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Japan's Astrology and Rays

Japanese painter Katsushita Hokusai painted the Tsunami wave off Kanagawa in 1829-1833.

Japan's Astrology and Raysby Phillip Lindsay
Tsunami is a Japanese word meaning 'harbour wave', no doubt coined from this nation's extensive experience with them. The latest earthquake and tsunami has caused Japan's biggest crisis since World War II.
The devastation has taken many lives, created several nuclear plant crises and not only plunges the already ailing Japanese economy into further jeopardy, but impacts upon the whole world.

Obtaining an esoteric perspective of events allows us to move past the outer maya that enshrouds these kind of tragedies.
Japan's Astrology and Rays
Japan is a Scorpio soul and a Capricorn personality.[12] Capricorn is shared by several other nations at a personality level, including Australia, Spain, India, Greece, Austria Ireland and the Jewish Race. All these entities are, or will undergo profound changes in the next several years as the relentless passage of Pluto in Capricorn persists. Bear in mind that most national personalities are not that well integrated in their spiritual evolution, nor have they reached a very high level of soul expression.

Hence part of the cause of the ongoing disaster in Japan is Pluto's transit through Capricorn. Pluto has jurisdiction over plutonium, just as Uranus, that was about to enter Aries within hours of the quake, has rulership over uranium.

Pluto in Capricorn has been discussed in another essay at this link.

 Suffice to say, Pluto as a planet of power, in Capricorn, a sign of power, will have profound ramifications for the nuclear power industry and its reform, and/or the development of nuclear fusion power. Pluto is also the co-ruler of the first ray of will or power, the soul ray of Japan.[13] 
Hence this incident underlines the challenge to Japan around the right use of power, physically, economically, politically and globally. Of course, as an Axis power in World War II, the memories of Japan's misuse of power linger in the racial memory, and equally, the utter devastation by nuclear bombs dropped upon Nagasaki and Hiroshima.
The uncanny resemblance of the tsunami devastation to the carnage wrought at Hiroshima and Nagasaki must be stirring to the Japanese soul. Recollection of those events and the irony of its own nuclear fallout must weigh upon them today. The invocation of these memories around the world during this period of Pisces, may provide a further opportunity to release the past and tread that two-way street of forgiveness.
Capricorn is also closely related to financial affairs, especially whilst its ruler Saturn is transiting through the sign of its exaltation, Libra - intimately connected to the theme of money, its right use and distribution. Japan has been an economic powerhouse for many decades and this current crisis will have an enormous impact on the world economy, let alone itself.
Zen Master Dogen
The disaster underscores the current global competition in resources, trade and military that must urgently be supplanted by a far greater degree of co-operation and sharing. If nations do not cease their 'infinite resources' expansionism whilst Pluto transits through Capricorn, then the universal law of cause and effect will kick in - Nature will inflict catastrophes that will bring those nations to their knees (Capricorn), instilling some humility. Perhaps this has already happened to Capricorn personality, Japan; maybe it is already happening to Ireland and Greece economically.

Capricorn and Saturn are also related to karma, individual and collective. Whether these recent events are a karmic retribution of some kind, is open to speculation. What are the other lessons here?
- A re-assessing of values for a very materialistic society?
   (Shared by most Western nations.)
- A stern lesson in the ephemeral nature of things, their impermanence and    transient nature? (A subject that Japanese Zen masters have commented upon    no doubt.)
- Putting short term energy solutions ahead of public safety, driven by economic    factors, i.e. greed?
In Japan's exoteric chart for 1952 (Taurus Sun, Capricorn rising), it is notable that the Moon is in the last degrees of Gemini, a sensitive degree with regard to the study of earthquake data, by this author. Hence transiting Uranus in the last degree of Pisces, just before its entry into Aries, seemed to deliver a last 'flick of its tail', jolting the square to Japan's Gemini Moon. Uranus is also a recognized factor in the astrological study of earthquakes. It is significant that natal Uranus in the exoteric Japanese horoscope was squared by transiting Jupiter at the time of the quake.
Also in the 'event chart' for the time of the quake near Sendai, transiting Moon had just entered the first degree of unstable Gemini, making a close square to Neptune, itself about to enter the sign of its rulership, Pisces. One could almost name this a 'tsunami signature' - the God of the Waters moving into his own sign, creating walls of water charging toward land. Likewise, Uranus was also moving from Pisces to Aries by a matter of hours.
Neptune and his horses

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