Law of One

I am Ra. The Law of One, though beyond the limitations of name, as you call vibratory sound complexes, may be approximated by stating that all things are one, that there is no polarity, no right or wrong, no disharmony, but only identity. All is one, and that one is love/light, light/love, the Infinite Creator

All the laws of physics and the laws of God are subsets of the Law of One. Scientists refer to the “Unified Field” and theologians refer to the “Oneness”.

The Law being spoken about is the Law of Life which is the Law of One manifesting in and through each of us to varying degrees in our associations with each other. It is also reflected from each other as the basic law of society for centuries known as the Common Law or mans natural law of dealing naturally with each other. It is organic, flexible, subtle, powerful, simple and elegant.

What has happened is we have lost Our Law and our understandings of it and have adapted a bogus, fraudulent, counterfeit generally referred to as Roman Civil Law. This so-called law is no law at all but instead is a collection of private opinions and dictates used publicly. The so-called case law is nothing more than one persons opinion about someone elses opinion which in turn was based on yet anothers opinion. This is like the orthodox Jewish Talmud. 
The same holds true for the sacred doctrines of science. We have all been so well fooled we do not know the difference between fools gold and gold of Truth. This false set of doctrine does not recognize an individual as being a live and thriving entity. On the contrary it considers all persons as dead, non-thinking chattel to be used up and thrown away. 
These ideas are at the root of so many social ills. War grinds up and throws away. Large commerce grinds up and throws away. Large political machines grind up and throw away. All this because there is no love of self as your neighbor and no recognition of higher powers. All this because there is no love at all - only taking and preying upon others which translates into self-consumption and destruction of society because society is the collection of us all as individuals. 
All these disputes with Life and Purpose manifests through everything we create such as our technology, machines and behaviors. We spend national treasures on war, disease management (ostensibly called health care), death and destruction. Where are the expenditures for Life, health and happiness? Our machines prey upon the natural resources both for intake by draining off oil, etc. and as output in the form of pollution. They breathe in and breathe out sickness and death. Our society is based on death and destruction - not Life.

                                                 Dale Pond

Anciently, there were two fundamental organizations that competed for the minds of mankind. These two groups have been described in various religious texts using somewhat different names. One group was called the Children of the Law of One or the Children of Light and the other was called the Children of Belial or the Sons of Baal (Book of Genesis in the Old Testament). One group taught the Doctrines of Oneness and the other group taught the Doctrines of Separation. (Obviously, based on the paradigm that is currently being taught in our educational system, the Doctrines of Separation is the philosophy that came out on top -- to the exclusion of the Doctrines of Oneness.) The Doctrines of Oneness have not even been seriously considered as a teaching option by our school systems.


The Ra material, of all channeled sources (and as a fine-tuned," narrow-band" communication) presents a cosmic overview both in terms of the multidimensional stages or "densities" of conscious progress in the Soul’s awakening to the spiritual holism of the Creator, and the developmental progression of galaxies and planets as evolving vehicles of those densities. Such an overview is enabled by virtue of Ra’s status as a "social-memory-complex" of the "6th Density", a locus of functioning sufficiently congruent in alignment and integration with the Spiritual Whole characterized as "7th Density", to account for its unique power. 
Michael Topper

The Ra contact began in 1981 and was possible only through the combination of  the three personalities of Carla Rueckert, Don Elkins, and Jim McCarty.  L/L Research is the home of the Law of One Ra Material.
The story of the Ra sessions is fascinating, but the channel was lost after the suicide of Don Elkins a few years later.  Carla and Jim have continued to channel and publish, Carla posts a daily blog, L/L Research holds daily Gaia meditations, weekly Q'uo channelings, and other events throughout the year. be continued