Sunday, December 26, 2010


The KEY, the very SEED of AWAKENING that eventually blossoms into REMEMBERING why we have come here, to this heavy chemical climate, blinded by the Law of Confusion, Master Cycle near it's end;  is a mathematical equation - the binary triplet configuration - that an ancient spark provides, to a confused and weary traveler, through this illusion of the mind.....

Terrence Mckenna's Timewave, the WebBot, earthly DNA;
 the iChing;  Metatron's Cube, Fibbonacci's Fractal, the Anu particle;
 the Torus Knot; the human hand,  the double helix, Tzolkin Cycles,
13 Moon Calendar, the Mayan Code.

Written on Pyramid walls, gaurded by Masons, knowledge of the Templar, Melchezedek's charge;                                       
hidden deep within the bible, spoken in Draco, Sir Laurence Gardner and all the Queens men;
The Ark of the Covenant, Egyptian Pharoas, white powder gold and little green friends;

Madame Blavatsky wrote Hitler's bible, a stargate exists in Iraq;
Rothschild put the Jews in Israel, hostile gaurdians of the precious Suez;
on ancient scrolls it is written, the real reason for war in the middle east;

the gulf of aden rumbles, earthquake swarms bringing to life;
bp oil spill a coverup, for what really happened to the gulf stream;
the magnetic anamoly growing stronger, warm waters cease to flow
on the path that regulated temperature, for our wounded and bleeding globe;

The vanity of man so tiny, that his hand could truly influence earth,
or change the planetary cycles, established millions of years before his birth;

The Russians know its happening, the ice will reach them first, 
the yemenese pirates another decoy, as the powerful lose control;
and face the eventuality, that over this they have zero control.

Like clockwork threats of terrorism, emerged from the nearest shore.
nothing shipped in or out of yemen, the supposed terrorist hotbed;
when in reality the earths great rumbling, a portal threatens to expose;

What lies beyond this portal or who it may welcome-illuminati's reocurring nightmare
the house of cards they dwell on, is falling one by one; 
Rogue and greedy they ruled this planet, hiding truth deep underneath the ground,
as long as the masses remained ignorant, to mathematical truths that could set them free;

That the complexity of the matrix, reduces down to simple code,
That the probability vortexes, are now subject to human control

What will happen they can not tell us, precious free will must be observed,
with clues and admonitions in unison they bombard us, lightworkers you are wasting precious time;
The door is standing open, human stories pale in the light,
of universal love and intelligent infinity, starseed lineage and cosmic birthright;

Yes it was hard we understand you, 
your suffering we do not refute, 
but your arrival here is all that matters,
 can you not understand in love we come,
ascended masters, archaengels and demons, 
shifting shapes and changing tunes;

the lightworker forever diligent, through the din must find the words,
that resonate and serve as summons, from light families the galaxy wide,
gather the children and sell the station wagon, embark on a new and lighter life;

In the meantime walk the tightrope, dig deep and curl your toes up tight,
cling fast to that thread of sanity, stretched high above against a deep blue sky;
perhaps the greatest challenge, comes at the end of many lives, 
when truth revealed and brazen, consumes our thoughts as we drive to work

To toil for a paper green dollar, a remnant of a system in repose,
no value, no worth, nothing backs it, but still necessary as of yet,
to feed, house and clothe the children, pay the mortgage, fuel the car

the american dream of home ownership, 
virtual creations of elecrical theory manifest and diverse,
people reduced to numbers on a page, their actions long ago predicted, 
circa 1954;

transistor radios and linear computing, 
sheeple not people, and binary code;
strawmen and hidden stipulations,
master files useless to decode;

Indignant and disrespected, revolution a spoken word,
no longer fat and happy, American's dying in the streets, 
In Greece and Eastern Europe, the Ukraine and under the Haitian sky,
infrastucture crumbles, mass exodus planet wide;

Experiments in longevity, infant fatality and cloning of pets, 
Where do we reconcile compassion, and the true worth of a human life,
is not to die the best option, for every fragile life, 
for every psyche tortured, in tunnels devoid of light

Questions deep and emotions strangling, moments of glory and depths of despair;
the lightworker navigates the landscape, of energetic frequencies, 
weight and gravity, holographic skin and hair

Colors and textures, streets and words, blood spilled in dark of night,
it all seems gravely serious, traumatic and self absorbed,
in pain, abuse and tragedy, cradle to grave a time so short

If we have been spared or blessed to emerge from,
incarnations filled with strife, our hands outstretched we offer,
love and light with all our might.  

