Friday, May 6, 2011


      -inspired by the teachings of QuanYin & Ekara 

I choose
magnetic unfoldment
142 strands deoxyrebonucleic 
holographic and unbound

I chose
incarnation on this plane
inhabitant of Earth
Gaian Awakening

the choice
I came to make
my right
this quickening to take

to ascend, unfold, awaken
particle being
tachyon rising
tonal beings to become

angelic beings
lightworkers awaken
accelerating time
too precious to waste

beloved masters
beautiful teachings
side by side
we will walk the earth

we are free
the matrix all around us
labyrinth walkers, ascend as humans
Pleiadian, Lemurian 

fall of Atlantis
this mortal birth
the greatest test
veil to truth in one lifetime

return of wisdom schools 
precious pearl of knowledge, Universal
the crystalline grid
awakens the earth

I invoke the right
to choose the choice
in time-space chosen
timelines infinite to wander



Sunday, May 1, 2011

Energy Clearing & Prayer for Lightworkers from Josephus & the Wisdom Council

The Archangels want you to call on them for help. Don't worry that you are overburdening them Archangels can help people simultaneously. There is an abundance of angels working under them to assist you in all ways. You can call on them whenever you need powerful and immediate assistance. They will be at your side right away.

You can call out to them verbally or internalize the thought and ask for help.  
The Archangels can bring you the blessings of the universe and the love of The Universal Spirit.  When asked, the Archangels will surround you and can help open the doors of opportunity and illuminate the path to reaching your goals. But the key is-

you have to 

This meditation mp3 was posted on .   Just this weekend I have truly realized the connection each of us have to the angelic realm, and just how simple it is to receive assistance- JUST ASK!!

Thats is all that is required, and being able to say this from personal experience, they are more than willing and eager to help!!  An important thing to understand is that they, as archangels, cannot interfere energetically with us without our permission.  This is a beautiful channeled angel meditation with which you can experience the angelic connection for yourself, enjoy...

You are a vibrational being. As you awaken more fully to your spiritual nature, you may find yourself growing more sensitive to the modulation of the world’s energy. In this channeled audio message, Josephus & the Wisdom Council bring forward a beautiful message and prayer to assist Lightworkers in clearing their energy.
For example, this past week, I felt tremendous agitation and turbulence. Later that day, tornadoes ripped through the southern part of the U.S. Before the big earthquake in Japan I felt deep sadness. In the days following I felt utter exhaustion.  Usually I begin feeling the imbalance prior to the event, so it is not a matter of being influenced by the news or aftermath. Rather I am feeling the subtle shifts in the energetic grid of the planet. 
In all likelihood this happens for you, too. Facebook has turned into a powerful touchstone for me. When I begin feeling these shifts, I’ll usually post a status update describing how I’m feeling and ask if other people are feeling the same thing. Every single time I’ve done this within minutes there are a dozen responses from people all over the world who are feeling similar energies.
This week was particularly challenging for me. I’ve had a hard time sitting still. The energy has felt chaotic. My Facebook friends share that they’re also feeling unsettled. In response, Josephus & the Wisdom Council have channeled this angel message and attunement to assist us in clearing and balancing our energies.  It is filled with so much love, it brings tears to my eyes. They will join you in live time when you listen. It doesn’t matter when you listen or how many times you listen, whenever you do, they will join you (with your permission, of course).  Allow yourself to feel their love and compassion for you. You are truly supported and loved.
In this channeled angel message, Josephus & the Wisdom Council bring forward a beautiful energy clearing & prayer blessing for Lightworkers.

Thank you, friends!
God bless. Namaste. Peace be with you.


Addictions and the Awakened Condition-A Message from St. Germain

"Absolute control by the mind is harming man's condition. In his mind he is an able contributor in his role as a man, but actually, in his managed addiction state he is a robot and cannot behave as the God inside of him desires him to."

This message speaks to me on a very personal level, as I am sure it does many of you.  There is much wisdom in these words, spoken to us by an ascended master, and I believe there are not many American's that are not touched in some way by an addiction either of themselves or of a loved one; either to illicit drugs, or more commonly now days, to something perfectly legal in the eyes of the law, prescribed by a so-called medical professional.  

