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It is time to identify your role in the evolutionary awakening~ Barbara Hand Clow


September 8, 2010 is the New Moon at 15° Virgo 41' . Here is Barbara Hand Clow's monthly New Moon report.

Virgo New Moon: September 8, 2010 View Chart

"The New Moon in Virgo has arrived! It is time to identify your role in the evolutionary awakening during the end of the Mayan Calendar. What is your Path? You've been recreating yourself since 1999 when the Galactic Underworld opened, and now you are ready to become a cosmic being on Earth. The blues brought on by the cultural crisis during Night Six of the Galactic Underworld since November 2009 (see The Mayan Code: Time Acceleration and Awakening the World Mind) are finally beginning to dissipate. And, the extreme pressure for deep change that came to the surface during the cardinal T-squares in July and August is preparing to release with Saturn moving out of the tight zone. Thus, during this New Moon coming before the Fall Equinox, it is time to assess your own contribution to the evolutionary tidal flow.

We are on the verge of experiencing the fruition of the technological age of the Galactic Underworld-which happens when Day Seven opens in early November. By now, after ten years of intense Calendar study, most people realize that nothing is going to stop the rolling waves of change that seem to be spinning ordinary life out of control. This summer, the weather seemed to be expressing our emotional chaos with the nightmarish floods in Pakistan, India, and China. The corporate and political whitewash painted over the oil gusher in the Gulf of Mexico has not covered up the fact that we are witnessing major extinctions of sea creatures due to the loss of critical habitat. Meanwhile, where do you stand in this mirroring process between the microcosm and the microcosm? How do these gut-wrenching tragedies alter your core identity? Will you be ready to spread your wings during the Fall Equinox based on trusting that there are reasons for these things?

To comprehend the messages in this New Moon seed, we need to clarify Virgo's true nature-its rulership by Chiron-because Chiron is the body that rules global healing. After many years of testing and analyzing my Chiron book, Chiron: Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner and Outer Planets, (1987), I'm sure Virgo is ruled by Chiron, while Mercury is the sole ruler of Gemini. This hypothesis gathers new adherents every year, so let's refresh ourselves: Chiron is a small body that orbits between Saturn and Uranus (also inside Saturn's orbit for a few years). Chiron links the inner planets with the outer ones, hence my subtitle, "Rainbow Bridge." Chiron orchestrates a subtle dance between Saturn and Uranus, linking the inner planetary forces of Saturn to Uranus's creative stimulation of the outer planets. Chiron connects the personal psychological patterns-stimulated by the transits of Mercury, Venus, Moon, Mars, and Jupiter-with the cosmic potential of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Our natal planets and houses in Virgo encourage us to seek perfect order (Saturn), so that we can constantly change and transform (Uranus). For example, Virgo housekeepers seem to be fanatics, but actually they are simply putting things in perfect order so that there is light and space for spirit to penetrate the primary matter of the home. As a result, our homes evolve and grow with us.

Chiron's bridging action between Saturn and Uranus opens space in our consciousness, and then infinity moves in. Chiron, the wounded healer, breaks our resistance. He allures us to explore the deeper layers of pain that prod us to resolve psychological complexes and personal blocks. When we heal inner pain, we continually construct new identities (Saturn) while throwing out the useless old elements of ourselves; then we transform (Uranus) our personal stories. Meanwhile "out there", our world is moving on an ascending spiral of growth and awakening that is being pushed by time acceleration. This accelerating spiral of time has been speeding up the basic frequency of pain. For example, combat soldiers are becoming very sensitized to their own pain and the pain of others; as they become more sensitive to life, they will not go to war.