Yet in grace we must remember, the darkness never goes away,
it is just polarity, colored by morals,
programmed by society, no good or bad;

Yin and Yang, male and female, 
androgynous and neutral, we cross the threshold,
potention, intention, absolution, manifestation
creation, eternal life


Saturday, December 25, 2010

I AM 144

Once the peaceful inhabitants, of a spinning blue green globe, tribal races, life lived of bliss in ignorance, to temptation not yet exposed.

To fulfill the plan of Logos, to this planet eventually came, a race of Alpha-Draconian origin, to enslave for the sake of gold.

You see a galactic battle raged, during the reign of the Dragon Queens; High spin metals so essential, to replace the dying Starfire. The Orion lineage became addicted, Maldek itself destroyed.

To enhance the Sirian bloodline, an alliance thus was forged, from a marriage political in nature, Annunaki brothers were produced, who left on an expedition, to earth the keep the fire alive. A prime directive was broken, with the dying of the fire.

The slaves enhanced by genetics, to process the precious white gold, in an ancient Mesopotamian garden, to the original temptation would succcumb. To partake of the fruit of knowledge, plucked from the proverbial forbidden tree.

The first and greatest deception, that all knowledge could come from one source; that a monotheistic religion, a mortal sinner's soul could save. Enticed by physical pleasures, then forbidden to enjoy, by the Serpent gods that ruled them, their genetic experiment thought a mistake, by one Annunaki brother, who from a watery planet escaped, to observe from outside quarantine, the evolution of the mess they made.

Leaving humans to their own devices, the plan of Logos cycles on; free will meant for catalyst towards ascension, successful harvest the design, by negative polarity hijacked, their imposition as well divine, in the context of infinite creation, as the path of love and light.

Locked inside the DNA of life on this planet, our true origins impatiently sleep, locked away and veiled but not forever. Brothers and sisters make no mistake-the chains that bind have been broken, but not by a benevolent God, the cycles of the universe are not influenced, by higher powers to which we devote, religious fallacies reiterated for centuries, overwritten time and time again

The mind is a quantum computer, running on an outdated OS.

Quiet the mind and develop clear sight, establish a relationship between I AM and the biological brain. No longer a foe internal, through love the way is shown, to step forward into triality, enlist the mind as a marvelous tool. Reconnect with the unity of life eternal, download ascension codes and heal physical wounds, cosmic truths and love unending, we have only to reboot.

Galactic light embraces the planet, and in each lightworker there exists, both a student and a teacher, the 144 must reunite, we have much work to do. These are the days we planned for, as soul groups on their way, to aid a blue green planet, this cycle to call it home.

A pact to find each other, the only contract that remains, as Winter Solstice clears the matrix, of obligations long in place. An opportunity for karmic amnesty, Helios and Vesta upon us smile, through planetary configuration, a window of time to adjust the past, to find nuetrality where there was none, to remember who we are, and why we came.

To witness divinity spiraling, we must only look to the skies, with the wonder of a stargazer, step away and look inside-the glory of the heavens, is all there truly is-within us and without us, as above is so below.

May each of us find our way back to the light.



Monday, December 20, 2010

More Information on the 2010 / 2012 Winter Solstice Date

This is an entry from the forum. This suggests that the Mayans considered the 2010 Solstice (not the 12/21/2012 Solstice) the actual end date and shift point of the calendar and details the astronomical events that indicate it. If this is true, we don't have to wait two years, its today.


Thought I'd share with you this discourse on the coming eclipse that was provided by an expert in vedic astrology, originally posted over on the Avalon forum. DEFINITELY food for thought....

From Jyotishi Sam Geppi

Here’s why:

Signs divide the sky into 12 parts.
Nakshatras divide the sky into 27 parts for more accurate predictions.

