Sunday, November 14, 2010

SYMBOLIA - A Mythic Journey for Children of All Ages

Symbolia cover

 Symbolia is a humorous and inspiring story of a sister and brother from our world who journey to the magical world of Symbolia, where they find that they must follow the Sacred Path to get back Home.

Along the way they are captured by the Abbo tribe in the MotherLung Rainforest, encounter the diapered dictators at the Gulf of Simonsez, carry burdenbags for the Zaards (who live at the top of the pyramid city of Dogmapolis), and interact with stressed-out Morstuffians in the Forest of Berbs.

Their Path leads them into Krule City, owned by the Giants of Induss Tree, then on to adventures with the Neggies in the Deep Depression, and into Shadow’s Underground Maze to dig for the Gold of Self-Understanding. Then it’s on to GoldenMean to find Grandmother Sophia, who takes them to the New Treeno See, where they help create a new PrahBubble for the world of Symbolia before returning Home where they can apply their new understandings to life here on Earth.

It's a fun adventure story for children and an allegory for adults with ears to hear and eyes to see.

Sylvia is a beautiful spirit whose acquaintance I have recently been blessed to make.  Read about the author and the symbolia blog to learn more about this wonderful pioneer of  our transitioning paradigm.

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