter. Let me assure you, my friends, none of that will be necessary this time. By the time this event actually engulfs your Earth plane, those who are destined to experience the fullness of the event will have learned about vibrational body transfer and motion alliance, so the essence will be completely protected.
    Be clear that body energy will get everybody through. That’s why it will be important to embrace your brothers and sisters in love. You won’t freeze to death because you will have learned about meditation and vibrational body transfer. All these things you are learning on this very mundane level are actually preparation for a time not so far into the future.
    In the middle of these three days of complete darkness and cold, most of the world’s population will be immobilized. You will slow down to such a state that the three days of darkness won’t feel like current time does, my friends. That’s how some of the fear will be displaced. You will hardly even remember going through this part of the density. Once it’s started and you hit the first of the three days, you’ll literally go into a state of hibernation within yourself.
    Coming out on the other side of those days of darkness will be beyond your wildest expectations. As the darkness dissipates, you will have another two or three days before it becomes daylight again. It will appear as dusk. When you take your first step, you will realize you no longer touch the ground like you used to. You will find that you can take a hop into the air, stay there a little while, and kind of float back down. There will be pockets of this new energy still somewhat thick so this may be a little tricky at times.
    You will feel something new moving through your body and will find that you can fill your body with this new energy that radiates within. From top to bottom you will love this new feeling that will completely overwhelm the new you.
    It will take two to four years for most to learn how to deal with this newness under the guidance of teachers who will carry you through this new reality. They will be honored for what they share, and you will appreciate all those who practiced on this side to learn the art of manifesting. Can you begin to understand why its’ so important for all to get the lessons completed before the Shift? That way, there will be no need to experience them afterwards.
    As a caution, let me remind you that you will take any unfinished experiences into this new reality, so before the Shift, prepare as much as possible so as not to have to waste precious time while others are moving at the new pace.
    You will wonder why you’re not hungry because of how much time has passed. Not only will you not have the slightest bit of hunger pain but most, if not all, of your body fat will be gone. When you finally do get hungry, you will recognize that you need to eat something that God created. Then you’ll look at the plants that have always been there but that you never really noticed before. You’ll pick one of them, put it in your mouth, and it will slowly dissolve. You’ll feel its energy emanate into your system. Then suddenly, you’ll realize that you are breathing differently. Your breath will come in through the crown of your head and will fill your body in a manner you are not really accustomed to. In those first few days after the Shift, you will learn how to function with everything that is different.
    Many new things will occupy your new and enlightened thinking process. Your thought process will be so clear, and your memory will be beyond anything you will have prepared for. You will have approximately 2,000 years to revel in the glory of the Fourth Dimension.
    In essence, my friends, although it will seem like a rather shaky situation, this is the beginning of the period of total enlightenment. Most of you have been preparing for many lifetimes just to remember the totality of ascension. Nothing has been wasted, so don’t ask, “Why didn’t I just wait for this instead of going through all the trauma?” Learn with a great desire so as to not take any old baggage into this new and exciting era.
    This is just the beginning. Don’t judge the total experience by this short span of time and most certainly, “Don’t panic!”

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Cosmic Alignments in Leo: nearing the 11/11/11 Portal

This is a wonderful blog post I found on, posted by GemstarLuminus.  It is so detailed and informative I wanted to share it!  Enjoy.....