[ Maharishi said the Mayan calendar end-date is “a little bit off”. Also, the Vedic literature predicts the Samavartaka Fire on a different date from the Mayan calendar end-date. There are some apparent miscalculations in the West regarding the Mayan calendar because it was adjusted backwards from the Gregorian calendar. ---Gerard ]

Mula and Ardra are the two worst Nakshatras. [ 9/11, Katrina, and the Asian Tsunami occurred on the day the Moon touched Ardra. ] The Moon and Sun will be in these Nakshatras at the same time on December 21, 2010 and will cause an eclipse.

On December 21, 2010, we are going to have an eclipse on the Winter Solstice in the two most cataclysmic Nakshatras while aligned with the galactic center. This is more eventful astronomically and astrologically than anything that is happening on December 21, 2012.

The Moon is going to be in Mrigashira Nakshatra and then move into Ardra Nakshatra at about 5 degrees Gemini and Sagittarius. The Sun, Mercury, Sun, Rahu and Pluto will be in Mula Nakshatra in Sagittarius. This creates the eclipse. This Sun-Moon axis is adjacent to the galactic plane. The Earth, Sun, and Moon are all aligned with the galactic center on December 21, 2010.

A galactic alignment is the same reason the Mayan calendar is approaching its ending now. December 21 is the Solstice date, the first day of Winter. It’s when the Sun appears to change direction in the sky. The Sun appears to be changing direction in the sky on that day. It appears to be darker and darker with less and less light in the northern hemisphere. The Winter Solstice is when the Sun changes direction in the sky. This December this will occur just hours after the eclipse. The reason this eclipse is so powerful is because we have so many of these things happening at the same time, especially the two Nakshatras that uproot and create cataclysm.

December 21, 2012 - DID THEY GET THE DATE WRONG?

I received this in an email today from friend -very interesting indeed.......... 

Dec 21, 2012 -Did they get the date wrong? 
Is Dec 21, 2010 the right date? 

According to this collection of articles, (urls and authors incomplete) 
the “big shift” is not Dec 21, 2012, but only 4 days away! 

An astrologer, Victoria Peltz just wrote an article explaining that we are – 
or may be - two years off in our calendar because of the confusion back in 
the 16th century between the Gregorian and Julian calendar. In other words 
when we interpreted the end of the age in the Mayan calendar as 2012, it 
should have been 2010. Now what is so interesting about that is when I 
heard of the 2012 end of the world scenario, I immediately did a chart for 
Dec 21, 2012 and saw nothing. Then I asked a few of my astro friends and 
they saw nothing. BUT, if I do a chart for Dec 21, 2010, I see a 
spectacular, powerful eclipse lasting over one hour. Also, in July 2010, we 
have a cardinal T-Square with Saturn, Uranus and Pluto in the sky that can 
be seen as a herald or portent of things to come.

Lightworkers Guide to the Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse

I have compiled this collection of excerpts and links to some of the marvelous information being posted for lightworkers as Winter Solstice approaches.

*The eclipse will be entirely visible in North America, western South America, and East Asia, and partially visible in Australia and Europe. The Eclipse will begin the day before, on Dec 20, at 10:32 PM, PST. The greatest eclipse will be at 12:18 AM, PST on Dec 21. The eclipse will be over by 2:01 AM, PST Dec 21.

The Solstice on December 21, 2010 (exact @ 3:38PM, PST) brings a powerful alignment of a Full Moon and Total Lunar *Eclipse! On the Natural Time Calendar, this day is “Red Planetary Earth,” and “1 Muluc” on the Traditional Count.

Let us meet this Solstice Full Moon Lunar Eclipse as deeply as we can muster within our human vessels, allowing its vibrations to penetrate our blockages, and clear us to receive an even deeper realization and embodiment of who we truly are, that we may take our places in Service to All Creation.

