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The Science of Soul Relationships

by Spectrum Light Ray Mastery Teachings on Sunday, November 7, 2010 at

In the beginning the Cosmic I AM Presence was created from the
Creative Source of Oneness. This energy became Divine Mother and
Divine Father God, Twin Rays of the Creative Source. They then
created 12,000 groups of souls into 144 souls each. Each of these
groupings contained 12 monads, with 12 soul extensions within each
monad. Thus creating the 144,000 Souls of the Brotherhood and
Sisterhood of White Light. Ascended Masters were assigned to each
grouping depending upon their ascension level. The higher
overlighting masters were in charge of each 144 souls, then an
ascended master and, possibly, their twin ray was overlighted for each
of the 12 monads that represented the 12 Rays of God. Originally all
of these rays were one complement but were separated into the 12 for
specific categorization of energies.

We all started within a group consciousness. If you think of the
group consciousness as one Egg, then this one egg become 11 other eggs
and then 12 soul extensions were born from each of the 12 eggs. This
makes 144 souls. Each of these souls are all interconnected and in
the beginning were Divine Complements. Then as each of the soul
extensions go through their ascension process whether in body or in
spirit, they move up the ladder. Then they become Soul Mates to the
ones that are moving upwards. Some souls may stay as Divine
Complements as they are not ready. Then the progression continues up
through Divine Expression, into Twin Mates, Twin Souls, Twin Flames,
and Twin Rays. Each soul has the ability to move up the ladder until
each monad blends together into the energy of the ascended Master and
their twin ray. This means that within each monad these souls are
extensions of one another and within the overlighting ascended
masters. . Each of the ascended masters overlight each monad; they
then work with a higher consciousness for their evolution. Eventually
we could all merge together into one consciousness which means that we
could have originated from an ascended master consciousness. There is
a twin ray for each ascended master. Each of us is a divine aspect of
these beings

If you can understand this process, then maybe you can start to see
how we are all interconnected. Usually the souls within a Monad that
are working on their ascension process, help the others to ascend.
This would also be true of the teachings that the ascended masters
speak that "what we do for ourselves, we do for others".

This would also bring sense to one's consciousness of how we may be
interconnected with people but they are not moving up the ascension
process with you. We may love them dearly from the deepest part of
our hearts, but then there is not the understanding between each
other. How can we understand one another when one is on a different
level of consciousness or frame of reference?

To explain a little further, I am referring to Lisa Smith's text from
1999 on the different levels of soul relationships:

Divine Complement, Soul Mate, Divine Expression relationships do not
necessary mean that these souls extensions are from your 144-soul
group. These can be interactions with other souls from other groups
but you have met each other to work and assist one another.

Divine Complement

Is an exact mirror of where you are living. It can reflect negative
or positive vibrations and they can come in and out of your life. You
are with this person for as long as the healing or life situation
needs to take place. Sometimes it can be very challenging to continue
a relationship with this person through time as both of your energies
will shift and one individual will be pushed to look at things quite
different. This is the role of the Divine Complement within our lives
and they can mirror our Higher Selves.

Soul Mate

Is set up before incarnation and can teach you many lessons. Gender
is not specific and the lifetimes can happen several times. We are
Soul Mates to many people that are in our lives and they can change
quickly. Soul Mates usually incarnate several times together so there
is a distinct connection of wanting to be in each other's lives. They
are a 'friend' from the past and into the future.

Divine Expression

Someone who makes a lasting impression upon one's life; possibly
causing deep emotions to result and then leave one pondering what
happened. They help a soul to move forward and are considered to be a
gift. Divine Expression can truly make one angry at the changes that
have resulted but that is their job in our lives. They have a
tendency to push us to the brink of 'no return'.

Twin Mate

Part of a group of beings connected to for Earth, Solar and Galactic
work. These beings are definitely part of one's 144 soul extensions.
All Twin Mates were set up together and will continue to work together
in Unison. Twin Mates are soul extensions that are represented in
each of the 12 Monads with the 144-soul group extension. They work
together for the greater whole and assist in the ascension process of
the entire group.

Twin Soul

Each person has 12 twin souls which come from the 12 Monads within the
144-soul group consciousness. Each of these souls work within each
other for the betterment of their soul group. Twin souls walk with
each other hand-in-hand and if there is a romantic connection, it may
not always be permanent. They will always be friends no matter what
the circumstances.

Twin Flame

Is a being that one has worked extremely close with from the Galaxy on
down into the 3rd dimensional form. There are seven Twin Flames that
each person is connected with and will be a very close bond but not
quite as much as the Twin Ray. Twin Flames are connected at the heart
and moves beyond human sexuality into the purity of devotion for
working together through these cycles. Twin flames can be either
gender. Each of the souls must be fully balanced within their lower
body system in order to have the relationship work. Twin flames are
mirror images of each other and if not balanced, it can cause many
problems such as enmeshment and not being able to take care of oneself
as they can be in the mode of caretaking each other very easily.

