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The Crystals of Arkansas Awake

The Crystals of Arkansas
And so now we skip forward 12,500 years, and we look at the role of the Atlantean colony you now call Arkansas.
Arkansas was specifically chosen to house three major mega crystals for several reasons.
(1)It was already in use as a crystal mining and harvest area. As a result one of the primary interdimensional tunnels from Poseida was already established and transport complexes were available to transport the crystals to the area. The Atlanteans had developed techniques that allowed for highly accelerated growth of crystals and pre existing deep caverns existed that would be quite out of the reach of mining concerns.
(2) It was pre-understood that the vortex in place in the area of Arkansas would play a major role in the 2012 planetary Ascension. Arkansas's unique geology of quartz, diamonds, magnetic lodestone, iron, limestone, and massive caverns made it the perfect incubator for the crystalline plantations. Crystals had been planted and grown in Arkansas for thousand of years before the deluge.
(3)The presence of magnetic metals in the crystal beds made it easier for the majestic Atlantean crystals to be placed in a dormant state within pre existing facilities.
(4) A very benevolent colony of the blue-skinned LeMurians exist underground in Arkansas, as well as an underground base of Sirians. The two were in agreement to be caretakers for the sleeping crystals.

The Guy, AR Earthquake swarm: The data, to date

There have been 76 earthquakes, ranging up to Magnatude 3.9, since 10/7/10. The magnatude of these quakes has steadily increased in average strength. My data comes from my email folder where I collect such things (labelled USGS, and containing everything that is recorded at M1.0 or higher). Here's the breakdown:

10/7/10 (swarm begins) 4 earthquakes, M1.1 - 1.8, avg strength 1.4
10/8/10 14 earthquakes, M1.1 - 2.8, avg strength 1.7
10/9/10 10 earthquakes, M1.1 - 3.0, avg strength 1.9
10/10/10 14 earthquakes, M1.4 - 3.0, avg strength 1.8
10/11/10 5 Earthquakes, M1.6 - 3.9, avg strength 2.6
10/12/10 nothing reported. No one saw swamp gas or venus either. Average doesn't really matter, does it?
10/13/10 4 earthquakes, M1.9 - 2.7, avg strength 2.3
10/14/10 13 earthquakes, M1.1 - 3.5, avg strength 1.6
10/15/10 5 earthquakes, M2.5 - 4.0, avg strength 2.8
10/16/10 (As of 1722 hrs EST) 4 earthquakes, M2.6 - 3.5, avg strength 2.5
10/17/10 2 earthquakes, M1.4 - 1.8, avg strength 1.6
10/18/10 7 earthquakes, M2.1 - 2.7, avg strength 2.3

All of these quakes have occurred within a 50-mile radius of Guy, AR. While fracking could be considered an initial catalyst (although I have my doubts), this is too much, and too strong, for fracking to be the underlying process at work. Fracking fractures a level of the substrata, while leaving the areas above and below intact. As natural gas is extracted, volume is removed, which allows either the pressure above to subduct, or the pressure below to uplift. The same effect has been seen in Tucson, AZ as water tables dropped significantly. I doubt fracking is the cause (although it might contribute) because although fracking is a process used many places in the US (not the least of which is the Marcellis Oil Shale fields) we have not seen anything near the same level of activity at those sites.

I can provide the full, raw data, on request. Unfortunately, this will have to be in the form of forwarded emails, as my email client will not allow me to cut/paste lare numbers of emails simultaneously, and I can't seem to figure out how to export to xml.

And because everyone loves a link, here's a visual representation of the past week. Notice that all the quakes appear almost directly on top of each other....


[link to

Earthquake List for Map Centered at 35°N, 92°W Update time = Sun Oct 24 20:37:21 UTC 2010

USGS hiding info?

Arkansas Geological Survey


Now, the three crystals placed in Arkansas are preprogrammed to a network-grid that axialtonally connects to the remaining five enormous master crystals placed in Brazil, Shasta, Bimini, and the two exquisite wisdom crystals placed under LakeTiticaca. These are specialized Healing, Wisdom, Energy and Transport Crystals , used in the Temple of Healing, The Temple of Sound and Light, The Temple of Knowledge, The Temple of One, The Temple of Thoth , The Ruby Temple of Fire and the Temple of Regeneration.