It is ESSENTIAL we create gatherings for Peace and sincere attunement on this auspicious occasion; attuning direct to the living Earth-Force and to the Celestial vibrations. Let us rise to a new level of courage and clarity on our path to be who we truly are and do what we are truly here to do,  on behalf of the Whole of Life. There is no time to spare. Each Solstice and Equinox brings an up-leveling of our prophetic process, bringing new challenges and new keys to unlock our potential.

This convergence of Winter Solstice, Full Moon, and Lunar Eclipse is a powerful time for creating the world we want. The energy around solstices and equinoxes is always potent for about three days before and three days after the calendar moment itself. The Winter Solstice celebrates that moment in Earth’s orbit when greatest darkness of the year is over and the light is starting to return—a time to seed the incoming light with our highest intention for ourselves, our species, and our planet.
Return of the Light by Sylvia Anderson


Solstice Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Invocation

On December 21st, 2010, we are graced with a Solstice Full Moon Lunar

Through the alignment of Light created through the energy of the Sun,
the Moon, and the Earth, as the Moon passes through a point in its
orbit when the Earth is directly between it and the Sun, we glimpse a
reflection of the Divine Father, Sister and Mother Archetypes
respectively, allowing us to potentially heal earthly family
relationships in this configuration of reflected Light.

We are further invited to travel into the heart of the Sun Overlighted
by Helios and Vesta, and to experience the Ascension Seat and Healing
Chamber of Light within the Solar Core through this Cosmic Ray of
Solar Service. For a period of three days in particular, we have the
opportunity to clear karmic patterns with family and friends and truly
find a better balance of Love and empowerment within ourselves.
Furthermore, through this Ascension Seat and beautiful copper-gold
flame of Light, we are offered an opportunity to truly experience our
own inner feminine and masculine archetypes of Light.

Invocation for the Solstice Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

I align with Mother/Father God, my I Am Presence and all the Beings of
Light from On High that I personally acknowledge.

I now call upon the Overlighting of Helios and Vesta to take me to
into the Ascension Seat and Healing Chamber of Light within the Sun
and Solar Core.

I am now taken in an external Merkaba Vehicle of Light into the Sun,
and Ascension Seat of the Cosmic Ray of Solar Service.

As I enter into this Ascension Seat and Healing Chamber of Light in
Soul consciousness, I am surrounded in a beautiful copper-gold flame
of Light.

Through the embrace of Helios and Vesta, and surrounded by my family
and friends of the Light and all the Beings of Light from On High that
I personally acknowledge, I now clear remnants of genetically
inherited patterns, karmic patterns and old Soul contracts through
this Healing Chamber of Light and copper-gold flame of Light.

I now rescind any and all vows taken in this lifetime or any other
lifetimes/parallel realities and dimensions, and all incarnations for
all time, space and dimensions. I now declare these vows null and

I now ask for the healing of my earthly relationships, as I forgive
and Love; letting go of any anger, resentment, betrayal and other
issues I may still be holding onto that are preventing me from truly
seeing my magnificence as this Master Being of Love and Light.

I now experience the activation of the kundalini and tantric channels
within this safe and sacred space, monitored by all the Beings of
Light from On High that are assisting me, as I step into a deeper
level of empowerment and Love.

I now experience the merging with my Divine Masculine and Divine
Feminine archetypes of Light, finding my voice, finding the expression
of my true Self in this essence of unconditional Love.

I now merge with my I Am Presence, taking on these key codes of Light
with the focus on Manifestation, the primary quality brought through
from the Cosmic Ray of Solar Service and heart of the Sun.

As I take on this I Am Avatar Blueprint of Light, as I trust and
Surrender to the Divine, I am guided with joy, Love and abundance in
my Service work and in my Life.

I now request this copper-gold flame of Light be activated within the
hearts of all Humanity, and within the Cosmic Law of Free Will,

So together we may experience the amplified frequencies of Love-

So together we may experience these key codes for this new Golden Age
of Light.

I now experience myself coming into the crystal heart of Mother Earth,
grounding and nurturing, supporting and loving, as I feel my
connection to all Life now through the Unity grid of Light, and the
amplification of the Sun and Moon.

I Am a Master Being of Love and Light,

I Am a Keeper of Light,

I Am a Child of the Sun,

I Am All that I Am.

