Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Implosion Phenomenon

by Dan Winter from ImplosionGroup Website

I first read this article some time ago, not long after I first became aware of laurence gardner and monoatomic gold.   Upon rediscovering it years later and lightyears away energetically,  I am compelled to revisit the research I did at the time.  I learned some very interesting information that I did not totally understand or know how to process completely at the time, however, now I have remembered and shed the veil that this knowledge was so essential in dismantling, and I can personally attest to the hazards of Phi based brain wave sound technology from first hand experience.


short term electrostatic seeding of auric & dna implosion by external means such as:
- gold powder/ormes/spice/manna
- gold colloid
- microhydrin (gold symmetry at ANU level inside dodeca clathrate water cage)
can be useful but present hazard of addictive disempowerment to glands learning to pump magnetism internally eventually leading to borg status (chloridian turning anikin to darth vader)

solution is any ecstatic/bliss activity where glands become convinced they self generated the necessary electrical inertia. (symmetry map to ekg implosion / ’sepher yetsira’ / sufi dance...) which is the essence of critical mass in general and psychological exercises for gold usage at: (below)

Interesting that Marty Wuttke reports that alcohol addicts lose their addictions with clinical permanence when they learn the flexibility to get a nice harmonic cascade balance alpha and theta harmonics in their brain waves. It worked so good in addiction programs that Medicare had to stop paying for the biofeedback that did it. (Appears the feds have interest only in maintaining the vicious circle of addiction, cf Marty Wuttke, Clayton, GA.)

Now we have
Thoth commenting that balancing brain harmonics into the theta range was a specific key piece of the Egyptian initiatory rituals. What we learned of the addicts is confirmed in spiritual initiation: addiction was a substitute for ecstatic process. The goal to achieve theta alpha balance was a waveguide to ecstasy. Remember, ecstatic is a name for the CHARGE of "ECK" (book: "Waves of Eck"), in STASIS or stillness.

We presented in two other papers, the model which suggests that ecstasy is achieved specifically as a wave alignment which looks like a caduceus. What it does is to create a "spin path to the zero point". This way the very high frequency and spin dense waves of "the matrix" or "nexus" or "zero point" (the word GOD also fits nicely here), can be connected in an orderly spin path down into the wave lengths our awareness normally bumps into without fasting and cave living.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Conspiracy to Defraud


The point has been made very clear and proven by those that dared to try,
to be students of the Constitution, denounce US birthright, travel to the Hague,
receive apostilles of status as sovereign diplomats, become documented expatriates, jurisdiction undefined.

That we can unravel the strawman, demand our legal rights, even play the game on their field,
create a bond and buy a life-we can be so right in their own terms, meet them head on prepared not to fight, not to stipulate away our freedoms, but to accept and for value return, follow the protocol, dot the i's-many years and millions of dollars later-layers of defense, of documentation and glaring proof-

In the end, none of it matters, not to the Alphabet Soup Men that monitor our life. We were so smart, we figured it all out, master the administrative process, decode our master files.

To know the depths of the lie, the ultimate deception, of an experiment long ago failed, a declaration and a constitution, later on a bill of rights, from the Queen we never severed, the world bankers bought the rights, to the present and future labor, of generations yet unborn, at our first breath join the corporation,assign the number, sign the forms.

Create a strawman negate an individual, there is nothing you truly own. Deeds of title simply an illusion, of a stewardship and a bond, invisible money, multiply it, add some zeros, pass it along. Balance the ledger, take any measure, to collect green cash from the working man. To fill in that third column, but that was not enough alone, to feed the machine imploding around itself, hedge funds and high risk loans, ponzi schemes within the ponzi schemes, lifetimes of wealth reduced to dust, on a deserted fireplace mantle, of a home once brimming with life.

A nation of displaced homeowners, now what really matters in life. Tow the line, pay the mortgage, scold the kids, resent the wife, to pay the bills is all that matters, at least I own my home. I have equity against which I can borrow, to buy the things I cant afford, so now every tenth house sits vacant, ghost town of dreams and lives, the love inside those walls is all that matters, what do we really need to survive. everything bought on credit, make the payments over time. Slowly sinking it devours us, predatory loans for predatory consumers, 401K plans gone overnight.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hold On

poetry inspired by The Law of One

A plan was devised
in bodies of light

roadsigns of vibration
hints of resonance that might

touch our heart or
shock our body

still our mind
steer a course

to the people that we live with
in a past and future course

Our family of light eternal
but we have so much to do

we must first find each other
and by chance if we know what to do

We will learn and grow together
nourish ourselves in love and in light

plant a seed where we are able
be a friend or lend a hand

raise a child make a movie
do what you do its in your heart

yet don't ever stop remembering
never forget that you are part

of a planetary transition in progress
collision course with a crowded wave