Cosmic Alignments in Leo: nearing the 11/11/11 Portal
(Crop Circles, Ascension and Comet Elenin)
August 16th, 2011 AD
Earlier this week, on August 16th 2011, there was a very special alignment of the Earth, Mercury, the Sun and Venus. From our perspective on Earth, all three celestial spheres come into conjunction at 22° Leo.
This alignment established a channel, fueled by Venus pouring into the Sun, then into Mercury and finally into the Earth. All three spheres are very comfortable in Leo, which is really nice. The Sun is in his rulership, Leo, where he can be fully expressed. Both the Sun and Leo symbolize our will to project outward into the world, to express ourselves. As the Sun is the sustainer of life in our solar system, the heart sustains life in the body, pumping the life force through each cell. Both the Sun and the heart are constants; their fire never ceases. As we all know, the Sun can give life, but it can also scorch and take it away (also true of love). When the Sun (heart) is motivated by Venus, the Will is more inspired to create harmony within our relationships and our environments.
When a planet travels within the sphere of the Sun, its view is obscured. This is called “combustion,” and the planet loses its power as it is devoured by the Sun’s heat. However, when a planet comes into an exact conjunction with the heart center of the Sun, we call this “cazimi.” It is akin to being in the King’s Chamber. The King showers the planet with abundance and the planet becomes fully expressed in its highest, most elevated power. The Sun amplifies the energy of Venus, who rules relationships, beauty, art and harmony. Venus cazimi expresses herself in her highest and truest form. As Venus empties herself into the Sun, we receive both of their rays as one amplified union of cosmic Love, permeating our consciousness.
Let’s not forget Mercury in this equation. Mercury is Hermes, the Messenger who delivers the messages from the Gods on Mount Olympus to the mortals of Earth. Mercury is our intellectual mind, our processor, and our inner voice. Mercury cazimi allows us to think clearly, and cleanse our minds of any thoughts that are not serving us (paranoia, depression, fears that limit our interaction with the world) and we are able to become more positive in our thinking. Furthermore, Mercury is retrograde right now, which turns our communication inward. We are less concerned with gathering information from the outside world; the focus is an inward integration of our accumulated experiences. Now is when we are processing and nurturing our inner world (this is why communication with the outside often gets obscured; either the message doesn’t arrive, or it is misinterpreted by the other person). With Mercury Retrograde, we are listening to our intuition, our hearts. Combined with this alignment, this is an especially good time to work out any communication issues with loved ones. With the Sun amplified by Venus funneling into Mercury, understanding and compassion flood into the mind; we are able to let go of the ego, compromise, and create a better balance in our relationships. In Leo, we are reminded not to scorch one another with a pompous ego, but to uplift one another royally. Venus is the insistent Queen behind the King urging for equality, balance and harmony.
The Sabian Symbol for 22 Leo is: "A Carrier Pigeon Fulfilling Its Mission." Despite a pigeon’s bobbling flair, they truly are intelligent beings. Imagine that a pigeon can be trained to deliver something to a specific address; amazing!
So what is the message of the carrier pigeon? Leo tells us to tune into our hearts to hear the message. The message (Mercury) of Love (Venus) has been delivered to Earth from the Cosmos. We are entering into the Aquarian Age, where all are created equal (Aquarius is the polar opposite of Leo). We are finding new ways to live in harmony with our Earth Mother and with each other. Mahatma Gandhi said: “Be the change you want to see.” We can no longer sit around and wait for the “leaders” to do it. While they promise change, we see no positive effort on their part. We still see our Earth ravaged of her resources and the wars continue. Financial institutions collapse, health care is unreliable and we are left with no choice but to turn to our communities and create solutions from the resources that we have. Our best resource is our heart. Love gives us wings and we can soar over our troubles. It is through love that we are able to forgive others, see the higher value of the lesson and gain a higher understanding. It reminds me of this crop circle from August 2009: (could not post; please search for "crop circle butterfly")
(Notice the illumination of the Butterfly’s heart center.)
Throughout the day of August 16th, the Moon (our subconscious) moves from the last sign of Pisces into Aries, the sign of new beginnings. It seems that this alignment could be one of many portals preparing us to make this leap into the New Age on 11/11/11. We are certainly being given wonderful tools here!
The planetary alignments continue on Sunday, August 21, 2011 with another rare and special alignment, this time from the far reaches of the Solar System: Neptune aligns with the Earth, the Sun and Venus, respectively. From the Earth’s perspective, we will be sandwiched between Neptune on one side, and the Sun and Venus on the other, creating another vortex of cosmic Love.