Invocation by Anrita Melchizedek

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cosmos Alert: Spectacular Meteor Shower and Total Lunar Eclipse to Dazzle December Sky

originally posted on the daily


On the evening of 13 and the morning of 14 December, skywatchers across the northern hemisphere will be looking up as the Geminid meteor shower reaches its peak, in one of the best night sky events of the year. And unlike many astronomical phenomena, meteors are best seen without a telescope (and are perfectly safe to watch).
At its peak and in a clear, dark sky up to 100 'shooting stars' or meteors may be visible each hour. Meteors are the result of small particles entering the Earth's atmosphere at high speed, burning up and super-heating the air around them, which shines as a characteristic short-lived streak of light. In this case the debris is associated with the asteroidal object 3200 Phaethon, which many astronomers believe to be an extinct comet.

The meteors appear to originate from a 'radiant' in the constellation of Gemini, hence the name Geminid. By 02:00 GMT on 14 December the radiant will be almost overhead in the U.K., making it ideally placed for British observers. By that time the first quarter Moon will have set, so the prospects for a good view of the shower are excellent.

Meteors in the Geminid shower are less well known, probably because the weather in December is less reliable. But those who brave the cold can be rewarded with a fine view. In comparison with other showers, Geminid meteors travel fairly slowly, at around 35 km (22 miles) per second, are bright and have a yellowish hue, making them distinct and easy to spot.

This year the peak of the Geminid meteor shower occurs at around 11:00 GMT on 14 December, but the highest level activity is spread over a period lasting a day or more. This means that if conditions are clear it is worthwhile observing at any time between Sunday night and Wednesday morning.

As with most astronomical events, the best place to see meteors is at dark sites away from the light pollution of towns and cities. In good weather, rural sites such as Galloway Forest Dark Sky Park in Scotland (where a planned meteor watch will take place on 13-14 December) are potentially excellent locations to see the Geminid shower.

The Geminids will also feature in a Twitter event, Meteorwatch, supported by the Royal Astronomical Society (RAS), where observers under clear skies can post their text, images and videos to share them with those in less favorable locations. Anyone with Internet access can join in by following @virtualastro and the #meteorwatch hashtag on Twitter.

The last total lunar eclipse occurred on Feb. 20, 2008. While there are two total lunar eclipses in 2011, North American skywatchers will have to wait until April 2014 for one as potentially spectacular as the eclipse occurring this month.

For the Western Hemisphere, the eclipse will begin on Dec. 21 at 12:29 a.m. EST (9:29 p.m. PST on Dec. 20) as the moon begins to enter Earth's outer, or penumbral, shadow. This total lunar eclipse lasts only 72 minutes from start to finish.

Skywatchers will not notice any changes in the moon's appearance until about 45 minutes into the event, when a slight "smudge," or shading, begins to become evident on the upper left portion of the moon's disk.

The entire total lunar eclipse will be visible from all of North and South America, the northern and western parts of Europe, and a small part of northeast Asia, including Korea and much of Japan.

Totality will also be visible in its entirety from the North Island of New Zealand and Hawaii. In all, an estimated 1.5 billion people will have an opportunity to enjoy the best part of this lunar show.
In other parts of the world, only the partial stages of the eclipse will be visible or the eclipse will occur when it's daytime and the moon is not above their local horizon.

Portions of western Africa and central Europe can catch the opening stages of the eclipse before the moon sets below the horizon during the morning hours of Dec. 21, while the eastern third of Asia and central and eastern Australia can catch the closing stages just after moonrise on the evening of Dec. 21.

December's total lunar eclipse and Geminid meteor shower promise to ring the year 2010 out with a dazzling show, weather permitting, this holiday season.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New Videos & Meditations for 12-12

"Please use this meditation as often as you like.
Begin by taking some clearing breaths.
Feel yourself begin to relax.

We call together All the Beings of Light as we embark on this journey.

Please close your eyes and feel the third eye, between your brows, open up. Imagine a multi-petalled lotus blossom opening up and up and up. Go deeper into the center of the flower and as each petal blossoms see light flowing out of the petals.

