Monday, November 1, 2010

String Theory (revisited)

string theory

What we know as our reality is purely a function
of our consciousness as human
inhabitants of earth.
Beginning and end, birth and death,
linear time and distance-
these are all necessities to survival
in this incarnation,
-we are de-tuned-
in order to pursue the activities necessary
for sustenance
in the confines of three dimensions.
As a developing dimensional race
our eternal incarnations entered into
the soul construct
under which mankind has toiled,
chasing our tail,
searching for enlightenment and truth-
all the while not knowing
that the duality
which is our existence
adheres to extremely strict laws of equilibrium-
the pursuit of a thing creates opposition to it,
the opposition of a thing,
strengthens the very object opposed-
(be that object tangible or not).

The soul construct was entered into for reasons not yet known to us;
There exists among those that accept the existence of the construct,
several differing ideas
as to its origin and original purpose.
The great religions of the world
all teach some version
of the basic construct-
it is the core of religion.
The subject too vast, to address this page hereon;
but we are absolutely not the only dimension;
dimensions exist simultaneously
and occupy
what in our reality
would be the same place.

Of hundreds of thousands of dimensions
much like ours
which can be 'seen' from our vantage point,
earth is the only one that destroys itself-
inhabitants of earth are not welcome
in other dimensions,
and accordingly,
we don't know how to get there either.

Picture that human history is like a string
on a quantum bass violin-
there existed an original intention
that plucked that string-
in that instant the original singularity
of the string at rest was disturbed,
the duality was created,
for billions of years we have been riding
the oscillation of that string.

The tone of the string,
the note or the vibrational frequency
is a manifestation of the string
at rest
and through a vibrational cycle
back to rest again-

the note the string makes to our ears-
is the same wether the string
is at its loudest
or to soft to scarecely hear
The dynamics
of the strings physical properties
in the configuration in which it is strung,
dictate it's frequency, or note,
but the string oscillation varies-
with what we perceive as volume
The oscillations
are iterations
of the frequency.

So here we are-
all the people that ever have walked the planet-
hanging on to this fucking string
as it goes bloinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
for billions of what we call years,
at first the cycles are long, and slower,
The periods of resonance are lengthy
As are those of discord

Through this dualistic spiraling synchronicity
the human race moves furthur,
and it seems to be coming into sight,
The point of zero oscillation,
resonant and at at home.

As the sound we would hear
if this string our senses avail,
grows fainter and vibrates softer
the frequency must complete
in chosen note replete,
ever more rapid cycles;
parallel loops of decreasing size-
and increasing density.

Even in this lies a paradoxical conundrum,
the signature of our race,
As the violent nature of the vibration smoothes-
the frequency at which we,
as indentured inhabitants of our string,
must repeat our history,
gets faster, faster,
and faster....
the string returns to rest.

As we traverse the same wave over ,
what is refracted at any particular point,
at every point,
contributes to the resonance of the note-

imagine a magnificent light being,
turning the knobs on a cosmic sitar
trying to tune the pitch of the frequency,
the elusive harmony we desire,
that magnificent light being of visions,
is our collective source,
it is us and we are it-
and it(we) are a part of another light entity,
just as we are part of it
and we consist of it,
and all of us together,
our dimensional tribe,
exists as one singular thing,
in a system of infinite other
singular things,
Resonating harmoniously
as an organic,
cosmic whole system,
withing systems, of systems....


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