Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Only Planet of Choice

by Phyllis V. Schlemmer

Essential Briefings from Deep Space

Transmissions from the Council of Nine

"The energy of these positive understandings enables lives to be changed’ It is of vital importance that this Cosmology is available for humankind’ To give them the opportunity to know the truth, for when it is exposed to them it will bring forth that code within, to make them aware’ " Tom

The Council of Nine only transmit through Phyllis Schlemmer, and this is worth repeating, at a time when channelling is becoming increasingly popular’ As Tom explains:
"When you open yourself for communication with other dimensional beings, it is of great importance to have understanding of purpose and motive’ For there are those who come forward proclaiming one thing yet being another and there may be a slipping through of information that may be truth, but may also be a method of manipulation and control’ We come only through Our Being [Phyllis]’ I am the only spokesman for the Nine and I do not speak through any other"’


On Religion
Tom: They feed Satan. Look at the money, the business that falls into their pockets for controlling the masses.
ANDREW: They seem to appeal to one's guilt, in order that you pay them in some way or another.
Tom: You cannot pay your way to us, and someone should have informed humanity. We do not need your 10%.


Question Asked BY Gene Rodenberry (StarTrek)
GENE: I have another question that I think people will wonder about: on previous tapes of your conversations I heard you explain that you constantly know the thoughts of either all of us or those who communicate with you. Am I correct in this assumption?

Tom: If we have the wish to help you, yes. But we wish you to understand that we do not invade the mind, we do not control the will, we do not interfere with freedom: we do not interfere. It would not be of service. Altea, Hoova, Ashan and Aragon have asked to convey to you that they may have the abilities within them, but it would not benefit Planet Earth to use them - nor would it benefit them. That would be an invasion of a soul.

GENE: I have been most impressed by the communications, the expressions and atmosphere of love and peace that surround all the people here, but I do have some difficulties in understanding why, if you are in the minds of humans at times, and your representatives have visited Earth, and you have a knowledge of human affairs... I find it difficult to understand how you have difficulty speaking with us, and understanding our basic colloquial English? Could you help me with that?

Tom: We will explain that. The civilizations have indeed visited Earth, but do you understand that when you have communication with your mind, it is not necessary to have words? It is difficult from where we are to give explanations in your words. We have concepts that cannot be explained in your language, for you do not have the words to explain. If you could read our mind... if we could communicate with your mind in the essence of pure telepathy, then we could convey to you what we are trying to transmit. Also, within the mind of the channel, as also within your mind, there is only a certain vocabulary that we can use.

GENE: Thank you. You mentioned that at some stage there might be a large-scale landing of the civilizations. I think the next questions involve who and where, how and why; the first such question most people would ask is 'how?' In other words what method of transportation would be used in such a landing: are we referring to physical vehicles?

Tom: Yes. They would be in the nature of what you would call a physical vehicle. If you have the desire to go and touch it, as you have with an automobile, you would be able to touch it.

GENE: Can you tell me anything about the relative size and shape and so on? Will they hold a large number of people, or…

Tom: There would be vehicles of different sizes and different designs. There would be some with the appearance of a glass top, but it is not in truth a top, it will just have its appearance. There will also be those that will remain in your atmosphere that are very large, that will then send out smaller ones... you have, upon your oceans, carriers that send out ships that fly, is that not so?

GENE: That is correct.

Tom: It would be similar, but instead of being upon your oceans, it will be in your sky.

GENE: You're saying that smaller craft will exit and come down to Earth from this carrier craft?

Tom: Yes. There will also be those that have the appearance of what you call saucers. There will be those that are pointed, as with a 'V'.

GENE: Will these vehicles pass through the time dimension, or other dimension in order to arrive here at Earth?

Tom: The intelligences that exist in the civilizations have the ability to come into your dimension - they have that technology, yes.

GENE: A very common Earth question would be how these vehicles are powered? By what method?

Tom: It resembles the reversal of a spinning top.

GENE: Would these vehicles remain on Earth after such a landing, and would humans be permitted to inspect them?

Tom: They would have permission to visit the interior. The craft would remain for a period of time. Not a great length of time - not for years, for example.

GENE: Because of many stories we have of flying saucers, people will be interested to know if humans would be permitted to travel in any of these vehicles?

Tom: It would be necessary, before they could travel in a vehicle, to have a vehicle around them.

GENE: Does this mean that the atmosphere within your vehicles will be different, or that the stress of the movement would be dangerous?

Tom: The stress of the movement. It would be possible to move within your Earth atmosphere, but to take them out would require another vehicle inside a vehicle. But it could be done.

GENE: Landings would undoubtedly be judged by humans and governments in a variety of ways, which includes the almost certainty that some would view your landings as a threat. Do you have amethod of defending yourself from attack?

Tom: We wish you to know that we are talking about the civilizations, not us, the Council of Nine. We do not need to manifest in the physical. There would be a method to stop people from attempting to destroy those of the civilizations. It would be done with love and gentleness. Those of the civilizations that are in service to us will not attempt to destroy, nor harm in any manner, any physical being on Earth. We will have a way of preventing them from attempting to destroy us.
But we would wish not to come without giving some prior knowledge, for otherwise people would begin to believe that we would seek to control them. We have not the desire nor the need to control, we come only to benefit. If an Altean were to appear at an entrance of his vehicle, and were stepping onto Planet Earth, and if there were a group that attempted to destroy that Altean, he has only to hold out his hand in an upright manner, and not in great extension, to bring calmness, and also to render them into a state in which they would not have the desire to harm, and would put down their weapons.
Hoovids would operate in a different manner: if they were in the same situation, and they came out and raised their arms, those humans with weapons would become totally stationary for a period of time. So there are different methods. But none of these methods would harm a physical being. Do you understand?

