Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ancient Aliens on the History Channel - Prelude to Disclosure?

Evidence of Ancient Aliens?

Ancient Aliens: The History Channel has produced an excellent series of documentaries reviewing historical evidence of extra terrestrial interaction with humanity in various cultures and epochs. The series is well narrated, from an open-minded perspective reviewing the evidence from an academic stance as well as some discussion of metaphysical theories. Petroglyphs, sacred sites, lost cities, ancient texts and anomalies of ancient ruins are examined in a manner that is quite compelling and captivating.

The series includes interviews with Zacharia Stitchen, David Hatcher-Childress, Jorge Luis Delgado, Graham Hancock, David Wilcox, Michael Cremo, Dr Robert M. Schoch, Eric Von Daniken, John Van Auken of the A.R.E (Edgar Cayce Foundation), Robert Bauvel and many others. Topics include underwater lost cities, Atlantis, LeMuria, The Pyramids and Sphinx, Hieroglyphics of ancient aircraft, archeological evidence of gold mining from over 150,000 years ago, the Ananaki, Pyramids of the Yucatan, Crystal Skulls, Lake Titicaca, Tiahuanaco and ancient maps.

The documentary is running this week on the History Channel, but is also available free on U-Tube in its entirety. I have posted links (inet urls ) for these programs.

These can be viewed globally on the inet, and reviewed at your convenience.  The documentary is well made and captivating....and well-worth your time.

Ancient Aliens- 2012-HD

The 10th Planet

Did Ancient Aliens Visit Earth

History Channel Documentary : Ancient Aliens

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