Monday, September 6, 2010

The New Energy Lightworker Creed |

The New Energy Lightworker Creed |
We stand for courage, integrity and justice. We help people to ground their energy on Earth while still connecting to Spirit. We help them see their lives have purpose and a deeper meaning than merely surviving. We help them to serve where they feel they can offer the best of their talents and abilities to make their part of the Universe a better place. We bring healing by helping them belong. We support them in creating families of choice based on love and friendship, which honors them in growth, truth and love. We help them form communities that sustain their spirit. We help people find their true path in life.

We assist people to know the proper measure of things so that they are able to ascertain what is enough. We assist them in knowing how to control their appetites. We teach them to value the material world and to treat their resources carefully and with pride. We help them know that who they are and what they do is enough. We encourage them to have fun and rest, and to love life in all its glory. We help them find their way when they have lost hope and give them a renewed sense of joy in life. We help heal people who have health issues. We assist those who want more joy and abundance in their lives.

We help people know the power of their own true worth. We encourage them to know themselves. We assist people who are experiencing doubt, fear or anxiety. We shine the healing light of God so that they can find their stillness and know their worth. We help people have an abiding sense of well-being and to know their true identity.

We bring God’s healing love to all. We assist people to know which prayers, food, herbs and medicines they can use to bring balance and healing to their bodies. We help people mend their broken hearts and to know a greater love than they have experienced before. We help them love and give their best to those they care for. We help people heal emotionally, physically and spiritually.

We teach people to honor truth by defending it with their commitment to speak up for themselves. We teach that they can use their voices to heal, inspire and soothe away pain. We help people to cultivate truth in their lives and stop lying to themselves, stop any substance, emotional, physical or sexual abuse, gossiping or spreading of negativity.

We provide people with healing, vision and love. We help people to see the inner light in all things and to honor everyone. We teach them to be discerning, intuitive, imaginative, and knowledgeable. We bring them the ability to find their inner wisdom and to know their beauty, power and healing abilities. We assist them with cultivating that wisdom and help them use it for healing.

We help people to understand they have access to the pure Light. We teach that it is inside of them and is never born and never dies. It is permanent, ever radiant and ever connected to the source of all life. We assist people to know their true self in its entire splendor. We help them know they can commune with that Light to request healing, peace, and love at any time for it is always present and always responding to their prayers.

We assist people with this new spiritual awareness of the Christ Consciousness. We help them with letting go of their human ideas and all karma. We help them have a greater sense of themselves as part of a larger community of people and beings. We help them to use their intuition, spiritual perception and spiritual wisdom daily. We help them develop a true sense of divinity and show them how to share that with others.

We do all of these things only when asked as we choose to honor each person’s choices for their Soul experience. Most of all, we walk our talk because we know that is the easiest and best way to teach and to share with others.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

I pray that these statements are a blessing to you. I want to acknowledge Ambika Wauters and The Book of Chakras as her work inspired me with the help of the Angels to create this creed as well as the Chakra Prayers that have helped so many Lightworkers over the world for years.

It’s an honor to walk beside you in the Light!

Many Blessings of Light,

Copyright 2010 © Christina Lunden ~ Creator Mediator, Inc. All rights reserved.

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