Monday, May 7, 2012

Sacred Knowledge for Lightworkers and All Humanity

sacred knowledge of vibration

 and the power of human emotions

I AM so excited to share this video, it is full of vital information and sacred knowledge, extremely informative if one may not be aware of the facts and concepts it presents regarding sound, vibration, energy, matter, human emotion and the shift that is underway on Planet Earth.

Weaved throughout the hour and ten minute long video is a clear and beautifully presented message to the members of the Family of Light that are here assisting Gaia and her inhabitants at this time, those who are aware of who they are, and those who are not.

It is a call to action,
 and a very moving reminder to all those called to work with the light, 
to break systems, anchor vibrations, disseminate knowledge,
 and assist humanity through the shift.  

~Enjoy This Experience and Share It Throughout Your Spheres of Influence~


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