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    Freemasonry itself is not evil but it is used in evil ways by people with evil
intentions. The symbols and knowledge and the pursuit of knowledge for
philosophical and religious purposes itself is not evil. What IS EVIL is how
   We would all be better off if the Freemasons stopped trying to control the world.
Here are several cases :
(1) Back in the Early 1900's an inventor named Nikola Tesla developed Free-
     Energy methods which could supply all the world with FREE Electricity.
     One of these experiments was a tower built at Colorado Springs which could
     power electricity for the whole USA and possibly the world. The concept was
     based on a simple concept that the Earth is always spinning, creating friction in
     the universe. This friction creates electricity in the ionosphere that we call
     lightning or electrical storms. So energy and electricity didn't need to be
     produced by work or application of energy which relied upon a constant source.
Tesla's Financier J.P. Morgan had the rights to Tesla's Patents and Tesla was
     always building dozens of new inventions. Well the story goes that when Tesla
     was building his Tower at Colorado Springs, J.P. Morgan was not clued in as
     to what it was Tesla was building exactly. When it was finished and Tesla told
     Morgan that it could supply the world with electricity, Morgan replied "Great,
     so where do we put the meters?" To which Tesla responded "There are no
     meters, This is Wireless Free-Electricity" and at that point J.P. Morgan cut off
     funding to Tesla and had the project buried. J.P. Morgan himself was not the
     all powerful figure people make him out to be, but there were powerful
     Freemasons and Skull and Bones members in particular, behind him. The J.P.
     Morgan bank was controlled more by Harold Stanley, a Skull and Bones
     member. Today it is called the Morgan-Stanley Bank. Check out the
     Skull and Bones Page to get the finer details of the direct influence in Banking.
Nikola Tesla had also built the world's first flying saucer that flew on Free-
     Energy and the Masons stole that from humanity as well. This technology was
     given to Hitler in the 1920's sometime through the Thule and Vril Society and
     their connections with American and British Masonic Secret Societies. More
     this can be found on the Flying Saucer and UFO page.
(2) HEMP / Cannabis Marijuana was outlawed directly by the Freemasons in this
     country and internationally for the sole purpose of creating synthetic
     petrochemical and pharmaceutical alternatives that they could sell through
     multinational corporations they control, at highly inflated prices. Back in the
     1930's Dupont had a patent on a synthetic chemical compound that breaks
     down wood pulp for making paper from trees. You didn't need to cut down
     trees to make paper because for thousands of years virtually all known paper
     was made from Hemp and it can be produced at 1/4 the cost, 1/5 the pollution
     it's 10 times stronger and lasts 10 times longer.

Even the Founding Father Masons knew this. The Declaration of Independence
was printed on Hemp Paper as well as the Constitution. The Flag sown by Betsy
Ross was made out of Hemp. The soldiers clothes in the Revolutionary War were
made out of Hemp and so were the covered wagons of the earlt settlers. Canvas
is Dutch for Cannabis.
BUT, when the FREEMASONS find it in their interest to get rid of something for
profit and power, it doesn't matter if GOD put it there, it won't get in the way of
business as usual for the FREEMASONS. Cannabis seed oil is a machine-grade
lubricant which is natural and NON-PETROLEUM based. It is also FREE and
doesn't need to be DRILLED OUT OF THE EARTH with expensive polluting
COTTON could never in it's wildest fantasies compete with HEMP.
HEMP is far SUPERIOR. It is 26 times stronger and lasts 10 times longer than cotton. There are NO chemicals needed to produce Hemp whereas you need
HALF of all the chemicals produced to grow cotton. Hemp has NO natural
enemies except the government and you need pesticides to grow cotton. The 1st
levi jeans were not made out of Cotton, they were made out of HEMP / Marijuana.
By now, your'e probably wondering how this all fits in with the Freemasons.
