Friday, March 9, 2012

Solar Eruptions and Photon Energy

The sun produces solar flare’s which are magnetically charged of particles and photons. Photon energy is a much higher frequency energy which changes our reality. It pulls up the lower emotional frequency range so it too can be in a higher frequency.

The effect of a solar flare on earth, can cause us to be anxious, dizzy, irritable, lethargic, have short term memory problems and heart palpitations, feel nauseous, and to have prolonged head pressure or headaches, ringing in the ears etc, i.e. the lower fear based emotions….

Therefore we have to release these lower emotions stored within us through this process so that when photon energies work into the consciousness we can begin to remember our purpose or awaken fully.

As Photon energy is high frequency and connected to our thoughts it means our thoughts instantly can manifest into our reality. Its important during this time to rest, drink plenty of water, sleep, and know what you want in your mind.

It’s a good time to have a good cry and clear out the junk within! Be happy this all has a purpose. TO LIGHTEN UP!

via Sky Sheridan

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