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2nd Day of the Ninth Wave of the Mayan Calender starts Today, April 14

       " It is up to each and everyone of us NOW to determine the level of planetary and cosmic awakening achieved as we draw to the end of an era, and hence just where our next evolutionary cycle of consciousness begins."

The 9th Wave – Last Year of the Mayan Calendar

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Simone M. Matthews, Universal Life Tools, April 13, 2011
As discussed in my recent article ‘2011 to 2040 – The Birthing of the Golden Age’:
‘On 9th March 2011 we entered the 9th Wave of the Mayan Calendar, the final year in a 16.4 billion evolutionary period of cosmic consciousness.   This final year – 9th March 2011 to 28 October 2011 marks a period of ‘Unity Consciousness’ on the planet, the collapsing of time/space as we know it, and the beginnings of a new cycle of being.’
The article below seeks to give some understanding of what is in store for us throughout 2011 as we transverse the 13 Heavens of the 9th Wave …..

The 9 Waves (Cycles) of the Mayan Calendar

The Mayan Calendar is a chart of evolutionary consciousness, rather than a calendar that measures physical time like our Gregorian Calendar.     The calendar is represented as 9 Waves, or 9 Cycles of ‘time’ each starting after the other,  running concurrently, and then all 9 Waves end on the 28 October 2011.  The 9 Waves are often represented in Mayan temples, with the 9 steps of a pyramid representing the 9 Waves. (refer Diagram 1 below).
Diagram 1 – 9 Levels of a Mayan Temple
The Calendar commences with the origins of this universe some 16.4 billion years ago referred to as the Cellular 1stWave.  This was a ‘seeding moment’ in the evolution of creation, and the foundations for all 8 subsequent Waves.
The Mammalian 2nd Wave started 820 million years ago, the Familial 3rd Wave 41 Million years ago… etc… until the Universal 9th Wave started on the 9 March 2011.    (refer to Diagram 2 below)
Diagram 2 – The 9 Waves
Each of these 9 Waves are thus running concurrently, but all 9 Waves end on the 28 October 2011.   At the end of the 9th Wave, a full ‘Tree of Life’ has been formed from the Seed through to the Fruit.   This Fruit will sprout seeds, and give life to the next set of 9 Waves of the evolutionary cycle of all Creation.

The Universal 9th Wave

As mentioned above, we commenced the 9th Wave on the 9 March 2011.  As you can see from the diagram above, each step on the Pyramid (ie each Wave), moves 20 times faster than the previous Wave.    Thus now that we are in the 9th Wave, we are growing in conscious awareness 20 times faster than we did in the 8th Wave.   Or put another way, every 18 days of the 9th Wave we shift in conscious what previously took 360 days during the 8th Wave.
As we enter the 9th Wave, we reflect on our journey of growth in embracing each of the wisdoms of Waves 1 to 8.  This reflection then provides a solid foundation to synergistically bring all these wisdoms together in Unity Consciousness, Universal Truth, ONENESS during the 9th Wave.
Each Wave of the Mayan Calendar is further broken down into 13 periods (of 7 days and 6 nights), which are also referred to as ‘Heavens’ .    Each Heaven gives insight into the octave of growth or energetics that humanity and the collective consciousness experience during the transition through each of the 9 Waves.
Thus as we transition through the 234 days of the 9th Wave, we are moving through 13 periods of consciousness of 18 days each. (refer to diagram 3 below).
Diagram 3 – The 13 Days/Nights  (Heavens) of the 9th Wave.

Each month I will add to this article, discussing the energetics behind each new period (Day/Night) as tabled above….and the growth/universal truths that will be embraced during this time.  Please book mark this page so you can return each month to read about the current ‘Heaven’.
1st Day – 9 March 2011 to 26 March 2011
This is the ‘Seeding’ phase of the 9th Wave.   We take our knowledge and wisdom from the last 16.4 billion years and embark on the journey through the last year of the Mayan Calendar.   This period represents a new beginning, a new vision for Earth, a new vision for Creation… a vision based in LOVE, Truth and Divine ONENESS of the Soul
For some people you maybe feeling apprehensive, a little unsure, but have this overwhelming sense that things are changing around you, and fast !!!   You may find that your priorities have changed, or what was important in your life just doesn’t seem to matter anymore.
You may find that you will have this inner-drive to remove any obstacles or old beliefs that no longer serve you and literally taking a leap of faith into unchartered waters following the yearnings of the soul.
This is the time to set your intent for your life, for Mother Earth, and for the highest good of All of Creation.
1st Night  – 27 March 2011 to 13 April 2011
As we embark on the 1st night, this is an inward time of the ‘seeding’ and an opportunity to mirror the light and dark, or polarity.
For some people this may bring about confusion or doubt, as the fire of the Day 1 intent cools and you are left to reflect on what is Truth.
This inward time is to be embraced not feared, as it gives opportunity to re-examine your intents, honour the virtue of patience and emerge stronger, and more Heart Centred to begin the journey of ‘Germination’ in Day 2.
You may experience during this time fatigue, thirst and the need for more sleep.   Finances maybe tighter, socialising maybe less and you may find your appetite has decreased also.    Think of a seed within the ground at night swelling and building on the inside in order to begin the process of germination.  This is a beautiful inner-process, to be held in reverence and awe for the life that is about to germinate.
As the soul is drawn to go within and build the energy from the inside, take the time to nurture and honour your inner-calling, as there is much work to be done on Day 2 !.
2nd Day – 14 April 2011 to 1 May 2011
As we embark on the 2nd day of Germination, energy is abundant and flowing, and the intents that you seeded on Day 1 are now beginning to take off exponentially.
There is movement, plans are taking form, opportunities are opening and there is much enthusiasm and excitement as so many paths are opening up to you.   You are germinating, and you have the choice of the direction that you will germinate in.   There is no right or wrong, just follow your Heart and hence the Light.
Over this period you may find that so much is happening ALL the time, which is exciting but also maybe a little over-whelming at times.  Try not to over do it and burn up all your energy reserves otherwise there may not be much physical energy left for ‘sprouting’ on Day 3.

Beyond the 9th Wave

As mentioned in my article ‘2011 to 2040 – The Birthing of the Golden Age‘, ‘this generation holds the key  ‘the power of choice’ as we come to the close of an era on this planet.  Individually and collectively we have the power to envision and transform the planet in heart based global onsciousness in unity and enduring peace.   As we take our first step beyond 2011 & 2012 and enter our next cosmic evolutionary cycle, we enter a new era as co-creators guiding our own evolution in conscious awareness of the ALL’.
It is up to each and everyone of us NOW to determine the level of planetary and cosmic awakening achieved as we draw to the end of an era, and hence just where our next evolutionary cycle of consciousness begins.
OmAhOm, Simone

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  1. Fascinating article. Interesting to think we are in the germination phase.