(A) Dupont's chief financial backer was Andrew Mellon of the Mellon Bank of
      Pittsburgh, in which he was the owner and largest stockholder. Mellon, in his
      role as Hoover's Secretary of the Treasury, in 1931 appointed his future
      nephew-in-law Harry J. Anslinger to be head of the newly reorganized Federal
      Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, which evolved into the DEA.
      Anslinger was one of the main proponents of criminalization of Hemp /
      Marijuana. William Randolph Hearst newspaper chain promoted "yellow
      journalism" using racism and lies to turn the public's mind on what they called
      a "new drug threat". Weyerhauser (Skull and Bones) and their control of the
      Lumber Industry
(B) Medicine and Pharmaceuticals : In 1900 Percy Rockefeller was initiated into
      Skull and Bones. The Rockefeller Family has always controlled the American
      Medical Association (AMA) since the very beginning. When originally
      consulted on this issue in the 1930's the AMA was all for Cannabis Tinctures /
      Marijuana Medicine, but for some reason their stance changed. Anslinger had
      blackmailed the AMA!! Anslinger was responsible for prosecuting the doctor's
      that prescribed narcotic drugs for "illegal purposes". The FBN had prosecuted
      more than 3000 AMA doctors for illegal prescriptions through 1939. In 1939,
      the AMA made specific "peace" with Anslinger over marijuana and the result
      was that only 3 doctor's were prosecuted over the next 10 years!!
(C) Cotton : The Decorticator had just been discussed in popular mechanics in
      1938 as a new method of harvesting Hemp which would promise to put cotton
      back in it's place as an inferior material. New technology was allowing cotton
      to get an edge up on Hemp at this time. Well Eli Whitney has always been
      famous for the "Cotton Gin" and the Whitneys again had an interest in
      preserving their empire. Sorrounding the entirety of Marijuana Criminalization
      there are Freemasons in the background keeping society from progress while
      promoting their own personal financial agenda.
(D) Petrochemicals and Oil : Rockefeller has always been involved with the Mason
      groups but they are a lower-level power family. Actually, the Whitney's (BIG
      TIME Skull and Bones Family) were the real power behind Standard Oil.
      "Harry Payne Whitney (Initiated into Skull and Bones in 1894) inherited two
      Standard Oil fortunes from both the Payne and the Whitney families. William
      Collins Whitney married Flora Payne, daughter of Standard Oil Treasurer
      Oliver Payne. The Paynes are not in Skull and Bones, but adding the Payne
      piece of the Standard Oil fortune made Whitney's fortune that much larger.
       A quote by Lammott Dupont (President of Dupont) in the 1930's: "Synthetic
      plastics find application in fabricating a wide varieyt of articles, many of which
      in the past were made from natural products," ..."Consider our natural
      resources. The chemist has aided in conserving natural resources by
      developing synthetic products to supplement or wholly replace natural
      products". -Popular Mechanics--June 1939
(3) World Wars and International Conflicts : See the Skull and Bones Page.
     The banking firms of Wall Street namely W.A. Harriman and Company,
     Guaranty Trust, and Union Banking Corp. controlled by Freemasons and
     Skull and Bonesmen financed the build-up of both world wars. In the Soviet
     Union, the Ruskombank was controlled by Guaranty Trust. The Soviets had
     no money. The caucuses were rich with oil but the Russians didn't possess the
     Rotary drills needed and mining equiptment was needed to mine the minerals.
The story is a long and complicated one but lets just say Dresser Industries,
     Henry Neil Mallon and Henry Peter Isham, both Bonesmen initiated in 1917,
     along with Prescott Bush, were the "bones behind Dresser". It was Henry
     Mallon who gave George Bush his FIRST JOB at DRESSER INDUSTRIES!!
     Dresser provided the drill bits and oil drilling equiptment to the Russians and
     W.A. Harriman and Company controlled Georgian Manganese. International
     Barnsdale provided Rotary drills and trained Russian crews in oil drilling.