Many individuals are meeting their Twin Flames to fully work in
partnership of love, companionship, spiritual goals, and acceptance of
one another. Even if they do part, they will always remember and love
each other very deeply. Twin flames can be either gender and are not
necessarily in the physical realm. There is a deep connection with
one's Twin Flame whether it is romantic or not. It is important not
to get hooked into the lower Sacral chakra with a Twin Flame. It will
definitely tear the relationship apart. There must be honor within
each other and acceptance of their own pathway. They are considered
heart-centered partners. If a set of Twin Flames are the same gender,
they will care about each other intensely and could be in a business
partnership with one another. Many individuals that are in love
relationships of the same gender would be considered Twin Flames. The
bond is very strong. Even if the relationship does not work out, at
some point in time, there will be reconciliation on a friendship basis
which will heal the connection very deeply. (I was married to a Twin
Flame and this happened to me in the last year even though we divorced
18 years ago.)

Twin Ray

This is the ultimate connection. Each are the same God spark that
came from the loving embrace of Mother and Father God. The connection
can be electromagnetic and not be realized within the physical
dimension until we all reach the 5th dimensional frequency of the New
Earth. This is a very challenging type of relationship. Usually one
soul is older than the other and can be at a higher frequency in their
consciousness. Ultimately the goal is to come together in Unison,
work with each other, complement one another, and be completely
honorable with each other. If one has not fully taken care of their
issues in the four body system from the physical, etheric, emotional
and mental, there can be great challenges that result. That is why
many of these relationships are on the 5th dimensional level through
psychic communication. They can meet physical in the 3rd or 4th
dimension, but until they fully understand each other through a
healthy soul and psychological basis, the union will be challenging to
stay grounded, and may never happen.

Each of the lower soul relationships have the ability to become Twin
Flames but that is the ultimate destination. Each soul has a Twin Ray
complement and can sometimes be a triple or quadruple ray. This is
due to the fact that they soul extensions had split apart from the
beginning of creation of the 144-soul group. When this happens, it
can be very confusing for the souls. This is especially true for
someone who is very sensitive and open to psychic communication. It
is very true that the Twin Flames and Twin Rays can communicate with
one another and will be the norm of our consciousness in the 5th
dimensional frequency. It depends upon the awareness of both
individuals involved. It is also true that the higher level
personality can definitely assist the lower level to raise their
consciousness by working with them in the 5th dimensional frequency.

When Twin Rays meet, their energies blend together like no other soul
relationship. Twin Rays represent intertwining of energies whereas
Twin Flames are mirror images. Twin Rays can communicate very easily
on a higher level even if they have been unable to do so with other
individuals. There is a sense of completeness within the soul's
essence upon connection with a Twin Ray. It is very imperative to
understand that one aspect of the Twin Ray may not be ready for this
union. This sometimes happens with the Twin Ray that is within a
lower consciousness and is not ready for the other person to see them
totally. There is no hiding of energies within a Twin Ray
relationship and it can be very overpowering within one's
consciousness and life.

The beauty of this is that many of us are meeting our Twin Rays as we
move into the 5th Dimensional frequency as it is a major component of
doing the work together. This does not mean that Twin Flames cannot
perform the same type of duties together but Twin Rays are in complete
unison with one another.

All of the Elohim Masters and their female counterparts are Twin Rays
along with many of the ascended Masters, Lord Sananda & Lady Nada;
Saint Germain and Lady Portia; Helios and Vesta to name a few along
with each of the Archangels has a Twin Ray, female counterpart.

This union is being gifted to us at this time due to the mass
consciousness that is occurring upon the Earth Plane. It is time for
us to come together with our Twin Rays to assist the planetary
changes. If you find that your Twin Ray is a triple or quadruple
energy, it could be those souls will meld into either yourself or one
of the other counterparts eventually. This is also a time when many
will be uniting with their Twin Flame to fully do the work in a
conscious state and it may not be time for the Twin Ray union until a
later time in history. It all depends upon the work that you are
doing, what you intend to create, and how you would like to live in
the New Earth. Each of your Higher Selves have decided to meet at the
time that you do so. Everything is in Divine Order even if it does
not feel like it physically.

It is our Divine Right to accept these relationships within our life.
If you feel you have meet your Twin Flame, honor them, cherish them,
and try to understand them. It is a major component of coming
together. You also may find that each of you have the same interests
with a different variety or flair. It is important for us to cherish
one another, respect one another, and when times become challenging,
to always put yourself in the other person's place. Without that
aspect we cannot grow with one another in the Divinity of Light upon
this Earth. If they are not ready to be in your life fully, cherish
the moments you spend together. Move forward within your own pathway
and when the time is right you will meet up again.

For me personally, I have been introduced to my Twin Ray of which I am
a triple. I am not in physical contact with either of them but
periodically, it happens. I honor them for where they are and I ask
the same of each of them. I do not know what the future holds with
either of them in my life, but they are very similar in personalities
and I do believe come from a Divine Complement within each other. I
choose to attract my "True Love"; the one who will walk with me into
the Golden Age. It may be one of these men or it may be someone
else. Time will tell as I move forward in my pathway.

Love and Blessings

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

Ascension Coach & Teacher ~ Cosmic Messenger of Light

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