Neptune is the “higher octave” of Venus, symbolizing unconditional, divine love. Neptune cannot be seen with the naked eye. His/her effects are felt. Neptune rules the mystical, mysterious aspects of life: dreams, psychic facilities, spirituality, and energetic sensitivities. With Neptune’s dreamy mist, (s)he also rules illusion, confusion and deception. What you think you see may not always be what you think it is! This, of course, could be a very good or a very bad thing.
Venus, remaining in conjunction with the Sun from earlier this week, opposes Neptune at 9:39am EST on August 21, 2011. The opposition occurs with Neptune at 29° Aquarius and Venus at 29° Leo. Whenever a planet is at 29°, it is considered critical; it is the last degree before changing into a new sign (Venus actually enters Virgo later in the evening, moving faster than the Sun). A planet at 29° says, “Please pay attention to me.” Neptune stays in one sign for nearly 15 years, making it even more important when (s)he hits the 29° mark. Neptune is in retrograde and has already visited this degree, but never with this sort of alignment. Neptune turns direct on November 9th, 2011 (just two days before the 11/11/11 portal) and reenters Pisces on February 4th, 2012 and will stay in Pisces for the next 15 years or so. Neptune rules Pisces, both symbolizing similar concepts of the hidden, mysterious, unseen aspects of life. It is here that one may escape the mundane world, for better or for worse (mysticism, drugs, dreams, self-sacrifice, spirituality, movies, meditation, Angels). It is in Pisces where the Soul may be redeemed. However, Neptune’s mission in Aquarius is not yet finished, as we see from this alignment.
We are being sandwiched by the two planets of Love, the Earthly and the Divine, reinforcing the alignment from earlier in the week. Our compassion towards one another is massively boosted as we connect to the divine wisdom from the outer reaches of the cosmos and integrate it into our interactions with others and in our world. With the Sun still holding Venus in his King’s chamber, her highest qualities remain amplified, raising her to the par of Neptune. The cosmos are really showing us that we are protected, we must not fear. The opposite of fear is Love. We are shown that we can overcome any illusion (Neptune) of fear and replace it with Love.
The Sabian Symbol for 29° Aquarius is: “A Butterfly Emerging From A Chrysalis;” also, “A beautifully winged insect has just come forth into glorious adult being on completion of its metamorphosis.” This really confirms that crop circle from August 2009 that I posted above!
The Sabian Symbol for 29° Leo is: “A mermaid emerges from the ocean waves ready for rebirth in human form.” Both of these symbols reveal metamorphosis, evolution, but not just any evolution; this is an evolution, within our own bodies, within this lifetime.
For those who follow the Mayan Calendar, these symbols already make sense to you. We are emerging into a new collective being; our bodies are changing from a carbon to a crystalline structure. Our “dormant” DNA is awakening. We are driven to eat better quality food and nurture our spirits through yoga and meditation. Technological advancement has led us into space, and into the microcosm of existence. We now know we are not alone in the universe and we are making contact; we are becoming Galactic Humans! The Age of Aquarius has been on the horizon for some time now. We are literally in the birth canal, where it is both a painful and beautiful experience. On 11/11/11, our heads crown and we begin our reemergence. This week of planetary alignments is a cosmic blast of Love preparing us for our destined leap in consciousness. This alignment reminds us that Love is where it all begins, and with Love, anything is possible.
The Moon moves from Taurus into Gemini, showing us where our needs are. We are advised to look to the resources that we have within ourselves and share with our close community; siblings, neighbors etc. We have the resources to create community gardens; we can be self-sustainable, but we can’t do it alone. These alignments help us break through the ego-based cultural fear that separates us from one another; we are to remember that we are social, tribal beings.
It is my hypothesis that these alignments are two of the most important preparations as we near the 11/11/11 portal on November 11th 2011. This is also in addition to the ingresses of Neptune, Chiron and Ceres into Pisces earlier this year, as well as the Cardinal Grand Cross (with Solar Eclipse) in July 2011. We also had a Jupiter/ Uranus conjunction earlier this year, which doesn’t happen very often either.
This crop circle appeared on the New Moon in Leo on July 30th, 2011. It is one of the largest crop circles to date: (see blog image)
There are many ways to interpret the crop circle’s message, but from one angle, we can assume that it is representative of Neptune-Earth-Sun-Venus alignment. A line connects three spheres, engulfed by a large circle, symbolizing their connection. The middle planet could be Earth, the Sun and Venus on the right and Neptune on the left. Notice the Serpent’s tongue is the symbol of Neptune. Our extraterrestrial neighbors are reminding us of the importance of this alignment