The crystals were specifically placed in areas of supreme importance for the new earth emerging in the 2012 Ascension. Areas that were easily accessed though the Atlantean interdimensional tunnel system that would emerge as mega vortex infinity points in your current times. The Emerald Crystal of the Divine Feminine acts as the trigger, the manifold in which all other Temple Crystals react.
These are defined, located and placed with activation dates as follows:
(1)Blue Crystal of Knowledge 8-8-8
(2) Emerald Crystal of Healing 9-9-9
(3) Platinum Crystal of Communication 11-11-11
Bimini Bank:
(1) The Ruby Fire Crystal of Energy 12-12-12
(1) Gold Crystal of Healing Regeneration 9-9-9
(2) Violet Crystal of Sound 10-10-10
Mount Shasta:
(1) The Crystal of Multidimensional Interface 9-9-9
Tiajuanaco-Lake Titicaca, Bolivia:
(1) Sun-Moon Crystal of Light 9-9-9
(2) Sacred Crystal of Thoth 12-12-12
And so, we remind you that in 2008, the Blue Crystal of Wisdom and Knowledge returned to functionality, on the 9-9-9 the Emerald Crystal, the Gold Crystal and the Om Crystal all awoke into active projection. The Emerald Crystal of the Divine Feminine has then assumed the role of trigger point for all of the Master Crystals.
So be aware that on the 10-10-10, the 10th of October 2010, the 144 Crystalline grid launch into eight-four percent activity, and in turn activates & further triggers the time sequence program for the remaining Master Crystals. Each will open on the triple date portals.
Each will be tied to the activation of the 2 remaining 12 stellated facets of the 144 grid, the double penta-dodecahedron. The first 10 of these 12 grid- facets will be in full function on the 10-10-10.
Powering Up & Reprogramming
The effect these crystals will have will initially be quite subtle, yet that subtle strength will be immediately discernible to empaths. The effect will be a greater sense of well being, especially within the vortexes of Arkansas, Lake Titicaca and Brazil. Each who visits these vortex arcs of the crystals, whether in physical or etherical phase, will be offered the opportunity of empowerment with the knowledge and potency of their crystalline codes. Yet be aware, that you must be of a sufficient light quotient to absorb this Mer-Ka-Nic frequency.
The first phase represents wisdom, and the second phase will be the etheric healing of Atlantis, and the tie in to the new Golden Age of humankind.
There will be a golden rhombus formed between Brasil, Lake Titicaca, Arkansas and Mount Shasta and in 2020 this will become a five pointed star, which forms a global network with all infinity points on the planet.
The awakening of the crystals, beginning in Arkansas, will open the gate for the receptive dimension that marks the return of the star brethren. Return is a misnomer, as truly they have never left. Rather mankind lost the frequencial ability to perceive them.
The Atlantean Crystals open the etheric gate, the dimensional portals that will allow mankind of carbon based life to interface with those of bio-plasmic life. You must understand Masters that you exist in both within multidimensional parallel. Indeed you are the Sirians, you are the Pleadeans, and you are the Arcturians and much more! You are all the multidimensional sparks of the Master Creator God! It is true! The gate will further open in 2010 in the crystalline vortex of Arkansas, and those of you who connect to the Master Crystals will be able to experience your own multidimensionality, quite joyously, quite easily in time, as you develop the light quotient and impeccability to do so.
Dear ones, within the energy of the Arkansas Vortex, lies a crystalline energy like none you have experienced since that Golden Age of Atlantis 20,000 years ago. Within the quantum crystalline frequency can you heal that which must be healed, open that which must expand, and offer an extraordinary alignment to the knowledge of exquisite bliss. Within this rising energy will you be able to connect with a living crystalline force that will assist your Mer-Ka-Na expansion into your multidimensional divinity. Into the Divine Self! It is true, Dear ones, and that time is NOW.
Masters, It is the end of the beginning! The dreamer awakes!
I am Metatron, and you are dearly Beloved!
...and so it is.

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