Sunday, May 1, 2011

Energy Clearing & Prayer for Lightworkers from Josephus & the Wisdom Council

The Archangels want you to call on them for help. Don't worry that you are overburdening them Archangels can help people simultaneously. There is an abundance of angels working under them to assist you in all ways. You can call on them whenever you need powerful and immediate assistance. They will be at your side right away.

You can call out to them verbally or internalize the thought and ask for help.  
The Archangels can bring you the blessings of the universe and the love of The Universal Spirit.  When asked, the Archangels will surround you and can help open the doors of opportunity and illuminate the path to reaching your goals. But the key is-

you have to 

This meditation mp3 was posted on .   Just this weekend I have truly realized the connection each of us have to the angelic realm, and just how simple it is to receive assistance- JUST ASK!!

Thats is all that is required, and being able to say this from personal experience, they are more than willing and eager to help!!  An important thing to understand is that they, as archangels, cannot interfere energetically with us without our permission.  This is a beautiful channeled angel meditation with which you can experience the angelic connection for yourself, enjoy...

You are a vibrational being. As you awaken more fully to your spiritual nature, you may find yourself growing more sensitive to the modulation of the world’s energy. In this channeled audio message, Josephus & the Wisdom Council bring forward a beautiful message and prayer to assist Lightworkers in clearing their energy.
For example, this past week, I felt tremendous agitation and turbulence. Later that day, tornadoes ripped through the southern part of the U.S. Before the big earthquake in Japan I felt deep sadness. In the days following I felt utter exhaustion.  Usually I begin feeling the imbalance prior to the event, so it is not a matter of being influenced by the news or aftermath. Rather I am feeling the subtle shifts in the energetic grid of the planet. 
In all likelihood this happens for you, too. Facebook has turned into a powerful touchstone for me. When I begin feeling these shifts, I’ll usually post a status update describing how I’m feeling and ask if other people are feeling the same thing. Every single time I’ve done this within minutes there are a dozen responses from people all over the world who are feeling similar energies.
This week was particularly challenging for me. I’ve had a hard time sitting still. The energy has felt chaotic. My Facebook friends share that they’re also feeling unsettled. In response, Josephus & the Wisdom Council have channeled this angel message and attunement to assist us in clearing and balancing our energies.  It is filled with so much love, it brings tears to my eyes. They will join you in live time when you listen. It doesn’t matter when you listen or how many times you listen, whenever you do, they will join you (with your permission, of course).  Allow yourself to feel their love and compassion for you. You are truly supported and loved.
In this channeled angel message, Josephus & the Wisdom Council bring forward a beautiful energy clearing & prayer blessing for Lightworkers.

Thank you, friends!
God bless. Namaste. Peace be with you.


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