We are also preparing for the final stage of the Mayan Calendar-the Universal Underworld-which opens March 9, 2011. During this New Moon, Chiron and Neptune begin speeding up our energy bodies to the accelerated frequencies of the Universal Underworld. Chiron (core wounding) and Neptune (access to spirit) are less than one degree apart through February 2011. They have been very close together since 2008, yet this fall will be the most intense part of their work with us. Note that this conjunction continues to be one of the most misunderstood factors driving us into enlightenment during the end of the Calendar. To evolve to the next level, our species must attain enlightenment-that is, end our separation from Nature. It is not normal to be separated from the Goddess. We lost this Oneness when we became a multi-traumatized species during the great cataclysms of 12,000-9500 BC, during Night Six of the Regional Underworld.
Cosmic separation is the source of our core wound, and then other layers of pain layered over it since the cataclysms. We are onions that have lost touch with the inner seed that began our growing. For the coming four months, Chiron will continually suck us into the core wound while Neptune ecstatically reawakens fusion with Nature's increased light frequencies. Assuming you are running ahead of me now, then you've got it-the penetration of the deepest core wound will nucleate the cataclysmic complex, the primal healing of humankind during the Universal Underworld. Chiron and Neptune are also preparing us to embrace the technological fruition of the Galactic Underworld during Day Seven. Chiron has been melting our fear of each other, while Neptune has been dissolving egoic resistance to being vessels of greater frequency ranges, the purpose of technology itself.

This is not easy! Torn open and stripped bare by touching the hot core wound, we collapse exhausted in the arms of spirit. This New Moon in Virgo signals the beginning of the final phase of our emergence in Nature that culminates very quickly in the Fall Equinox and the Full Moon. This New Moon is in the middle degrees of Virgo, while Chiron and Neptune are exactly conjunct in Aquarius. Thus, this lunation is the seed that plants us as vessels of divine light, the cosmic alchemy. The alchemical seed bears wild fruit during the Aries Full Moon on September 23, a few hours after the Fall Equinox, when the Full Moon will be conjunct Jupiter and Uranus in Aries and oppose the Sun and Saturn in Libra, while T-squaring Pluto in Capricorn! That is, the Full Moon detonates the T-square. These aspects will germinate our species in the cosmos. Like the layers over the onion's central seed, it will be many years before we realize that we are the cosmic seed. Pluto always has his way and we can be sure of it in this case; the god of the Underworld goes direct on September 13, right after Mercury goes direct in Virgo.
As if to emphasize the Neptunian connection to spirit being awakened by lancing the core wound, retrograde Jupiter goes back into Pisces a few hours after this New Moon. Jupiter/Uranus in Pisces opens compassion, which will peak when the Full Moon passes over them right after the equinox. The Na'vi people of Avatar offer us new images for being compassionate. Imagine how this film must touch the hearts of soldiers confined to wheelchairs after being wounded in combat! This is the last transit of Jupiter into Pisces lasts until January 22, 2011, when the great planet goes back into Aries. Right now we need a reprieve from "too much Aries", which causes many of us to rush along and ignore the needs of others. Jupiter in Pisces with Uranus while Chiron and Neptune are so close in the sky inspires compassion. When we care for others, we escape our own pain, and since there will be so much pain this fall, this is a blessing. Chiron will be in Pisces 2011 through 2018, when we will reclaim this sweet nectar, and this process begins now. Mercury went retrograde on August 20 at 19 Virgo, so Mercury is in Virgo for about two months. This aspect helps us to sort out what's really important in our lives, and enables us to eliminate things that only give short-term satisfaction.
Like the New Moon in Leo last month, the Virgo New Moon has no aspects, which is again unusual. Unaspected New Moons are really potent because the other bodies do not pull them off their central agenda. So use the focusing potential of this unaspected New Moon to clarify your intentions, and enjoy its strength, as it is in the strong middle degrees of its ruling house, Virgo.
This New Moon is also the second of three Super Moons, when the Moon is closest to Earth as it conjuncts the Sun. Super Moons activate the second dimension, the tectonic world, which opens our deepest feelings. This summer's cardinal T-squares have greatly changed large systems and individuals, and these changes are birthing new societal movements. Since the tectonic world often mirrors human emotions, there may be earthquakes, volcanoes, and even more floods possibly caused by hurricanes. Earth is stretching and changing as we change, and even the whole solar system is changing.

