Thursday, May 17, 2012

Geometric Chakra Tuning for Manifestation, Removal of Blockages-Video Light Language Grid



A 7 Chakra Light Language Grid makes adjustments to the auric field by emanation of a colored geometric shape into each of the chakra energy centers.  The physical chakra energy centers form the geometry of the 7 Etheric bodies that make up the aura.

This is a video presentation of a 7 Shape Chakra Grid created for a lightworker who was experiencing frustration at their inability to manifest and create on the physical plane.  We immediately realized that this grid would be helpful to so many others who are having such a similar experience.

By focusing on each chakra as you view the shapes and colors, the geometry is transmitted into your aura and will work to bring the energetic fields into resonance.

The video starts in the root chakra, with the red dodecahedron and moves upward to the gold cylinder at the crown.  (each shape and its energetic characteristics are listed below}

Breathe Deeply, Focus, take the Colors and Geometry into your Consciousness, and let the energy flow~~

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Red Dodecahedron ~ Root Chakra
Power to manifest and work on the physical plane

Orange Mobius ~ Sacral Chakra
Breaks all blockages

Green Dodecahedron ~ Solar Plexus
Gently heals through walls of denial, guilt, hurt, anger, shame or regret

Purple Dodecahedron ~ Heart Chakra
Dissolves blockages, replacing the energy with strength and courage to manifest

Together the Purple and Green Dodecahedron at these positions synthesize the power understand, explain, and work with complex dimensional patterns.

Medium Blue Octahedron ~ Throat Chakra
'Jumps the Gap' to perfected communications

Purple Octahedron ~Third Eye
Power to blend spirit with physical reality

Gold Cylinder ~ Crown Chakra
Brings recognition and ability to create and function in harmony with your Divine Blueprint

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