Saturday, February 26, 2011


The understanding of one's mission - the realisation of one's mission is a knowing. A deep knowing that nothing can shake. Allow synchronicity to guide you - allow clues from your childhood to be understood - allow your heart to lead the way and you shall find your mission in this life.

A Message from the Nine

Friday, February 25, 2011


Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation ~ February 25, 2011


 buddha 3rd eye 

Developing Concentration - Jewels of Wisdom 

  • Self Mastery in these fluctuating times depends on our level of concentration and control over our mind and emotions. To develop and use the power of concentration for Divine Action, our lower human desires must be purified in order to see clearly. This brings through the Divine Plan in our thought-feeling creations.  
  • Fine tuned concentration is developed through exercising the mental faculty with anything requiring sustained focus. It then becomes an attitude of life.  Regular meditation is essential for those depending upon guidance received through the higher senses.
  • Concentrate on the spoken word. May we speak less and know more. May we speak slowly and deliberately. Seek to use only words that blend the self with the Will of God and the Divine Plan. We are the instruments of Peace.
  • The mind is associated with the nerves. When we steady our nerves and nervous system, we steady our mind. It the nerves are erratic, our minds become scattered and our creation power is not concentrated. When breathing is uneven, the mind cannot concentrate. Controlling our breath steadies the mind and the emotions.
  • EXERCISE and strengthen your body... get fit for the greater work coming up! 
  • The more self poise and peace that we carry, the better our concentration. Being in a hurry comes takes us out of the awareness of presence.  
  • Observe where the attention is so that it does not wander or get easily diverted. Be consciously attentive and hold the mind on one thing at a time. You will accomplish more in less time plus alleviate much energetic interference.  

We concentrate at the moment we say... 


sun jewel 

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Message from the Arcturian Group Feb.18, 2011

the Arcturian Group

Marilyn Raffaele

FEBRUARY 18, 2011

We of the Arcturian Group come today to talk to you of the many
changes taking place in the energy of mankind and in the world. You
are seeing the outpicturing of higher frequencies now on the planet
as a result of your years of hard work devoted to the awakening
process. You are seeing the
 outer manifestations of a deep desire for
freedom and the reclaiming of personal power;
 that which was freely
given at the time of creation but within the ignorance of evolution
through an energy of duality and separation, you have given away.

You are seeing many outer manifestations of love in action because
love, is the relationship between all living things-there is only
One. You see, love is simply the connection of the One-manifest in
infinite form and variety. You have just celebrated your Valentine's
Day. This represents only one concept of love. There are as many
concepts of love as there are individuals but in truth, love is the
activity of ONE SELF. You see the manifestation of love in many
forms or concepts, all dependent upon individual states of
consciousness. Do not become too hypnotized by popular concepts of
love, but instead begin to question them within your individual
belief systems and understand that all of concepts flow from a
deeper reality into manifestation. Mankind will experience
increasing unity as more and more individuals awaken to the truth
that all life is connected, even though it doesn't seem that way.

We say to you that your sense of romantic relationships although in
reality based in interconnectedness, seem outwardly to be an
interaction between two separate individuals. Because of concepts
evolved from the beliefs of duality and separation (third dimensional
energy), men and women have come to see their relationships as two
very separate people, each half of a whole and each needing the
other. An unenlightened society keeps steadily presenting the
concepts; "I need you, I will die without you..." songs, movies,
magazines...The male needing the feminine and the female needing the
masculine, ignorant of the fact that every individual is whole
already. Source could not manifest half of Itself as... When you
spiritually awaken and begin to embrace the power of enlightenment,
you come to accept this completeness, that you already embody both the
masculine (active, be-er, do-er) and feminine (receptive, intuitive)
regardless of your present body form. Relationships then become
better, higher, and more fulfilling because both parties understand
that they are not half of a couple, but are whole and complete. There
is no longer that painful belief that you "need" someone or something
outside of yourself in order to be happy, in spite of the best
efforts of a third dimensional society to push this belief.
Relationships, no longer based in want, need, or simply sexual
desire, become two empowered and self realized individuals standing
together by choice (because it is a choice, not a need), looking in
the same direction. In this new sense of relationship, there is not
less of the fun and enjoyment that comes with the companionship of a
right partner, but there is instead more, for now relationships are
without the pressure and struggles of trying to be someone or
something one is not, simply to please another. Each has stopped
seeking validation outside of themselves. This is true for homosexual
as well as heterosexual relationships.