Saturday, December 25, 2010

I AM 144

Once the peaceful inhabitants, of a spinning blue green globe, tribal races, life lived of bliss in ignorance, to temptation not yet exposed.

To fulfill the plan of Logos, to this planet eventually came, a race of Alpha-Draconian origin, to enslave for the sake of gold.

You see a galactic battle raged, during the reign of the Dragon Queens; High spin metals so essential, to replace the dying Starfire. The Orion lineage became addicted, Maldek itself destroyed.

To enhance the Sirian bloodline, an alliance thus was forged, from a marriage political in nature, Annunaki brothers were produced, who left on an expedition, to earth the keep the fire alive. A prime directive was broken, with the dying of the fire.

The slaves enhanced by genetics, to process the precious white gold, in an ancient Mesopotamian garden, to the original temptation would succcumb. To partake of the fruit of knowledge, plucked from the proverbial forbidden tree.

The first and greatest deception, that all knowledge could come from one source; that a monotheistic religion, a mortal sinner's soul could save. Enticed by physical pleasures, then forbidden to enjoy, by the Serpent gods that ruled them, their genetic experiment thought a mistake, by one Annunaki brother, who from a watery planet escaped, to observe from outside quarantine, the evolution of the mess they made.

Leaving humans to their own devices, the plan of Logos cycles on; free will meant for catalyst towards ascension, successful harvest the design, by negative polarity hijacked, their imposition as well divine, in the context of infinite creation, as the path of love and light.

Locked inside the DNA of life on this planet, our true origins impatiently sleep, locked away and veiled but not forever. Brothers and sisters make no mistake-the chains that bind have been broken, but not by a benevolent God, the cycles of the universe are not influenced, by higher powers to which we devote, religious fallacies reiterated for centuries, overwritten time and time again

The mind is a quantum computer, running on an outdated OS.

Quiet the mind and develop clear sight, establish a relationship between I AM and the biological brain. No longer a foe internal, through love the way is shown, to step forward into triality, enlist the mind as a marvelous tool. Reconnect with the unity of life eternal, download ascension codes and heal physical wounds, cosmic truths and love unending, we have only to reboot.

Galactic light embraces the planet, and in each lightworker there exists, both a student and a teacher, the 144 must reunite, we have much work to do. These are the days we planned for, as soul groups on their way, to aid a blue green planet, this cycle to call it home.

A pact to find each other, the only contract that remains, as Winter Solstice clears the matrix, of obligations long in place. An opportunity for karmic amnesty, Helios and Vesta upon us smile, through planetary configuration, a window of time to adjust the past, to find nuetrality where there was none, to remember who we are, and why we came.

To witness divinity spiraling, we must only look to the skies, with the wonder of a stargazer, step away and look inside-the glory of the heavens, is all there truly is-within us and without us, as above is so below.

May each of us find our way back to the light.



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