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More Information on the 2010 / 2012 Winter Solstice Date

This is an entry from the forum. This suggests that the Mayans considered the 2010 Solstice (not the 12/21/2012 Solstice) the actual end date and shift point of the calendar and details the astronomical events that indicate it. If this is true, we don't have to wait two years, its today.


Thought I'd share with you this discourse on the coming eclipse that was provided by an expert in vedic astrology, originally posted over on the Avalon forum. DEFINITELY food for thought....

From Jyotishi Sam Geppi

Here’s why:

Signs divide the sky into 12 parts.
Nakshatras divide the sky into 27 parts for more accurate predictions.

[ Maharishi said the Mayan calendar end-date is “a little bit off”. Also, the Vedic literature predicts the Samavartaka Fire on a different date from the Mayan calendar end-date. There are some apparent miscalculations in the West regarding the Mayan calendar because it was adjusted backwards from the Gregorian calendar. ---Gerard ]

Mula and Ardra are the two worst Nakshatras. [ 9/11, Katrina, and the Asian Tsunami occurred on the day the Moon touched Ardra. ] The Moon and Sun will be in these Nakshatras at the same time on December 21, 2010 and will cause an eclipse.

On December 21, 2010, we are going to have an eclipse on the Winter Solstice in the two most cataclysmic Nakshatras while aligned with the galactic center. This is more eventful astronomically and astrologically than anything that is happening on December 21, 2012.

The Moon is going to be in Mrigashira Nakshatra and then move into Ardra Nakshatra at about 5 degrees Gemini and Sagittarius. The Sun, Mercury, Sun, Rahu and Pluto will be in Mula Nakshatra in Sagittarius. This creates the eclipse. This Sun-Moon axis is adjacent to the galactic plane. The Earth, Sun, and Moon are all aligned with the galactic center on December 21, 2010.

A galactic alignment is the same reason the Mayan calendar is approaching its ending now. December 21 is the Solstice date, the first day of Winter. It’s when the Sun appears to change direction in the sky. The Sun appears to be changing direction in the sky on that day. It appears to be darker and darker with less and less light in the northern hemisphere. The Winter Solstice is when the Sun changes direction in the sky. This December this will occur just hours after the eclipse. The reason this eclipse is so powerful is because we have so many of these things happening at the same time, especially the two Nakshatras that uproot and create cataclysm.

The reason this was so important to the Mayans is that this happens only once every 25,600 years (five periods of 5,125-year cycles), where we have the Sun changing direction on the Solstice at the same time it is going through the galactic plane. This is why the Mayan calendar ends at this time. The center of the galaxy was always very significant to all ancient cultures as the source of life, as spiritual power. It was called Hunabku by the Mayans and it is called Vishnu Nabhi (navel) by the ancient Vedic Seers. The Vedic myth states that Brahma came from the navel of Lord Vishnu, which which actually represents the galactic plane phenomenon. So not only is December 21, 2010 the day the Sun changes direction in the sky, but we are having an eclipse on that day, which is amazing because the Sun, Moon, and Earth are all lining up at the same point, which is what an eclipse is. The reason it’s so powerful is that the Sun is Paramatman, or the Self, and
the Moon, the Jivanatman, the mind, the manas, the emotional, individual part of consciousness, Pure Consciousness, comes through the Moon. The physical body comes from the physical elements of the earth. So the body, mind, and soul line up in the same trajectory. That only happens a few hours per year.

The Winter Solstice doesn’t happen on “that day”, it happens in an instant. It’s like flipping a switch. This moment of the switching of the Sun on the Winter Solstice and this moment of the the eclipse are happening at almost exactly at the same time. This event is much more significant than December 21, 2012. The Mayan calendar end date is calculated according to the reverse engineering of the Gregorian calendar. December 21, 2010 is much more significant than December 21, 2012 because there is no eclipse on December 21, 2012.

When the Moon went from Mrigashira to Ardra, we had the 9/11 attack, hurricane Katrina, and the Tsunami in Asia The terrorists got into airplanes and flew them into buildings when the Moon was in Mrigashira in Gemini (not Taurus), and then the buildings collapsed and everyone died when the Moon went into Ardra a few minutes later.

Hurricane Katrina, there was a big storm in the Gulf of Mexico when the Moon was in Mrigashira. But then the Moon went into Ardra and the dikes flooded and everyone died.

With the Tsunami, there was an earthquake in the ocean when the Moon was in Mrigashira, then when the Moon went into Ardra a Tsunami ensued and it started killing so many people. Ardra literally means “flood”.
Ardra means “teardrop”, not just water that floods the land, or debris that hits the earth from falling buildings, but a flood of emotion, love, passion, and Truth.

By the time the Solstice has shifted, the Moon will have gone into Ardra on that day, the Sun will have changed direction, the Sun will be shifted. This nakshatra is ruled by Rudra who was the early incarnation of Lord Shiva, and Rudra was the form of Shiva that destroyed and killed and restored righteousness. It’s also the early form of Shiva who cried and cried and cried when his wife immolated herself on the dakshas because righteousness wasn’t upheld. So then Rudra sought revenge. So it’s also this “flood” of emotion. People who have a lot of planets in Ardra actually tend to cry a lot. It brings a lot of tears, but it’s good because it is very passionate and very much about righteousness and restoring truth. There is so much going on at this coming date. It is a huge eclipse. This is a very transformative time right now.

The Mayan calendar says 2012 because they counted backwards and said “this is when it’s supposed to begin.

In an eclipse you have the alignment of body, mind,and soul -- Earth, Moon, and Sun. So this alignment has a big potential for spiritual transformation, but also for chaos. We now have all these planets in Mula, which is “to uproot”, to uproot difficulty or darkness. It is ruled by Nirriti which literally means “calamity” and it is the one deity they were very afraid of. They said, “I don’t want this one around. We ask Thee, Indra, to protect us from Nirriti.” Mula is really the galactic core, that source of power, and the root source of our power. Mula is the root, or a bunch of roots tied together. And there are these root issues right now in law, Sagittarius, where herbs will be outlawed in Europe and we are debating that law in our own country, and with many other issues with farming and genetically modified food.

The last time the Sun went through the galactic plane as it was changing direction was 25,600 years ago. This is a very unique phenomenon we are living through right now. The Mayans say the five cycles (25,600 years) culminates on December 21, 2012. But nothing on December 21, 2012 is going to be as significant as this. On December 21, 2010 we are having an eclipse! So not only is the Sun going through the galactic plane as it changes directions, but within hours of that, we are having an eclipse with both luminaries and Earth on the galactic plane as the Sun is within hours of changing direction. Nothing like that is happening on December 21, 2012. For the last thirty years the Sun has been in this transitional period when it changes direction and is passing through the galactic plane.

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