     Barnsdale Corp. owned 75% of International Barnsdale whose principle
     shareholders were W.A. Harriman and Co. and Lee Higenson and Co.
     represented by W.A. Harriman and Frederick Winthrop Allen. Harriman was
     initiated into Skull and Bones in 1913 and Allen in 1900. The other partner was
     Eugene Stetson working for Guaranty Trust, a Bones controlled bank as well.
Union banking Corp was more prominent in the affairs of the built-up of Nazi
     Germany in the 30's. The Union Banking Corp. in New York was established
     in 1924 as a unit of W.A. Harriman and Co. It was a Joint Walker, Thyssen,
     Harriman bank. The co-founders were George Herbert Walker, Bush's
     grandfather on his father's side, Fritz Thyssen and William A. Harriman. It was
     also the New York office of German Steel Trust. In 1932 it's directors were a
     hodgepotch of Skull and Bonesmen and Nazis, including Johann Groninger and
     H.J. Kowenhoven, both Nazis, as well as Prescott Sheldon Bush, a bonesman.
     The German Steel Trust controlled the Bank ver Handle fer Handel and Schiff.
     It was Fritz Thyssen through this bank that funneled over 3 million marks to
     Hitler in 1932 alone.
Then there is Silesian American Corp. Ray Morris initiated into Skull and Bones in
1901 worked in Brown Bros. Harriman, Union Banking Corp. and Silesian
American Corp. Nazi interests in Silesian American Corp. were siezed on
11-17-42 under the Trading with the Enemy Act. It seems like the Anglo-American
banking establishment on Wall Street is perfectly comfortable sleeping in the same
bed with Nazis.
A quote from J. Thorkelson of Montana in the House of Representatives Mon.
     Aug. 19th 1940; "It was also the year preceding the World War, a war in which
     we became involved, as everyone knows, in 1917, but what everyone does not
     know is that we were committed to this war in 1910, and were to all intents
     and purposes in the war in 1914, when J.P. Morgan & Co. began to finance
     the Triple Entente. This statement is borne out of J.P. Morgan's own testimony
     before the Senate committee investigating the munitions industry".
(4) Drugs and Gangs : Crime all over the Streets and General Corruption in Society
     Let's see, who can we blame this on? Ever heard of the British East India
     Company. It is only the LARGEST Legalized Drug Trafficking and Slave
     Trading Corporation in the World. The CIA are immune from prosecution
     because of authorization from a higher level. The Intelligence agencies are all
     structured on Freemasonry and British Intelligence runs the international show.
     British intelligence works for the Freemasons to make sure nobody competes
     with their "authorized" drug empire. Banks were only set up by the Freemasons
     to deposit and launder their drug-money from their international operations.
     Britain conquered China with a flood of Opium into China after Free-Trade
     was forced on China by economic oppression by Great Britain. There are drugs
     on the streets of America today and Guns in the hands of criminals because
     THAT'S THE WAY THE FREEMASONS WANT IT!! Remember the motto:
      "ORDO AB CHAO" or "Order out of Chaos".  Who do you
      think manufactures the Guns? Who manufactures the Drugs? Who gets away
      with it?
      There is evidence that Hitler was being fed anti-semitic information by the Freemasons and that Hitler retaliated to the infiltration of his intelligence agencies
by forming the SS to weed out the Masons from his "Inner Circle". Hitler even
went so far as to persecute and chase down Freemasons throughout Europe. This
might sound a little strange after I just pointed out that the Freemasons financed
Hitler, but there is evidence to suggest Hitler was becoming aware of this
manipulation and became a threat to the Masonic power structure, which then
decided to have him removed from power. This is the same tactic the Masons
used on Napolean Bonaparte. Masons were raided by Nazis in Europe during
WWII. There is even evidence to suggest that the Nuremburg trials were not
formed to persecute the Nazis that killed the Jews, but to get even with the Nazis
who persecuted Freemasons, and the Jewish issue was just another manipulation
by the Freemasons. Read these 4 articles for further insight.
(1) Nazi Persecution of Freemasonry
(2) The Annihilation of Freemasonry
(3) Masonic Losses of the Second World War in Belgium
(4) The Material Losses of the German Freemasons
    What do the Freemasons have to do with Yugoslavia and the present situation?
