Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Message from the Arcturians 11-11-2010

excerpted from Suzan Caroll,

On Gaia's great form, we see each of you, who are among the many
humans remembering your SELF and awakening to your mighty power of
collective creativity. We envision all of you as blooming Spirits
arising from your womb of clay and gradually unfolding your great
Light to encompass the planet.

As each Soul awakens, it turns to another,
Who then awakens and turns to another,
Who then awakens and turns to another...

One by one, your Light is growing
Two by two, your Heart is knowing
Four by four, your Love is showing
Eight by eight, your world is glowing

The spiral of your dawning Day
Grows wider as you find the Way
This Way inside reveals your Light
Once trapped within your darkest night

The growing of your Light within
Is greater than it's ever been
And the glory of your inner being
Encompasses the life you're seeing

This Light, alive and full of love
Shines far below and high above
Above the strife and sad illusion
Above the fear and all confusion

This Light that once you could not see
Has now become whom you MUST be
As you awaken, you share your gift
With others who may need a lift

Together NOW, you all are seeing
The power of your inner Being
This power you have now un-tethered
Calms the storm you long have weathered

Inside the storm, you found the reason
You entered life within this season
For eons, you have long awaited
This moment that you ALL created

Together, and within each Heart
You KNOW the life that you will start
At last, the world you sought begins
At last, it is ALL life that wins

One by one, then two by two
You remember what you came to do
Four by four, then eight by eight
You love the life you NOW create

You remember love is the solution
Cause and core of resolution
Together NOW, you do resolve
To find the issues YOU will solve

You ARE the life you do create
You ARE the "others" you berate
You ARE the problems of your life
You ARE the answers to all strife

We know you have returned to ONE
We see the Path you have begun
We hear your calls and light the way
To guide you through each night and day

It is to us that you return
You left us once so you could learn:
What once forgotten ~ can be re-learned
What once was lost ~ can be returned

As you return back to your Soul
You find it was your inner goal
You are complete with all you need
You are the flower, you are the seed

Your seed of Light you plant on Earth
To participate in Her rebirth
You came to Gaia, as She is YOU
You are the planet of green and blue

You are the dawn and evening breeze
The desert sun and polar freeze
You are the land, you are the sea
This is the planet you came to BE

As ONE with Gaia, you do awake
And heal your world, for Heaven's sake
Heaven on Earth has NOW begun
As EACH of you become the ONE

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