As lightworkers, families, and friends we have been watching the re-surfacing of addictions that may have been in the "managed" state for various periods of time, even many years, in my experiences thus far.  The social and rehabilitation programs in place do not heal addictions, and many would say that an addiction cannot be healed.  This was actually said to me by a person whose life's work is healing, at the cellular level through hypnosis, outside of mainstream medicine & psychology.  Very troubling indeed.  

Humanity is awakening, to those who will not make an early exit, it is non optional.  All of these conditions of linear mind must come to the surface and be dealt with, and in the question of addiction, the matrix is wound tightly into the personality, and presents perhaps one of the most difficult challenges to those who feel the call to serve in this process.

I propose, that the healing of humanities addictions, is not confined only to those whom suffer from the addictions, but must also begin with the healing of the collective attitudes of societies as a whole.  St. Germain in the closing paragraph states:
"..awareness must contain an attribute of neutral acceptance without any dark thoughts attached No name calling is needed. Attitudes against anything create. A change of attitude towards one's own condition is what begins the letting go of non-caring behavior."
May we think on these things.......

This message was posted today on Compte St. Germain's Blog, channeled by Aruna.  

Addictions and the Awakened Condition

Making a difference means: not doing anything harmful. Not doing harm is the most desirable attribute of all. Acting like a "good" person is doing harm to the actor. Most "actors" do not consider their behavior acting. It is an automatic response to their controlling mental dialog. Awakening one's inner awareness deletes this control. Changing an addictive behavior always begins with more awareness. 

My desire is to delete the controlling mind, allowing the divine creator within to contribute more fully to the human condition. Making this your mental goal is an important part of the awakening opportunity. Awakening is a simple change in awareness. It does nothing specific to alter behavior. But due to the lack of ego involved in daily activities, any addiction can just go away without there being any attitude against it. Changing an addiction on the decree of ego is just an option, it is not an absolute deletion. Acting like there is no addiction is quite different than having no addiction.

Making a new addiction does not delete an old one. An addiction can be adapted to another object, making it appear to be over. No goal directed towards eliminating an addiction is as effective in removing it as an awakening.

Making a difference does not require that all addictions be deleted. A lot of great acts of courage are addiction based. But the harm that occurs to the one who drives himself from an addiction is not the same life experience as being a clear, undriven human. All humans are to be considered equal, and the driven one is not. He delivers love to those around him but not to himself.

Passive people are the most harmful, as they don't act out what they feel. Hiding in non-communication carries a death wish. All driven mental attitudes, including the inability to express oneself, are self-destructive. Giving love to one's self means there are no controlling behaviors of this kind.

Awareness of the addictive behavior begins the deletion of it. Being aware of the controller is the beginning step. Mind does all of its control by deciding on the most careful way to behave. A lack of offending behavior is the mind's idea of "good" behavior. But what is "good" is a mental attitude, not a generally accepted  concept. Being "good" is based on a conclusion of what "good" is and what it is not. Parents make this contribution as a child grows into adulthood. Accepting a parent's definition of "good" and "not good" begins mind's creative endeavor. Changing this old concept only happens when nothing else can be controlled by it. Mental attitudes that no longer provide a conclusive end to active desires are questioned and often deleted. Making one "go away" is done by excluding it in a moment to moment decision.

Mastery of the human experience is not without change. Masters are aware and capable of deleting their old mental attitudes the moment one appears. An awakened consciousness doesn't need to question this on an ongoing basis, it automatically occurs as the deepening of an initial awakening proceeds.

Absolute control by the mind is harming man's condition. In his mind he is an able contributor in his role as a man, but actually, in his managed addiction state he is a robot and cannot behave as the God inside of him desires him to.

Cause and effect are always at play. Cause of an illness always goes back to an unconscious attitude. Clearing these attitudes, as the most active discovery and deleting process is called, cancels old concepts that have been effecting the body's creative abilities. Practicing ongoing clearing begins the deleting that is necessary to bring more light to your life.

Making a difference begins in the life of the one who is creating. As in all things of any importance, awareness must contain an attribute of neutral acceptance without any dark thoughts attached No name calling is needed. Attitudes against anything create. A change of attitude towards one's own condition is what begins the letting go of non-caring behavior.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna