Seth: Admit Your Brotherhood 

Seth: "Consciousness, by its nature, 
continually expands. The nature of consciousness as you understand it as
a species will, in one way or another, lead you beyond your limited 
ideas of reality, for your experience will set challenges that cannot be
solved within your current framework. 

Those problems set by one level 
of consciousness will automatically cause breakthroughs into other areas
of conscious activity, where solutions can be found.

Many of your global dilemmas seem so desperate only because in those 
areas you have gone as far as you can go-without going further. The 
problems act as stimuli in that regard. This doesn't mean that you have 
to experience disasters. They are not preordained. It does mean that you
have chosen certain experiences, but that these will automatically lead
to further creative development if you allow them to. 

The idealization 
is one of brotherhood, in terms of your species. Biologically, in your 
terms, such "brotherhood" operates instinctively in the cooperation of 
the body's cells, as they function together to form the private corporal
structure. At your viewpoint you lose appreciation for the great 
individuality of each cell. You take it for granted that because the 
cells work so well together, they have no private uniqueness.

In other terms, however-social terms-you have yet to achieve the same 
kind of spiritual brotherhood possessed by your cells; and so you do not
understand that the experience of your world is intimately connected
with your own private experience. If you burn your finger it hurts 

Your body instantly begins a cooperative venture, in which 
adjustments are made so that the wound begins to heal. If a portion of
the race is hurt it may take a while before "you" feel the pain, but the
entire unconscious mechanism of the species will try to heal the wound.
Consciously you can facilitate that development, and admit your 
brotherhood with all other living beings. The healing will take place 
far quicker if you do."

Session 697, from the Seth book, The Unknown Reality

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channeled information has always come into earth's linear plane. it arrives in various forms, is relayed by many different channels, artists, mucicians, scientists etc.                                              
Madame Blavatsky and the Theopsophists, the Occult Movement, Luciferians, Freemasons, Joseph Smith (founder of the Mormon Church), among many others, all received information from divine sources around the turn of the century.....                                                                      
 Actual channeled messages were few during the first half of the 20th century, but as the 50's became the 60's, communication began to open up again, and Seth as channeled by Jane Roberts emerged as the first channeled being to receive mainstream attention.
Shirley Maclaine gave 'channeling' a huge mainstream boost during the 80's delivering messages from Ramtha. By this time however, as the decade of the  Harmonic Convergences began, the information was already streaming in from the Pleiadians, the Council of Nine was feeding Gene Rodenberry the details that would become 'Star Trek', the Great White Brotherhood was speaking through Archangel Michael and others, Jose Arguelles was decoding the Mayan calendar, and a group of 3 people in Kentucky had connected to the very narrow frequency and begun recording the Ra Material, reintroducing the Law of One as it had last been presented  thousands of years ago in South America, and before that Egypt.....


" In the early 1980s, a new "level" appeared to be reached by a channel named Carla Rueckert, who contacted an entity called Ra, which purported to be of the "sixth density," suggesting that we of the third density had been hearing mainly communication from entities in fourth or fifth densities. A sixth-density entity was a "social memory complex," or the group soul of an entire civilization, with an enormous amount of experience and direct knowledge.

Starkly standing apart from other channeled entities that came off as warm and fuzzy or flowery, the rather humorless Ra answered fewer questions about feelings and more about science and reality, the origins of humanity, the structure of the known creation and the cycles within it, free will, what the meanings of STO and STS are, and that deciding between them is "the great choice." Ra explained that densities were essentially levels of conscious awareness of reality. Thus, achieving growth was all about acquiring knowledge of reality, not just thinking good thoughts about love and light. Ra spoke of hundreds of thousands of years of Earth history and civilizations, and of soul polarity: service to self and service to others, and that choosing service to others was a likelier way of "graduating" to fourth density, where polarization reaches such an extreme that STS and STO don't even perceive each other if they don't choose to.

Ra described an impending event called "the harvest," a regular, cyclical happening (prompted by the "movement" of our planet into another "realm" ) in which third-density entities who had learned all their lessons had the opportunity to "graduate" to fourth density, an existence that is still physical, but more ethereal, and in which mind rules over matter.

Shockingly, Ra also described a host of extraterrestrial races of both third and fourth density, and explained that the earth had long been under the control of fourth-density STS beings who seek forever to manipulate us with lies and illusions. STS humans program their earthly incarnation for health, wealth, power, and control. "

          The Law of One, Ra Material can be found at L L Research, along with all their publications and the weekly channeled sessions still ongoing there with the Q'uo, a group with which they made contact after the Ra channel was lost due to the death of Don Elkins. is a searchable database of the Ra Material and my favorite way to explore the sessions...