Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Excertped from:  Multidimensional Newsletter-Transmission from the Acturians


Since, your Multidimensional Operating System is turning on new codes
of DNA in your biological computer/brain, you are likely experiencing
many “symptoms of transformation” in your Third Eye. Some of these
symptoms are dizziness, eye and nasal problems, lucid dreaming,
difficulties with remembering, an inability to focus on mundane tasks
and generalized confusion. Your brain is regaining its former
capacitance, and you are now being re-programmed so that you can have
usable access to a larger percentage of your innate, expanded
perceptions and multidimensional skills. However, as you are opening
new files, you may not have full access to the old ones.

As I bask inside the love

I surrender to the NOW

I don’t know what will happen
But my spirit tells me HOW
As I float among my memories
Of who I’ve been and why
I know I can release them
With a blessing and a sigh
All I’ve been and had and known
Are circling round my mind
I see now what I have looked for
What I’ve tried so hard to find
Surprising as it may be
I need to look no more
I’ve found my SELF at long last
I am deep within my core
This core, it now is glowing
And shines out into my life
I know if I can just relax
It will ease ALL of my strive
Working hard and suffering long
No longer wins the day
I’ve found this place inside me
Now, if I can only stay
Can I remember how I’m feeling
When I’m here so deep inside?
Can I be this ME in daily life?
Can I release my need to hide?
So long I’ve kept my secret
From those I feared would judge me
But, no longer can I trap my SELF
It is time to let ME be free
My secrets now are fading
With the memories of the past
As I become my SELF again
I am coming Home, at last!
So long I have awaited
For this moment of completeness
I hear, I see, I feel it
I can even taste its sweetness
If I can just remember
These sensations through my day
Not only will I know the HOW
I will also see the WAY

The Acturians

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