From the Grand Lodge of Croatia titled "Freemasons are rebuilding Croatia Again"
and another one that is an Interview with Croatian Masons.
What is interesting is how Masons this one claim they are not involved in politics but everything he talkes about in relation to Yugosalvian Masonry is political.
What do the Freemasons have to do with the founding of the KU KLUX KLAN?
The answer : Everything. Albert Pike, a very high degree Mason in the 1830's era
established the Knights of the Golden Circle, the early KKK in the South. Pike
was the author of the infamous "Morals and Dogma" a "coded" book for Masons.
Freemasons were involved in the murder of Abraham Lincoln :
    In a book By Izola Forrester, the granddaughter of John Wilkes Booth, titled
"This One Mad Act" and published first in 1937, Izola claims that Booth was a
member of the Knighs of the Golden Circle, a Freemasonic Order, that was the
predecessor to the Ku Klux Klan. In this book she details the involvement of the
Masons with the death of Abraham Lincoln. The international bankers did not
want the American people to have control of their currency. Lincoln had ordered
450 Million dollars to be issued by the U.S. treasury. This was the same reason
for killing Kennedy in the 1960's. Kennedy had attempted to do the same thing
and ordered 450 Billion dollars to be issued by the U.S. treasury.
Freemasons were involved in the murder of John F. Kennedy :
This is taken from an essay by James Shelby Downward :
    The assassination took place in Dealey Plaza, site of the first Masonic temple in Dallas.  Dallas is located just south of the 33rd degree of latitude.  The 33rd degree is the highest degree one can achieve in Freemasonry.  Shakespeare's MacBeth is a "Killing of the King" drama.  MacBeth, who killed his King in accordance with a witch's plot and was himself later killed, parallels the JFK assassination and the sequence of Oswald being killed by Ruby.  "Mason Road" in Texas, connects to the "Mason No El Bar" and the Texas / New Mexico "Land of Enchantment" border.  This connecting line is on the 32nd degree.
     When the 32nd degree line of latitude is traced west into the "Land of Enchantment", it becomes situated midway between Deming and Columbus.  Slightly to the north of the town of Columbus are the "Tres Hermanas" (Three Sisters) mountains.  The Three Sisters are found approx. 32 miles between Deming and Columbus and are a minute and some seconds south of the 32nd degree line.
When this line is traced further to the west, it passes the ghost town of Shakespeare at a distance south of the town that is roughly equivalent to the distance which the 32nd degree line passes north of the three sisters mountains.  Both Shakespeare and the three sisters relate to MacBeth.  When this 32nd degree line is traced some distance further west, into Arizona, it crosses an old trail which meanders north of a ghost town, which was once the town of Ruby.  The trail itself was called Ruby Road. Ruby Road twists north into the area of 2 mountain peaks known as Kennedy and Johnson Mountains.  The New Orleans CIA (who provided security) station's headquarters were in a Masonic temple.
And last but not least, Mason Lyndon Johnson appointed Mason Earl Warren to investigate
Kennedy's death.  33rd degree Mason, Gerald Ford was instrumental in suppressing what little evidence of a conspiratorial nature reached the commission.  Responsible for supplying information to the commission was 33rd degree Mason J. Edgar Hoover and former CIA director and Mason Allen Dulles was responsible for most of his Agency's information to the panel.
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A List of some Famous and Not-so Famous Freemasons and their Initiation Dates:
*Franklin D. Roosevelt, Ex-President of the United States (32nd degree)
*Colonel Edward Mandell House, Personal advisor to Woodrow Wilson.
  1858-1938 (33rd degree)
*Frederick the Great of Prussia (32nd degree Templar)
It has long been asserted by Conspiracy theorists that Sir Francis Bacon WAS "Shakespeare".
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The Olympian Symbology of TWA Flight 800 - By Rick Carey (Ed. Note - This One reaches a bit, but still interesting)

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