In many ancient cultures, the snake is a symbol of rebirth, of transformation and the rise of consciousness. A snake is able to shed its skin, becoming reborn in its same body. Again the themes of metamorphosis arise. The snake also symbolizes the Kundalini energy, which awakens the third eye, also known as the pineal gland (The pineal gland is located at the very center of our brain; it is responsible for dreaming by secreting DMT; also known as a stargate portal). An awakened pineal gland opens us to psychic sensitivity, intuition, empathy; it’s through our pineal gland and heart center together, that we realize our true connection to Infinity.
The serpent is also represented on the Mayan Pyramids, which also function as calendars. Briefly, each layer symbolizes a period of human consciousness. As we ascend the pyramid, our consciousness rises. We are currently in the top layer of the pyramid now; we are immersed in a rapidly evolving world of technology, which allows us to multitask, stay connected to thousands of people and have access to infinite information. We are also made aware of the suffering around the world, which also raises our empathy and invites us to come together to create solutions (Aquarius=humanitarian). Many of us simply wonder, “Where does all the time go?” It may be difficult to see from the inside, but we are in the midst of a global metamorphosis, a leap in consciousness. We are realizing both spiritually and scientifically that we are one with the Universe; nothing separates us. The suffering of one is felt by all. Harmony becomes contagious. We are awakening to the Truth of who we are, collectively and individually. Perhaps the Serpent in the Crop circle is also depicting the rise of the Earth’s Kundalini, our collective awakening of consciousness; as he passes through the Earth, both the snake and the Earth appear to be one.
On a final note, our solar system has a new visitor, known as Comet Elenin. He’s been loudly making himself known, yet you won’t hear about him on the nightly news. Not just yet, anyway!
Each time Elenin makes an alignment with the Earth, we experience earthquakes and other natural disasters. As one mass interacts with another, the reaction has an equal and opposite effect on each mass. Gravity is a primary law of physics. Elenin is believed to be a “brown dwarf star,” a star that has used all of its fuel and collapsed in on itself, resulting in a very dense mass. In other words, Comet Elenin is the size of Jupiter, but with much greater density. When such an enormous mass aligns with the Earth, the effects can be catastrophic. Elenin’s most recent alignment with the Earth (and the Sun) was on March 11th 2011, resulting in a disastrous 9.0 earthquake in Japan, Tsunamis and Nuclear meltdowns.
(*More information about Comet Elenin is available on the NASA website; there are also many YouTube videos covering comet Elenin’s orbit.)
Here’s a link with a chart of Comet Elenin’s alignments with the Earth. It lists previous alignments and the subsequent Earthquakes. The chart also lists future alignments. Interestingly, the final alignment is on December 21st 2012. Please check it out:
So, what is this sphere (I’ve circled it in yellow; blog image)?
We can only speculate. It’s my suggestion that it is Elenin. Is this a warning from our Extraterrestrial neighbors? I believe this crop circle is multidimensional in its meaning, emphasizing the importance of several planetary alignments. Ultimately, I feel it is connected to our current astrological alignments as mentioned above, which are preparing us for the 11/11/11 portal; furthermore, I believe this symbol reveals the astronomical/astrological events of November.
• The chart from the link above states that on November 2nd, 2011, the Earth enters Elenin’s tail.
• One week later, November 9th, 2011: Neptune (symbolized by the serpent’s tongue) turns direct.
• November 10th 2011: New Moon in Scorpio, ruler of rebirth, regeneration and transformation
• November 11th 2011: the 11/11/11 portal; Elenin Alignment: Venus, Mercury, Earth, Elenin. This is really major (Check out the simulation by clicking on the link; adjust the date to Nov. 11, 2011). From our perspective on Earth, Mercury and Venus are, again, in alignment, reminding us of the August 16th alignment of Venus, Sun, Mercury and Earth at 22 Leo. (Mercury and Venus are conjunct October 30th-November 12th, 2011.)
Needless to say, we have quite eventful times ahead. Birth is exciting, painful, stressful and beautiful all at the same time. We must not fear the worst; the August alignments remind us that we are protected and give us the tools we need: Love heals all wounds, no matter how big or small. In the event of a natural disaster, we are able to come together from all over the world and help each other when we are in need. We are getting good at this now! This newfound interconnection and global awareness of one another is an Aquarian archetype; it is one of many proofs that we are indeed emerging into the Aquarian Age.
Peace, Love and Light.

