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Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation ~ February 25, 2011


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Developing Concentration - Jewels of Wisdom 

  • Self Mastery in these fluctuating times depends on our level of concentration and control over our mind and emotions. To develop and use the power of concentration for Divine Action, our lower human desires must be purified in order to see clearly. This brings through the Divine Plan in our thought-feeling creations.  
  • Fine tuned concentration is developed through exercising the mental faculty with anything requiring sustained focus. It then becomes an attitude of life.  Regular meditation is essential for those depending upon guidance received through the higher senses.
  • Concentrate on the spoken word. May we speak less and know more. May we speak slowly and deliberately. Seek to use only words that blend the self with the Will of God and the Divine Plan. We are the instruments of Peace.
  • The mind is associated with the nerves. When we steady our nerves and nervous system, we steady our mind. It the nerves are erratic, our minds become scattered and our creation power is not concentrated. When breathing is uneven, the mind cannot concentrate. Controlling our breath steadies the mind and the emotions.
  • EXERCISE and strengthen your body... get fit for the greater work coming up! 
  • The more self poise and peace that we carry, the better our concentration. Being in a hurry comes takes us out of the awareness of presence.  
  • Observe where the attention is so that it does not wander or get easily diverted. Be consciously attentive and hold the mind on one thing at a time. You will accomplish more in less time plus alleviate much energetic interference.  

We concentrate at the moment we say... 


sun jewel 

With the acceleration of planeta
ry energy, geomagnetic storms, fluctuations in our body system, abrupt life changes, constant shifts in perception and the fact that time, as we know it, continues to warp at light speed... we are invited in this moment to press.... P A U S E.

May we take some quality time to contemplate how to more gracefully traverse the on-going dimensional shift and expand into all of this new energy of transparent permeability. Clearly, we cannot carry out our lives from the angular box that we have for so long been accustomed.

What used to happen in the span of a year, is now happening in a month. Imagine that this seeming speed of outplay will exponentially increase. We are witnessing and experiencing the vulnerability of the human matrix and its system of energy. There is undeniably great challenge to advance into heightened states of vibration in a world that is lifting from its 13,000 year old polarity setting. The massive influx of high frequency energy affects all of us, especially those who are living in populated cities, concreted areas and regions of turmoil.

As we endure this time, it is easy to sway from our center and for the consciousness to spread out everywhere. With so much going on and daily life systems (including brains) not running like they used to, we may find ourselves hurdling unforeseeable obstacles, going into unplanned directions, retracing steps, or even multi-tasking in many new roles on multi-dimension.

There is also an issue of high volume download from the amplification of photon light streams, at times overwhelming our senses to the point of needing to halt everything in order to ground and harmonize.

Concentration is the Open Door

doorwayThere is one particular skill that each of us holds that is absolutely essential in this time of our phenomenal quickening. This is the ability to concentrate, and to concentrate anytime at will. It is through this Divine Attunement that brings great calm and stability, alignment with our Supreme Mind and opens the door into our Powers of Creation as Elohim co-builders of new form.

As the Elohim step up their work on Planet Earth, they remind us that there is no spiritual endeavor that can resist a strong penetrating energy of concentrated focus as this is aligned to the Divine Design. What is so important in our desired manifestations is that we can keep our energy concentrated long enough to see our designs to completion!        

The level of self mastery in which we can fulfill our responsibilities and/or be used by the Councils of Light is proportionate to our ability to concentrate and to direct thought-feeling energy toward some particular area of service. Those Planetary Light Servers who can concentrate their own energy, including their thought and feeling formations, are most often very accomplished individuals who make rapid progress from a most balanced and calm state of being.

The Power of Single-Pointed Focus

Concentration takes on a very meaningful role in our lives as we progress deeper into dimensional shift. Through concentration, all of our dispersing mental energy is called back into a single pointed focus. We become and remain grounded, present and centered. Our mind becomes like the lens of a telescope, visioning deeply into any situation and perceiving truth. Through concentration, we can vision, magnetize, manifest and precipitate anything to us.

Willful concentration is the surest way to remain centered and stabilized. It is the quickest path to elevate above the mass consciousness, above all energetic interferences, and to continue elevating. Through concentration, we develop our expanded senses and can learn to travel outside of the illusion of time and not be affected by any of the dramatic outplay.

In concentrating our attention, we can potentially get more done in half the time and in great efficiency and quality of detail.

Our Vision is upon the New Creation

In our roles as Planetary Light Servers, we have no place in our heart-mind for anything but the task at hand. Our intense focus is like a laser beam that can penetrate right through the most complex energy and bring desired results much more quickly.

Maintaining streamlined vision through concentrated focus naturally selects what will or will not be allowed to enter the heart-mind. We must only see the direction we are guided to go versus playing out what-if situations and getting caught in the nets of speculation.

May we all consider deeper development in the art of concentration in which to access the absolute Truth. This is the highest use of our God Vision and Elohim Energy as we co-create the incoming Golden Age.

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