Now feel your crown chakra opening at the top of your head. Feel the crown dilating and the crown opens wide. It is as a launch pad to the dimension of formless form.

When you see inside the open crown there is a SpaceCraft waiting for you and beyond that is
the blinding light of the antimatter Universe.

We are leaving our Earth bodies behind, just for a very short time and we are safely flying together
in this craft past the 13th Gateway from Matter to Antimatter.

As we enter this space we see light and more light. We zoom up up up through the dimensions and we come to a Pyramid Temple. The sunlight here is very bright and feels warm and pleasant. We now walk inside the Pyramid.

When we go inside we see we are standing on a crystal which is made of light. There are rainbow light colors reflecting off this crystal in the floor and projecting rainbow colored rays on the walls of the pyramid inside. We are all standing there and smiling, enjoying the beautiful light and some notice the gentle angel song.

Now look up into the apex of the Pyramid Temple and you see there is another crystal which is the capstone of the pyramid. This crystal which is made of light has many facets and there is sunlight pouring through the capstone onto the floor. There is brilliant bright sunlight flooding this place and connecting with the rainbow light which is in the floor.

We all bask in this light together.

This Pyramid Temple is a portal of Creation. We come here together to amplify the 12:12 StarGate Love Portal of light and love sent to Earth now.

We begin by Welcoming Mother Sekhmet to join with us here. She has requested we join here now, so any who desire this, may have a Healing Session with her. All you must do is ask and allow. She will facilitate this healing for you.

Feel Mother Sekhmet reach down into your core. She can do this for everyone at once. See her paw reaching deep deep down inside of you and taking hold of your core fear. As she holds it, she finds the very origin of it and cuts it out and removes it. She lovingly releases your core fear to the void beyond the void and it returns to Source. Your Core Fear is now gone. It is dissolved and you are free to become a new you. When we leave this place, you are free and you need not carry that with you anymore. Thank you Mother Sekhmet, We Love You. She wrinkles her nose, smiling and Blessing us each One.

As we breath in and relax deeper now, we join our thoughts together. There is love flowing from one heart to the next and on out back to Earth. We breath in love into the three fold flame of our heart. With this we feel a new reverence for all life in the trifold flame of our solar heart.

With deep gratitude we join with St Germain, Sanat Kumara, Ashtar, and their Twin Flames, and all the Kumaras, as we experience the violet flame going out over all of Earth. We now experience the Oneness with All That Is and we become Love and we attract to ourselves and into our Lives and
the life of every living Being Love, Wisdom, Bliss, Abundance, Enlightenment, Eternal Peace, Harmony, Balance, and Joy.

We carry these attributes and with them we find our Own Path on the Master Plan. With these attributes we Co-Create a Consensus Reality of Terra Nova.

Mother Sekhmet is here with us now. From her is flowing the Divine Love from Mother God.
It is flowing freely to each one of us. As we reach up and stretch to greater service we grasp higher the majestic force of Love flowing from her and into our lives. We embrace this sacred knowledge and we ask she teach us how to share this love in service to each other.

It is with this Love we Co-Create a New World together. We Create, here in this sacred place, with all our Brothers and Sisters of Light, and in all the hearts of humanity, Peace, Awakening, Empowerment, Unity, and More Love.

We join together to return to Earth. We are healed, restored, balanced and ready to move forward in Love. When we return from the place we left we return to see All of Earth is flooded with Light and Flooded With Love. She is new and we now remember our true identity and we love being on Terra Nova together. With our solar heart flames blazing we go forward with Divine Gratitude for what we have accomplished together.

And So It IS, Now.


Beth and Mark"

music by Kelly Howell

Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Channeling from the Akashic Records of December 2010

What energy and experiences can we expect in December 2010?
What can we do to work with this energy?
What else do the Keepers want to tell us about this month?

What energy and experiences can we expect in December 2010?

Yes, they want to tell you that December 10 is an important day. It
is a day of extreme light and extreme potential and it operates as a doorway or a portal. 
Pay attention on December 10 to what comes to
mind, pay attention to any information you get about the people around
you, about your work, about anything. Any information that comes your
way on December 10, pay attention -- 
assume that it is meaningful.

