Friday, September 10, 2010

Our Challenge, Our Destiny

A quote from Courtney Brown PhD.  

There is no one person who will cause this planet to change. There is no one ET event that will cause all of humanity to go through that crisis of understanding. There is no one group that will force the major news outlets to report the truth about the extraterrestrials, the soul, or even God. For every person who makes an effort to awaken humanity there are millions of others who are doing their part as well.

Some of these others fly UFOs. Some are subspace beings who we label guardian angels. Others are common people who intuitively know that the truth has been hidden from them. Some petition Congress for hearings on these matters. Others write books and articles that call for greater openness.

As for myself, I will continue to speak. I will also continue my work at The Farsight Institute. And I will ensure that the Institute maintains its commitment to an expanding research program from which so many have gained both knowledge and inspiration.

Eventually our collective struggle will bear great fruit. Eventually, all of God's children will grow out of their state of confusion and accept the reality of a universe filled with life.

Eventually, all of our brothers and sisters will recognize our common destiny, and our divine heritage. When this happens, we will not be at the end of our evolutionary march. All the evidence suggests that we will then only begin to recognize the meaning of infinity and thus of the truly long-term consequences to our Parent's gift of life to us.

Whenever we remote view, we extend our awareness across time and space. We can do this because we are already omnipresent. Remote viewing is an introduction to a greater future for our personalities. It proves that we have the ability to break out of our narrow intellectual confines and to see the universe more as God sees it.

When we allow our minds to roam the heavens, we are truly, and literally, seeing with the eyes of God. When we learn from what we see, we grow both individually and collectively With that growth comes a natural desire to evolve further, to see more, to learn more, to be more. This is the destiny of infinite positive evolution, which flows from our divine heritage.

We fight not to establish our right to explore and to grow within a wondrous universe. Rather, we fight our selves to accept a right that was already granted to us. No one, but no one, can take this right from us unless we voluntarily surrender it. Let us
seize this moment and define our evolutionary course for millennia to come. Listen not to the purveyors of fear. Fortune favors the bold. Let this be our mark in the universe.

Let this be our destiny.

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