The Cosmic Genesis, a New Message from Archangel Metatron


EK 2012 Purple Grid 
 Universal Beginnings  
The Cosmic Genesis

Archangel Metatron Channel (with Alton Kamadon as Enoch ) via James Tyberonn

Greetings ! I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and I embrace you with love, unconditional love.  

Masters, we welcome into our midst the beloved Alton Kamadon, as the energy of Enoch. We encircle each and every one of you with a nurturing energy and with the field of self empowerment, for each of you are truly Masters on your path of Ascension. It is our purpose to offer you inspiration and clarity, but indeed it is once and always requisite that YOU, as a sacred and sovereign BEING, discern this and any such 'channeled' messages.

Cosmology of the Multiverse & The Cosmic Genesis

And so Dear Ones, we begin an assay on the Cosmic Pulse and the Cosmology of the Universe, a truly fascinating topic. Indeed a subject that has intrigued mankind since the beginnings on Earth.

Before we really begin this message, we tell you that mankind views the Universe from the tunnel-vision of his unique point in time, and that narrows humanities ability to perceive the full spectrum of the greater Universal reality.

We tell you that the greatest error in your current scientific studies of Universal formation Cosmology is that it omits the Divine. Divine-Thought is Prime Creator, it is First-Cause. But subsequent to this axiom, there is a scientific process to the unfurling genesis, it is Second-Cause but it is intricately laced with the sacred. When acceptance of the sacred first principle is combined with accurate science, many doors will be opened to you, and you are on the threshold of such an integral union.

Now, we have already shared with you that there are many Earths, many inner realities and dimensions within the multiplex Omniverse. That you think of as the 'Angelic Realm' interfaces with you in what is termed anti-matter. It is far more than anti-matter in the sense of reverse charged ions like those being engineered in particle accelerators, but rather the full panorama of the manifold inverse phase of matter. It is physical reality turned inside out, and each phase has myriad components and layers within and without.

We have told you that your linear-time based perception of reality truly takes place in a nonlinear strobe sequence of 'consciousness units' that are regulated between the shift of matter to anti-matter within multi-dimensionality. That in this process the inward shift occurs through macro and micro 'black holes' and the outward through macro and micro 'white holes'. This in-out / push-pull occurs in a cosmic flash that is the true magno-rhythm of your reality in duality.

The dimension you call Time is not a one way street. It not only moves forward and backward, it moves in and out in hologramic programs of your dimensional realities in the eternal NOW of simultaneous time.

As such we tell you again that your perception of the Cosmic Universe is relative to the distinct point in time in which you observe it. You see there are many Universes in the Multiverse, and all were formed by First Cause. But we tell you this TRUTH, understanding the sacred scientific nature of one unlocks the door to the others. You are on the cusp of doing this, and there is both a sacred and scientific advantage to this. It is more important in unlocking frequencial doors into your true origin and nature than you realize.

As such the information we are about to pass to you has clues to the science behind Cosmology and its sacred applications that lead to the quantum leap in consciousness that is part and parcel of the ongoing Ascension of your planet and mankind

Cosmology of the Present Universe

With those caveats, we tell you that the so called Big Bang never took place as your Newtonian physicists believe. Indeed many scientists and researchers are seeing challenges that reveal this truth. 

Your current main-stream theory of Universal (Second-Cause) Evolution is based, generally speaking, on the work of Newton and Einstein. Newton's concept of 'universal gravitation' provided a theoretical underpinning for the Copernican revolution, in which the Earth was no longer the center of the universe, but revolved around the Sun. Newton discerned an 'attractive' gravity based force between all physical objects, a force directly proportional to the mass of the objects and operating everywhere in the universe. But his theory evolved into the assumption that gravity permeated space, and that this space was electrically neutral.

A grouping of your forward-thinking scientist are now studying Plasma Physics and the theories they are putting together in the concept of an electrical force in the Cosmos, an 'Electrical Universe' is getting closer to the verity, but some of the pieces to the puzzle are still missing. Some of these new theorists conclude that black holes and dark matter do not exist, and that electricity is responsible for the energy that formed planets and stars. On the former it's a strike and miss, and the latter - it's a hit, an important one.

In fact black holes do indeed exist, but they are twinned with white holes and their function and true nature are not yet grasped. We tell you black holes are not the carnivorous all consuming monster you think. But it is not the black holes or any theorized 'dark matter' that coheres, gravitates and powers the Cosmos. It is rather something of a coherent cosmic electrical force, and it is geometric. It is Metatronic. It is in fact a form of refined electrical energy with induced crystalline attributes, and it is coded with the Divine. It is a function of the Crystalline-Electro Cosmic Grid.

Intra-Dimensional Crystalline-Electrics