A Channeling from the Akashic Records of December 2010 

There is a major infusion of light on the planet this month. This
month, there is a sense that everything opens up. That can be a
beautiful thing and it can also be a very, very challenging thing.
This month, whatever choices you have made recently, whatever
directions you have taken in your life, this is the month where now
they start to expand for better or for worse. If you have been
focusing a lot on what you do not like or spending a lot of time with
people that you do not feel good around, it will get bigger this
month. You are going to feel even more surrounded by things you do
not like, even more lost in the things you do not want. On the other
hand, if you have been choosing to focus on the things you Love, you
have been choosing to move toward Love and find Love in every
situation, then Love is what will get bigger this month for you.

Whatever it is, whatever direction you have taken between Love and
fear, it is going to now be amplified. If you are not sure you have
been choosing Love or if you can see that you have been focusing on
your fear, right away this month, as soon as you can, change
directions. This is the last second you can do this. For the next
cycle of amplification and growth, your direction, either Love or
fear, has been established at this point. You can try to make a last
minute decision, but mostly what you are working with up to this point
is how you have been choosing your life and your reality over the last
few months. If you have been looking for empowerment, if you have
been looking for joy, even if you do not find it, if you have been
turning your attention toward joy and Love,that will get better. The
joy and Love will amplify themselves this month. This huge infusion
of light is like everything becomes possible suddenly. That field of
possibility will be a direct reflection of the choices you have made
in the last three or four months.

A second thing that is going to happen this month is that there is a
huge infusion of angels to Planet Earth. In December 2010, it is as
if the angelic army is coming for 2012. They come in stages and the
next installment of angels is entering the planet in December of
2010. Those of you who are sensitive to energy, to light, or to
angels or other beings -- you are going to feel it this month. You
are going to really have a sense that there is more going on just
under the surface than ever before. You are going to have a sense
that you are not alone, you are deeply supported by the higher
dimensions. Some of you will see angels out of the corner of your
eye, some of you will get messages from the most unexpected places.
Be aware that there are more angels on the planet this month than
there ever have been before. Many of those angels are reflections of
you, of those of you who are human angels. This means that this month
is an important time to do a few things. One is to choose to act as a
human angel. Regardless of what your spiritual lineage may be, choose
to act as an angel on this planet. Every one of you can assume that
if you are here, then you are here to help, you are here to bring more
Love. Help and Love are the things that angels bring. Go ahead and
act as if you were an angel. Look for ways to bless the people around
you, look for ways to make things easier for them. This is a perfect
time for random acts of kindness to be executed by you every minute of
every day. Look for something kind to do for someone around you all
day long. If you are occupied doing this, you will be right on track
in December 2010.

What can we do to work with this energy? What more can we do to work
with what is happening this month?

Some of you are going to feel lost this month. The expansion is going
to look like a big open book and it might be hard to figure out where
to start. We will say that for those of you who are feeling unfocused
or lost at all this month, let go of the big picture. Let go of the
big questions about what your job should be or where you should live.
Let go of those big things and focus in on what is happening right in
front of you. Specifically focus on the people around you. Who is in
the room with you, who is on the phone with you, who is in your mind
or in your heart right now? Whoever that is, then ask yourself, what
can I do to help them? What can I do to share Love with them? Maybe
it is a smile, maybe it is washing their car, maybe it is giving them
a huge hug. There are so many different things you can do. Some of
them will be acts of kindness like making dinner for someone or
helping them with the computer, but many more of them will be
intangible. Smiles, even just feeling Love toward the person in
silence will make a difference for that person. Anything you can do
to engage with people around you in a way that is kind and loving will
be the perfect place to start. If you are starting there, what will
happen is the possibilities will then unfold in a way that you can
work with. You will no longer be in a big open field of light where
anything is possible and you do not know what to do. Instead, you
will find yourself encountering the next step. The next step will
just come to you. If you dive in and look for a way to be kind and
loving in this moment, the next moment will bring you your next step.
The next thing you will know, the bigger questions will start to be
answered for you in your life. That is one place to start if you are
feeling lost this month.