The other planets at this time show us how to focus, so back to the central question: What is your Path now? Inner planets are the place to find good focusing techniques, especially when they have strong ties with outer planets. Mars and Venus are conjunct in Libra and closely trine Neptune/Chiron. Mars and Venus were exactly conjunct in 13 Libra (middle degrees again) on August 20 when Iran opened its first nuclear power plant. Mars conjunct Venus in Libra is the ultimate male-female balancing force, so possibly the ameliorating influence of Venus allowed Iran to open this facility amidst light resistance from the West. Also, Mars and Venus quincunx retrograde Jupiter and Uranus, signifying that male/female balance is what actually creates compassion.

Mercury went retrograde on August 20 in 19 Virgo, so our quest to find ourselves moved within. Mercury retrograde in Virgo helps us find strength within while the outer world is spiraling out of control. During this New Moon, Mercury in Virgo has retrograded all the way back to 7 Virgo, where he trines Pluto and the lunar North Node in Capricorn, so Mercury seeks solace in earthly depth. This trine could open some deep understanding about the failing patriarchal institutions of the Planetary and National Underworlds. Mercury goes direct on September 12, which will enable us to decode the knowledge we've gained by means of inner reflection. We will have many fresh new ideas for the Fall Equinox. Since the Aries Full Moon occurs right after the equinox, the new ideas inspired by this New Moon's healing wisdom will be very potent.

The great cardinal T-square-Saturn in 5 Libra opposite Jupiter in 0 Aries conjunct Uranus in 29 Pisces squaring Pluto in 3 Capricorn-is loosening now, and you may feel like you're out of the pinball machine. I assume many of you felt really crazy during the Leo lunation in August with the Moon, Mars, and Venus constantly setting off the cardinal T-square day after day. Events added fuel to the fire. Just before the Leo New Moon last month, the New York City historical commission cleared the path for Imam Rauf to build a mosque near the World Trade Center site. When that announcement came, the cardinal T-square was extremely close, and Mars in Libra was conjunct Saturn opposing Jupiter/Uranus. The decision to build the mosque in that location is a reflection of the tension of the T-squares, which have been polarizing Christian and Islamic fundamentalists. This tense T-square has been pushing on the USA time lock created by 9/11. The mosque exacerbates East/West tension, even though the Imam is a peacemaker. In consideration of Chiron conjuncting Neptune over five to six years, maybe this mosque will force people to challenge the official story of who destroyed the World Trade Towers.

Saturn in Libra is now moving out of close opposition to Jupiter and Uranus, and Jupiter and Uranus are retrograding off the tight squares to Pluto. Jupiter will square Pluto once more in February 2011, when we will attain the maximum expansion of the deep change factor. Uranus will come close to squaring Pluto in July 2011, and then Uranus and Pluto will square seven times between 2012-15, when a totally New Earth will take form. The themes that came up during the cardinal crunch, such as the mosque near the Trade Center, Iran's attainment of nuclear power, great floods, extreme financial instability, and the extinctions in the Gulf, will be some of the themes played out during the Uranus/Pluto squares.

If you find yourself feeling grateful for the relief from the cardinal T-square, so am I! But, remember that during the Aries Full Moon right after the Fall Equinox, the Sun opposite the Moon in 0 Libra Aries will detonate the T-square one last time. Be prepared for this so you do not lose your equinox harmonic, which you can explore in my Fall Equinox reading. Take advantage of what you've noticed during the great squares, and take note of the things that got attention during July and August. There was a public cry for the end of war, for fiscal integrity, and for politicians to hear the will of the people. It was also a time when the environmental crisis became real for many people. The Uranus/Pluto squares from 2012-15 will relentlessly erode resistance to accomplishing these hard tasks, and things will finally change.
Take a look at the Virgo New Moon chart, and notice that most of the planets are in pairs, along with the Sun and Moon. When two planets come together in pairs, they are like two friends or lovers joining to dance. So, this lunation is a time of pairing and sharing. Mars and Venus seek male-female harmony, Neptune and Chiron guide us through pain to enlightenment, Uranus and Jupiter expand our compassion, and the Moon joins the Sun in Virgo-encouraging us to work on our inner healing. This New Moon is intense, yet orderly; revolutionary, yet allowing; harmonic, yet incisive. So, tune in for the Fall Equinox reading in a few weeks, and enjoy every last ray of the summer sunshine!"
Barbara Hand Clow

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