GENE: Yes, I understand, and I certainly understand why you would not want to land showing force, because this would create great fear.

Tom: Yes.

GENE: Can you describe the ones from the civilizations who have something like human shape - something as to their size and colour and features and so on?

Tom: Alteans have the tallness of you. The colour of their eyes is a shade of blue, as that of your clear sky. They have a translucent appearance; they are very fair in their colouring. They are in erectness. When we say translucent, it is that their vibration is of translucence. Do you understand?

GENE: No, I'm afraid I don't quite understand that.

Tom: People upon Planet Earth have many different sizes, do you not? Those of Altea have one size. They have a glowing that gives the appearance of being translucent. It is their vibration. They have a silverness about them. You have automobiles that have a translucent appearance... they say I am using the wrong term: it is an iridescent appearance.

ANDREW: Do they have any hair on them?

Tom: No.

GENE: Other than the hairlessness and iridescence, is the spacing of their features like ours?

Tom: They are similar in appearance to those that exist upon the physical Planet Earth. Do you understand that the physical human seed upon Planet Earth came from Altea?

GENE: It is my understanding that there are some of us here on Earth who are of Altean blood

Tom: Yes.

GENE: ... or genetic features...

Tom: Yes.

GENE: ... mixed with our basic Earth features..?

Tom: Yes. The Hoovids are smaller. They manifest small, and dark of skin, not as fair as Alteans. They have hair, straightness of hair. It is also dark, yes.

GENE: And are there other features, again nose, mouth, eyes, hands and so on, Earth-like?

Tom: Yes. Those of Ashan are not.

JOHN: May I just say: do any of these have vocal cords at all? Do they make sound?

Tom: Alteans do not. Hoovids have vocal ability, but not similar to you on Planet Earth.

ANDREW: How long does an average Hoovid live, for example?

Tom: If we placed it in your Earth time, it would be in the realm of 500,000 to 1,500,000 of your years.

GENE: Are you saying they would live at least half a million years?

Tom: That would be in relation to your time. Their time is not the same: your time goes in great slowness because of your density.

GENE: I see. You spoke of Hoovids who have vocal cords - will they speak Earth languages so that we may communicate with them?

Tom: They have the ability to convert, Hoovids have a method of speaking which will be transmitted; while Alteans will have it in a computer-box, so that what they think will come as a sound.

GENE: While talking of those who are humanoid, will they be male and female, as we recognise the sexes here?

Tom: Alteans are of two polarities blended in togetherness. They do not have what you would call male and female. There are tripolarities in Hoovids.

GENE: Yes, I am acquainted with the possibilities of three genders, if that's what you're trying to say, and I believe you're describing the Alteans as a unisexual race, is that correct?

Tom: Yes. That is correct, yes.

Reference to "LOST":

Tom: There are those groups, those organizations, those religions and all forms of government that set rules on paper to control both humankind and their souls. Yet humankind has rebelled against the laws. When we speak of laws, we mean the laws that govern the Universe. It is a form of natural law, what you might call a 'gentleman's agreement'. This agreement applies on Planet Earth, as well as in the whole Universe. The Others do not adhere to laws. They are what you would call the rule-breakers of the Universe. They do not adhere to natural law, but there are natural laws that are in essence a form of discipline for those who exist upon Earth. They have been instituted in the Universe because they bring the greatest benefit to all, and because working with these rules is also a learning process for the soul. For, in truth, the spirit has no rules or laws set upon it to guide it - yet without them it would be as a ship at sea without a rudder. The Others, knowing that Earth is a place of free will, do not adhere to natural law on this Planet. We cannot give to you our guarantee that you will therefore be in total protection from the influence of the Others, for we do not interfere in the free will of humans.

ANDREW: Could you give us some idea what the Others' forces are like, their anatomy, their physiology, their distribution, their presence. See, we know nothing about them, and it would help us a great deal to understand what they are, and who they are, and how they operate.

Tom: First let us explain to you how they operate in the physical body. All that is not good in a physical body is used by the negative forces. The objective is to be positive-balanced, not positive imbalanced. When you re-balance the positive and the negative, or when the physical body is tired or weakened, the negative forces may attempt to use your physical being, even if balanced, to create disharmony, to upset and unbalance. So this is how they attempt to use those beings who are working with us: Your physical body, because of its density and heaviness, has certain things that it must keep in balance. Even over-exposure to your electrical equipment can bring imbalance. Desire, greed and unbalanced emotions can be used to upset the balance and they become trapped, so that they then reincarnate over and over. In the other worlds of the Universe they attempt to do the same, but it is only on Planet Earth, because of its density, they are able to accomplish this. You would like to know if they are the counterpart of us, is this not correct?


We peer at you and we say at times "They have forgotten who they are, and they are trapped in the thinking of the physical, because in the physical it is necessary to see an object, or to hold an object". But you should know that what you have accomplished in your years was not to be seen before. You have made a difference. We have begun a new time in your land and your Universe, and it is a time for you to remove the string that attaches you to the past time in the physical and to doubt. We know that what we ask of you is much, and we know that it is difficult with those that surround you - we speak of those people that are also in a sense involved with the work - it is difficult to prove to them what you say. They have difficulty believing you. The proof will come in time. Has not proof come to you of the coded knowledge that you have held within you in years past There have been parts that now have been proven in this physical world. Yes?

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