Another thing to know about working with the energy this month is that
because there are so many angels here, many of you are having reunions
with long lost universal Loved ones. Many of those reunions will take
place in your sleep. They will take place in the higher dimensions
when your conscious minds cannot really comprehend it, so some of you
may be sleeping a lot this month and that will be very beneficial.
There is really a sense of open, white light this month. Like this
clear, light blue color. As you fall asleep, imagine that color,
imagine that you are going into a field of light. What you may find
is that then you retain your dreams when you wake up you will remember
those angels a little bit better if you are conscious of where you are
going as you fall asleep.

Is there anything else the Keepers want to tell us about this month?

Yes, they want to tell you that December 10 is an important day. It
is a day of extreme light and extreme potential and it operates as a
doorway or a portal. Pay attention on December 10 to what comes to
mind, pay attention to any information you get about the people around
you, about your work, about anything. Any information that comes your
way on December 10, pay attention -- assume that it is meaningful.
Some of you will have a turning point this day, but all of you will
have something important occur. It is a doorway. It can be a doorway
forward into Love and forward into your life path if you are paying
attention and you operate with integrity. Walk your talk on this day,
more than ever before.

The Keepers also want to say that it is so vitally important for you
to reexamine your fears. This is true for the entire year coming up.
So much has been told to you, so much has been taught about the
fearfulness of this time on Earth -- the apocalyptic sort of approach
to the changes occurring on Planet Earth. It is true that dire things
are happening, humanity is in a dire condition right now. Your
physical wellbeing and even your physical survival are at stake.
While things are dire, it is so important that you also recognize that
you have resources available now that were never conceived of in all
of your prophecies. There are resources available in humanity and for
humanity that no one ever thought possible. One of those resources is
the angels and the other beings that are here to support you. Another
one of those resources is the fact that you recognize your connections
with each other, that you are part of a global community and you
understand that. Knowing this means that you are no longer in the
dark. So much of what was kind of foreseen as being fearful about
this time on Planet Earth, was based on the idea that none of you
would really know what was going on. All of these changes would just
be happening to you. Instead, because you are moving through
Enlightenment, so many of you are aware of what is happening. That
does not mean it gets easy, but it means it becomes possible to move
through this with your eyes wide open. With the lights turned on and
with the potential to heal everything for humanity, that potential
does still exist.

The key to all of this is your awareness; it is your willingness to
see what is happening, to acknowledge it with truthfulness and then to
operate within the grander trajectory or the grander path of humanity
to operate within it with integrity. Continually asking, "Is this
right for me?" "How will my actions affect the world and how can I
adjust my actions to have the effect that I believe is right for the
world?" Continually look for ways to be kind, continually look for
ways to engage with the world that support the happiness of the people
in the world. If you are doing that, you will not do it perfectly,
but you will do it enough. If enough of you do it, then humanity
really can have a bright future. This month, the best thing you can
do is to turn your attention to the task at hand. It is what is
shifting between last month and this month and now forward into the
next year is that now it is time to get down to business, now it is
time to just start getting things done. You have already made your
decision. You are either moving through Enlightenment or you are
not. You have either chose fear or Love. Get over it. Let go of the
choice. You have made the choice. If you are reading this, if you
are listening to this, you have probably chosen Love and it is not
going perfectly but you are headed in the right direction. Stop
worrying so much about getting it right -- stop worrying so much about
whether you are alone in this or not. Just decide what you can do to
make things better and start doing it. Start building the foundation
for your life that is in integrity with what you truly value. If you
will do that, if you will begin that this month, if you will turn to
the task at hand, you will find that you have become so much more
productive, that the whole position of your life becomes more clear to
you; that your calling will emerge. There is so much promise for the
year ahead for all of you. It really depends on coming into the
present moment. We invite you to the present moment. It is where the
angels are.


This Message was channeled from the Akashic Records by Jen Eramith MA
through Akashic Transformations.

It may be shared with individuals provided that the content is
complete; all credit is given to the author; and it is distributed for
no financial or other compensation to anyone other than Jen Moffat
Eramith and Akashic Transformations. Please include this message with
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